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Thursday, 13 July 2000  

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Although many of their dioceses include private schools, the House of Bishops voted to oppose private school vouchers on Tuesday. Private school vouchers allow parents who wish to send their children to private schools to get full or partial refunds on money they have already paid in public school taxes.

In other actions, the bishops concurred with the House of Deputies in: affirming the traditional understanding of authority in the Anglican Communion (C009); requesting that the church hire an officer for institutional research and information management (A133); promoting dialogue on fidelity in human relationships (A080); protecting accessand archival preservation of the church's electronic records (A016); thanking Louie Crew for his work in fostering electronic communication among deputies and bishops (D054).

The bishops adopted resolutions: funding the church's Office of Historiographer with $15,600 for the triennium (A062); providing for maternity and paternity leave for clergy (C042); establishing structures for reconciliation and accountability in the church (D023).


Deputies passed a resolution (A027) to amend Canon I-17 to say that anyone accepting church office should perform that work within the constitutions and canons of the church. Anamendment to the resolution, calling for the additions of the words with "conscience and in the spirit of" the church's constitutions and canons did not pass. Deputies also passeda resolution urging congregations to offer programs of Bible study for adults and youth. An amendment that reaffirmed "the primary authority of the Scripture" was defeated.

Deputies defeated a resolution (D055) to promote giving children "release time" from public school in order to obtain religious education; and adopted resolutions: encouraging development of an Episcopal Christian Education curriculum (B015sa); expressing gratitude for the ministry of Pamela P. Chinnis (D106); recognizing the "compassionate ministry" of the ECW and UTO (D113); recognizing the youth presenceand expressing gratitude for the unique contribution of each of the youth attending this General Convention (D114); rejoicing in the presence of the Triennial Meeting of the ECW and the many gifts of its president, JaneBanning of the Diocese of Pittsburgh (D058); commending the ministry of reconciliation being conducted by the Church of Nigeria (D089s); urging the Church Pension Fund "to continue to explore ways to enhance the pensions of those ordained later in life (D077);" calling each organization in the church to consider, when planning for the future, how its ministry will positively impact the lives of children in the church (D045a). Deputies concurred with House of Bishops resolutions: encouraging continuing education for clergy and lay professionals (A074); endorsing a World Council of Churches proposal to achieve a common day for the celebration of Easter (A043); addressing the Episcopal Church's continuing relationship with newly autonomous overseas dioceses (A129).

Deputies amended a resolution recognizing the importance of the ministry of communication(B029a);and another calling the Church Pension Fund to address housing needs for retired clergy to include overseas clergy (C024a). Both resolutions go back to the House of Bishops for reconsideration.

On Wednesday, deputies adopted resolutions urging the U. S. government to prohibit the export of handguns (A006); directing the church's national office to continue the "Stop the Hate" campaign (D009); and calling for the federal law to expand the number of states in which hate crimes can be prosecuted.

Deputies concurred with the House of Bishops in: encouraging the teaching of planned giving as a part of "legacy stewardship" (A111a); amending Canon IV.3.19 so that confidentiality can be waived in certain circumstances (B044); amending Canon III.12.1 to implement the "Called to Common Mission" agreement with the ELCA (B048). Resolutions calling for: enlarging the role of provinces in developing resolutions for General Convention (D071); and for review of existing procedures for the election of president and vice president for the House of Deputies (D035) were referred to the Standing Committee on Structure. A resolution limiting the term of the president to two consecutive full terms (A120) failed.

The deputies were electing lay and clergy members to the Episcopal Church's Executive Council and the board of trustees of General Theological Seminary.

Dr. Louie Crew (Newark); Frank Oberly (Oklahoma); Russell Palmore (Virginia); Diane Pollard (New York); RebeccaSnow (Alaska); and Sarah Harte (Arizona) were elected to six-year terms on Executive Council in the lay order. The Rev. David Chee (Los Angeles) was elected in the clergy order to a three-year unexpired term, and the Rev. Cynthia Black (Western Michigan) and the Rev. Anthony Guillén (Los Angeles) were elected to six-year terms. All terms are subject to approval by the House of Bishops.

Elected to a three-year term on the board of the General Theological Seminary in the lay order were: Marjorie Christie (Newark) and Robert Wright (North Carolina). Elected in the clergy order were the Rev. Deena Galantowicz (Florida) and the Rev. Frederick Williams (New York). All terms are subject to approval by the House of Bishops.

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