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This page last updated 4 February 2007
Anglicans Online last updated 20 October 2019
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Editor: Peter Owen
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WE'RE DELIGHTED THAT you'd like to list a vacancy at Anglicans Online. This page gives you detailed information about how to do that.

We've prepared general information in a question-and-answer format that we hope will be helpful to you.

Why should I advertise a vacancy at AO?
Anglicans Online has on its web site more than 700 web pages of current material and 1000 pages of back issues and archived copies. Our text content is bigger than the collected works of Shakespeare, and we have 15,000 current well-maintained links to external resources.

Nearly 250,000 people look at Anglicans Online in a typical month. We have no way to be utterly certain of the number without spending a lot of money. (If you'd like more information, see this page, which explains this tricky business of counting readers on the Internet.)

By advertising in our Vacancies section, you will be reaching an audience which is arguably larger and broader than that reached by any other Anglican publication.

What is the time frame?
If submitted by 0800 GMT on a Saturday, your advert will appear in our vacancies section the following Sunday. The advert will stay on the vacancies page for four weeks, vanishing at midnight GMT on the fourth Sunday. Vacancies are listed in alphabetical order by diocese under their national church (e.g. Church of Ireland, Episcopal Church in the USA, and the like). We have designed the pages to make browsing as simple and easy as possible.

What are the rates?
It's free. Once upon a time we charged money for this service, but we think it will be more likely to serve its intended purpose if we don't charge. We list vacancies for four-week blocks; at the end of four weeks you'll have to resubmit the advertisement.

Will you accept adverts for vacancies in churches not in the Anglican Communion?
Alas, for a variety of reasons, we aren't able to offer that service to churches outside the Anglican Communion or not a part of a church in full communion with it.

Terms and conditions
Quite standard, but we're obliged to include them and ask you to read them.

I have another question not answered here ...
If you have any questions about advertising a vacancy at Anglicans Online, please contact Peter Owen, the Vacancies Editor, at

Ready to proceed?
Click here to fill out our easy vacancy advert form.

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