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This page last updated 23 November 2014
Anglicans Online last updated 22 March 2015

Anglicans Online Staff

Anglicans Online is staffed by an unpaid group not affiliated officially with any church body. We write and publish AO every week because of our belief that global communications can help foster global unity in our faith. The issues that unite us are so much stronger and larger than the issues that might sometimes divide us.

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Editorial Staff
Helen Gordon
Allie Graham Brian Reid, News Centre editor  
Brian's signature  
Helen Gordon
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Allie Graham
Birmingham, Alabama
Brian Reid
Palo Alto, California
  Email: gordon Email: allie Email: reid  
Production Staff
  Richard Mammana Peter Owen Richard Ruggle
  Richard's signature Peter's signature Simon's signature
  Richard Mammana
New Haven, Connecticut
Peter Owen
Richard Ruggle
Georgetown, Ontario
Simon Sarmiento
St Albans, Herts
Email: mammana
Email: peter
Email: ruggle
Email: ss
Former staff: In memoriam
  Frederic McFarland Cynthia McFarland, Managing Editor    
Frederic's signature
Cynthia's signature    
Frederic McFarland
Burlington, New Jersey
Cynthia McFarland
Burlington, New Jersey
Requiescat in pace
February 1945–
March 2008
Requiescat in pace
August 1952 -
February 2014

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