Among the co-consecrators were European Anglicans ordaining another bishop in Europe:

Bishop Rowell of the Diocese in Europe,
Bishop Lopez-Lozano of the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church, and
Bishop Fernando Soares of the Lusitanian Church,

Representing the Archbishop of Utrecht was the Rt. Rev. Joachim Vobbe, Old Catholic Bishop of Germany.

Besides the Presiding Bishop, the other two consecrators were

Bishop Jeffery Rowthorn, my predecessor, and
Bishop John W. Howe. my former diocesan bishop.

Joining them in laying on hands were

Bishop Richard Garrard, new Bishop of the Anglican Centre in Rome,
Bishop J. Michael Garrison of Western New York,
Bishop Edward Lee of Western Michigan,
Bishop William Skilton, Suffragan of South Carolina,
Bishop Christopher Epting, ECUSA’s new ecumenical officer, and
Bishop George Packard, bishop in charge of the Armed Forces