27 February 2000

Postscript to the February 15 update

This has been a strange week or so. The night of the good news, our garage was torched - leaving us with an ongoing project of decisions, paperwork, and charred remains. Even that couldn't shake our jubilate deo. We don't, by the way, believe the arson was targeted, but rather random, following a pattern of fires in the neighborhood.

Seizures, however, have continued. Perhaps one unrecorded or unremembered during the Thursday I was away, teaching in Chicago. Jeanie alone, never dressed or went to the magazine office where we planned her daytime company and oversight. Late afternoon she couldn't bring sluggish sentences to completion over the phone. Then near midnight, abed with Lydia, she had one for real, with our daughter required to be more capable and responsible than a thirteen-year-old ought. Emergency room bloodlevels were fine. Dosages upped. Flu symptoms and fainting in the days thereafter, with me snowed all the while into Chicago.

Now a week Jeanie is stable again. We're hoping the occasional lapses of memory or thought are induced by one of the anti-seizure drugs, but won't be able to tinker any changes til we return from a short, but long-planned trip to visit my Mom in Florida over the girls' winter break. Sticking with long-made plans seems important if we're able. Anticipating the restorative work of walks by the Gulf, dolphins and blossoms, easy. Keeping phone numbers and a bag of medical tricks close at hand, is simply how we go or stay these days. And summoning prayers in postscript is more than bag or blossom.