Episcopal Life Convention Daily
Friday, 14 July 2000  


Thank you, Madam President!


Pam Chinnis has provided grace-filled leadership, not only to the House of D
eputies, but to our entire church. I have benefited more than I can say from her wise counsel, her friendship and her marvelous wit.

—Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold

Pam Chinnis has been a tremendous symbol for modern lay leadership and in addition, a huge icon for both men and women. She leaves us with an enormous legacy.

Claude E. Payne, (Texas)

I was at several General Conventions when Pam first started and she brought a new quality and a new leadership to the position of president and vice president — always forthright, always courageous but always a lady. She's a role model."

— Joyce McConnell, president-elect, Province 8 (Olympia)

"Pam Chinnis is a visionary giant of the church, a steel magnolia whom the church will greatly miss. We should all be thankful for her courageous and gracious leadership."

Vincent Currie Jr., vice president-elect, House of Deputies (Central Gulf Coast)

Fond du Lac was the first deputation to congratulate Pam when she was elected [in 1991]. It's been a glorious era. Her inflections will long be in our minds: 'For what purpose does the deputy rise at microphone 3?'

— Phoebe Pettingell,
House of Deputies secretariat (Fond du Lac)

Pam has been, is and will always be a wonderful friend. Pam Chinnis is a witness to the Christian realities of hope and perseverance.

— Bishop Suffragan Jane Holmes Dixon (Washington)

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