Saturday, 15 July 2000  

There was no Convention Daily produced today. We think there should have been, so we have produced this edition. It is, of course, entirely unofficial and entirely produced by Anglicans Online. Writing is by ENS reporters and convention volunteers. Other days' issues are here.

We are thankful to the various people who wrote for the Episcopal News Service, who provided all of the information below. While we may have some differences of opinion about how this news should be distributed after it is written, we have no disgreement with the people who are writing it.

Bishops follow deputies to curb easy availability of guns
Bishops call for inclusive Boy Scout leadership

Bishops approve plan for monitoring women's ordination
Pamela Chinnis bids farewell to House of Deputies
Spirit of gratitude marks deputiesí closing session

Briefly Speaking (well, not all THAT brief...)
Still trying to be Briefly Speaking

Swan song

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