Saturday, 15 July 2000  

There was no Convention Daily produced today. We think there should have been, so we have produced this edition. It is, of course, entirely unofficial and entirely produced by Anglicans Online. Writing is by ENS reporters and convention volunteers. Other days' issues are here.

Briefly Speaking (well, not all THAT brief...)

The deputies took little time to vote against concurring with the bishops on an amendment to the canons that would free the Presiding Bishop of the requirement to visit every diocese during a triennium (A119). Bradberry of Southern Virginia noted that "one of the pastoral duties of the Presiding Bishop is to visit dioceses." The visits average about 13 a year, he said. "It's important for the presiding bishop to have a sense of reality, to have to talk to the people in the churches," he said.

In other actions, the House of Deputies adopted resolutions:

  • calling for a review of the structure of General Convention, with an eye to efficiency, diversity, technology, and possible time reduction (C020);
  • calling the Executive Council to review interim bodies as to their usefulness, and to submit resolutions calling for dissolution as appropriate (D060);
  • calling for the research and study of youth ministry programs (D080a);
  • noting "with dismay the increase of gambling and gaming in our society;" urging people at all levels of the church to "work to end state-sponsored gambling and gaming;" and encouraging parishes and church-related organizations "to be aware of the inappropriateness of using gambling for fund-raising purposes" (C044a);
  • extending greetings to the Archbishop of Canterbury (D059);
  • applauding the work of the Church Periodical Club (D116);
  • applauding the effectiveness of an evening of "Conversations" and thanking the five sessions' organizers and panelists (D121);
  • promoting further efforts on behalf of international debt relief (B040);
  • discouraging investment in the Sudanese Oil industry (B033);
  • appointing persons to the Board of Archives and the Church Deployment Board (X017);
  • creating an endowment fund for the Episcopal Church in the Philippines in honor of that church's centennial in 2001 (B012);
  • amending Article X of the Constitution to include providing forms for renewal and enrichment of common worship (A132);
  • and further amending the resolution on prison reform to allow for local discretion with regard to the discouragement of prison construction (B055).

The deputies concurred with resolutions from the House of Bishops:

  • agreeing that the bishops' mind of the house resolution of April 3, 2000, correctly interprets the document "Called to Common Mission" (B046);
  • affirming the elections to executive council, the board of trustees of General Theological Seminary, and the General Board of examining chaplains (X012);
  • calling for the next four triennials to be a "Season of Reconciliation," with appropriate training and encouragement of techniques of mediation and reconciliation (D023);
  • supporting the Indigenous Theological Training Institute (C012).
  • urging continued dialogue with the Consultation on Church Union (COCU), which in 2002 will become known as Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC) (A135);
  • directing the Executive Council to set as a priority the appointment of a task force on "2020, A Clear Vision," which will prepare a plan to implement the vision (A034);
  • broadening access to Lay Eucharistic Ministry, amending Canon III.3.1(a) to eliminate the word "adult" in the first line (C041);
  • continuing relationships with "continuing Anglican Churches ... with a view to the reconciliation of all who own the Anglican tradition" (D047);
  • asking the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations to look for ways to initiate conversations in the United States with Pentecostal churches, "and to invite representative Episcopalians from the charismatic tradition to advise on how to start such conversations" (D051);
  • exploring ways to make it possible for the Roman Catholic Church to be a full member of the World Council of Churches; the resolution affirms recommendations made in the 1998 Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops (D053);
  • amending the canons to allow a clergy person canonical in one diocese but serving a congregation in another to have a voice and vote in each diocese, if permitted by each diocese's canons; concurrence was with amendment because the original language omitted reference to diocesan canons (C002);
  • amending Canon I.2.2, which designates when the Presiding Bishop's term of office begins -- the term of office will now begin the first day of November following the election (A117);
  • amending Canon I.2.3(a), permitting the Presiding Bishop-elect "upon good cause and with the advice and consent of the Advisory Committee" to resign his or her prior position not later than six months after election (A118);
  • The House of Deputies also concurred with the House of Bishops on X015, which makes referrals to various Standing Commissions. Resolutions were referred to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music:
  • placing Bishop Philander Chase on the calendar of the church (C014);
  • creating liturgies to celebrate church planting (B039);
  • adding Festo Kivengere, C.S. Lewis, Janani Luwum and William Temple to the Calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts (B038).
In other action, the bishops approved the following resolutions:
  • challenging all dioceses to support micro-credit international development programs (D033);
  • supporting refugee rights and communicating that concern to legislators (B016);
  • expressing concern about persecution in Indonesia (B053) and Pakistan (B047);
  • encouraging children's full participation in the worship and mission of the church through the publication "A Children's Charter for the Church." (D045);
  • expanding the National Episcopal Fund for Community Investment and Economic Justice (B037);
  • directing the Ministries with Young People Office and other appropriate individuals to make available the Episcopal Guide to Teens for AIDS Prevention (TAP), and supplemental materials on abstinence (D049);
  • supporting the United Nation's Decade for a Culture of Nonviolence (D022);
  • ministering to men and women who suffer from post-abortion stress (D083);
  • encouraging congregations to engage in conversations and theological reflection on public policy issues (B050);
  • urging the U.S. Congress to pass legislation making adoption counseling available to those facing an unplanned pregnancy and to those who want to adopt (D104).

In addition, the bishops concurred with the House of Deputies in:

  • confirming the election to the Executive Council of Louie Crew, Sarah Harte, Diane Pollard, Rebecca Snow, Frank Oberly and Russell Palmore (X013);
  • confirming the election of the trustees of General Theological Seminary (X016);
  • recommending redress to surviving Latin Japanese Americans abducted and incarcerated during WWII (D032);
  • establishing a task force to assess present models of church discipline (A028);
  • urging prohibition of the export of handguns the export of (A006);
  • urging expansion of federal hate crime legislation to include sexual orientation, gender and disability (C029);
  • condemning hate crimes and calling the National Church to continue and increase its "Stop the Hate" campaign (D009);
  • recognizing the importance of the ministry of communications (B029);
  • commending the U.S. Senate for passing the Hate Crimes Act (D068);
  • calling congregations to designate one Sunday a year in an appropriate month for special prayers for those whose lives have been affected by sexual, domestic or family violence (C025);
  • directing support for the development of an Episcopal Christian education curriculum for all ages (B015);
  • using efficient technologies in all voting, balloting, and reporting procedures of the General Convention in the interest of the stewardship of time, money and natural resources (C017);
  • considering the following four sites for the 2006 General Convention, and choosing no fewer than three for final consideration: Baltimore, Md.; Charlotte, N.C.; Columbus, Ohio; and San Antonio, Texas (A093);
  • selecting Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the site for the 74th General Convention in 2003 (A092);
  • supporting the Ministry on Aging (D012);
  • encouraging all members, congregations, dioceses, and other church institutions, in choosing electric energy suppliers, to examine the choices of energy generation, and to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources, especially those deriving from sun and wind (A048).

A resolution was referred to the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons:

  • addressing the provision of hearings by Standing Committees for requests for remission of sentences (D056).

Resolutions were referred to the Standing Commission on Ministry Development:

  • amending Canon III.3.1(a) on baptism as full and complete initiation (D086);
  • amending Canon I.17.1c on reception and confirmation of adult members of other churches (D094).

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