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This page last updated 4 October 2015
Anglicans Online last updated 4 October 2015

Current Vacancies
Editor: Peter Owen

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This list is in order by geographic region, then by diocese and parish. On this page there are listings for Scotland.

Clicking on the links in the table to the left will take you to other sections of the Vacancies Centre. You can place an advertisement or read about how to do so, or you can browse our extensive collection of links to other vacancies listings.

Applicants for clergy positions in England will find this advice from the diocese of Worcester very helpful.

Vacancies: Scotland
Church Scotland
Parish East End of Glasgow Team Ministry
Position Rector
Description The East End Team ministry has three churches - St. John Baileston, St. Serf's Shettleston and St. Kentigern's, Dennistoun. The churches are small, but full of friendly people, ministering in what some would consider a difficult area, but those who live there would consider a robust, caring, warm-hearted part of Glasgow. The churches themselves have a range of churchmanships - maybe middle of the road sums them up, and are open to all. It is a challenge, as all churches are in their own way, but could also be a great adventure for the right person.
Further details The Team Secretary
St. Serf's Church
1464 Shettleston Rd
Shettleston, Glasgow.
G 32 9AL
Telephone 0141 776 3866.
Closes Monday 9 November 2015

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