3 April 2000

Yet another call to prayer.

Our Jeanie is still in the ICU. As they were preparing her for the room transfer, she had a brief seizure while on the commode unattended, and took a nose dive.

It's clear setback and she is recovering way more slowly than my heart yearns. I like this hospital, its human scale, and the doctors for whom we choose it, but at the moment my grief renewed is mixed with anger.

The seizure could have been caused by any number of things: aftermath of surgery, the shunt itself, or an anti-seizure medication change just then in transition. A CAT scan last night shows nothing untoward. Her eyes open and her smile follows, but she talks little and then barely. The neurologist is hunting clues and saying that time is what she needs. The fruitfulness of time and prayer are equal mysteries to me (and notably related). God grant her both.