23 January 1999

I am back in Tennessee for another two weeks of treatment. It was hard to come back. Being home for Christmas was wonderful and Detroit had itsfirst real snow in a decade -- two feet that stayed almost three weeks! But this doctor offers me my best chance so I'm back.

We got good news the first day. The MRI showed that the cavity from which the tumor was taken is 50% smaller than before and that the ridge around it has thinned. There is no continuing evidence of cancer. Of course, pockets of cancer can be too small to pick up on the MRI but this is very good news.

Tuesday when I went back in for treatment, I had a sorry twist on the scare I got the very first day last time. This time I also fainted four times, but each time I threw up first. No one is quite sure why. (Reviving was less confusing this time because I now recognize and cherish the faces of the staff.)

I'd be glad for prayers. I get to go home again at the end of this month. But right now I am totally wrung out -- it has been hard to keep anything down and to sleep. I'm afraid I'm getting phobic of the clinic itself -- fluorescent lights, no windows, blood in all the tubes. I know it would be easier if I felt better.

I had a sinus infection when I arrived which hasn't helped. Meanwhile Bill and the kids are wonderful. Lydia and Lucy auditioned for a musical presentation of Jack in the Beanstalk and will be performing in it through March, April and May. It's Lydia's third season and she is delighted to be cast as Jack. Lucy's taking skating lessons. Bill is in full swirl at SCUPE now that the students have arrived so he is juggling trips to Chicago and caring for us. So far all is very good. Thanks for your attention and concern. These are very strange days for us.