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11 July 2000


Here are the promised statements: one from the American Anglican Council (the Rt Rev James M. Stanton, President), the other from Integrity (the Rev Michael Hopkins, President); both are dated 11 July 2000.

In reading them I noted that the AAC statement speaks of language that did not appear in the resolution, and highlights the possibility of schism. Integrity's release restricts comment to what the resolution actually says and looks to the future with hope.

Pepper, whose hope continues to exceed expectation.

AAC Statement on Deputies' Rejection of Same-Sex Blessings

The American Anglican Council applauds the decision of the House of Deputies to reject the development of rites for same-sex blessings.

We are extremely encouraged that same-sex blessings were defeated by both the clergy and lay orders, even given the fact that four orthodox Central American dioceses have left the Episcopal Church since last Convention. We are even more encouraged that the overall margin of defeat of same-sex blessings grew, in spite of the loss of those dioceses. It seems unmistakably clear from these results that the sentiment in favor of the homosexual agenda in the Episcopal Church is waning.

We believe that this vote is yet another indication that the Deputies are not prepared to split the Episcopal Church over issues of human sexuality. It is clearly the right decision for the future of our Church.

We recognize that individuals in our Church remain divided over issues of human sexuality. Despite our struggles, we firmly believe that the Episcopal Church will continue to be a welcoming place for all people. To this end, we remain committed to building a church where the transforming love of God and the sanctity of marriage are cherished.

Integrity Press Release from the President

Integrity responds with a mixture of joy and disappointment to today's vote in the House of Deputies on the Celebration of Relationships.

For the first time, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church has recognized the presence of gay and lesbian relationships in the Church and has promised to support them. In addition, a majority of deputies in both orders voted for the development of a rite to celebrate those relationships, although not the super-majority required by a vote by orders.

We are, of course, disappointed that the development of a national rite was not approved. Nevertheless, the resolution recognizes that local option will continue to be exercised and we call on lay leaders, clergy, and bishops in all places to allow local expression of the support pledged today.

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