Saturday, 15 July 2000  

There was no Convention Daily produced today. We think there should have been, so we have produced this edition. It is, of course, entirely unofficial and entirely produced by Anglicans Online. Writing is by ENS reporters and convention volunteers. Other days' issues are here.

Still trying to be Briefly Speaking

The house adopted a number of resolutions expressing gratitude to:

  • Volunteers and others who served to make the business of the house easier (D111);
  • the very Rev. George L.W. Werner for his service as vice president (D118);
  • those who prepared and conducted worship (D119);
  • Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold, for presiding over the convention “with skill and grace-filled sensitivity” (D120);
  • musicians at worship services (D117);
  • the parliamentarian, John Cannon (D066);
  • the bishop and people of Colorado (D108);
  • the chaplain, the Rev. Francis Wade (D065);
  • Bishop Simon Chiwanga, who preached at the Convention Eucharist (D129);
  • and Recovery Ministries, for bottles of water put at deputies’ tables (D127).
The deputies concurred with the House of Bishops on:
  • affirming the value of adoption “by a stable person or family” (D104a);
  • calling on those at convention “to seek every opportunity to oppose environmental racism” (D005);
  • reaffirming the church’s commitment to urban ministry (D052);
  • studying the theology of work (D067a);
  • seeking enactment of state statutes addressing domestic violence and its reduction (D073a);
  • developing procedures for evaluation of vendors under consideration for contracts with the church (B041);
  • establishing an Episcopal Service Corps (A134, or A102 in the “Blue Book”);
  • reaffirming use of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer for specific occasions (B042a);
  • referring a resolution on alternate Prayers of the People, to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (D062);
  • and expressing sympathy for the Columbine school massacre. The resolution was amended by the bishops to delete names of victims in order to recognize tragedy for victims, perpetrators and those related to the situation who have died since the massacre (D075a).

In other actions, the House of Deputies adopted resolutions:

  • acknowledging the work of Convention Manager Lori Ionnitiu (D107);
  • and recognizing the work of Dr. Pam Darling, assistant to Dr. Pam Chinnis (D130).
The deputies concurred with resolutions from the House of Bishops:
  • recommending restored diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, while condemning Cuba\222s human rights record (C045sa);
  • directing the Standing Commissions on Liturgy and Music and Ministry Development to work together on changes to the Ordinal of the Book of Common Prayer(A076);
  • directing the Standing Commission on Ministry Development to review the Title III canons (A073);
  • establishing norms for the participation of vocational deacons in the councils of the church (C033);
  • urging dioceses to adopt clergy maternity/paternity leave policies (C042);
  • directing the Standing Commission on Ministry Development to develop appropriate canons for lay ministries (C011);
  • amending canon I.6 revising the annual Parochial Report (A104);
  • challenging the church to set aside 0.7% for international development programs, especially microcredit initiatives (D033);
  • supporting the rights of Israelis and Palestinians to self-determination (B016);
  • urging political reform and humanitarian relief for persecuted Christians in Indonesia (B053);
  • urging political reform and humanitarian relief for persecuted Christians in Pakistan (B047);
  • recommending that parishes establish public policy discussion groups (B050);
  • expanding the National Episcopal Fund for Community Investment and Economic Justice (B037);
  • supporting the United Nations\222 \223Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence\224 (D022);
  • including supplemental materials on abstinence in the Episcopal Guide to Teens for AIDS Prevention (TAP) program (D049);
  • raising awareness of \223post-abortive stress\224 (D083);
  • continuing trial use of the Revised Common Lectionary (A063);
  • amending the canon regarding authorized versions of the Bible for liturgical use (A070);
  • apologizing to those offended in the transition from the 1928 to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (B034);
  • affirming a Lambeth resolution on praying the Daily Offices (D048);
  • adding hymns to the list for A069, supplemental liturgical materials for Ministry with the Sick and Dying and for Burial of a Child (B017);
  • adding supplemental liturgical materials for Ministry with the Sick and Dying and for Burial of a Child (A069);
  • funding the General Board of Examining Chaplains (A060);
  • funding the House of Bishops committee on Pastoral Development (A088);
  • and opening ecumenical conversations with the National Association of Evangelicals (D105).
Resolutions concurred and referred to a standing commission address:
  • studying due process in the church workplace (D013);
  • and calling for a moratorium on fetal stem cell research (D091)
The deputies rejected resolutions:
  • denouncing "expressions of racism, xenophobia, condescension, and contempt" directed towards leaders of other Anglican provinces (D076);
  • calling for General Convention every five years, instead of every three (C018);
  • reducing the number of deputies (C019);
  • and limiting the terms of deputies to three consecutive General Conventions (D007).

The deputies also heard the results of provincial nominations to the Joint Nominating Committee for Election of a Presiding Bishop (X019) and concurred with the bishops’ members on the committee (X020).

Committee members are, by provinces (bishop, clergy and lay):

I: Chilton A.R. Knudsen, Maine; V. Gene Robinson, A. Theodore Mollegen Jr.
II: J. Michael Garrison, Western New York; Jean Campbell, Michael F. Rehill
III: Francis C. Gray Jr., Virginia; Francis Wade, James Bradberry
IV: Edward F. Gulick, Kentucky; Beth Wickenberg Ely, Nancy Broadwell
V: Wendell N. Gibbs, Michigan; Shawn Schreiner, Bonnie Anderson
VI: James E. Krotz, Nebraska; Joel A. Gibson, Donna Pettit
VII: Leopoldo J. Alard, Texas; Richard Aguilar, Thad Andress
VIII: Gethin B. Hughes, San Diego; Darrow Kanakanui Alona, Ted M. Yumoto
IX: Julio C. Holguin, Dominican Republic; Lloyd Emmanuel Allen, Juan Bernardo Merino

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