Episcopal Life Convention Daily
Thursday, 6 July 2000  
This is a web version of the ECUSA General Convention Daily, whose publisher does not make it available on the web except in clumsy PDF format. Anglicans Online has produced this web version for your reading convenience.

Question of the Day

"What gifts do you bring to your role as deputy? We asked a random sample..."

The Rev. Canon Gene Robinson, first-time deputy from New Hampshire brings experience as a volunteer and "a desire to be part of the decision making process." Ms. Roberta Fairman, fifth-time deputy from New Hampshire. "I bring a deep love for the church and its polity. It allows every voice to be heard."
The Rev. Noel Doherty, first-time deputy from Oklahoma. "I serve a small church in the rural part of the diocese. I really want to make sure that the needs and concerns of small churches are repre-sented." Mr. Matthew K. Chew, Senior Deputy from Arizona, is serving at his 11th Gen-eral Convention. "I'm a CPA and quickly became involved in financial issues-PB&F, Executive Council, and now on the Church Pension Fund Board."