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This page last updated 07 April 2013  >

Responses to Anglicans Online's June 2002 readership survey

The 2 June 2002 edition of Anglicans Online had a little 'who are you?' survey on its front page. We can't say that this is an accurate sample of our readers, but we can say that it is a very accurate sample of the 1668 people who have responded to our survey thus far. We got a few complaints that we will take into account should we run another survey in the future: Canadians objected to being lumped with USA residents in the 'North America' category. People asked for the ability to specify more than one answer to 'vocation', and to have more categories. We got a number of comments, but only one complaint, about the vocabulary we used in the 'liturgical preferences' question. But for better or for worse, here is what you had to say about yourselves.

It's not possible to tell much about a web site visitor; you can't tell who it is or why they are visiting. One of the few things that you can tell is the geographic region from which the visit is made. We have correlated our web-access logs with the survey results to show, for each of the geographic regions that we asked about, the fraction of the readers from that region who responded to our survey. Overall, just under 4% of the people who visited the web site responded to the survey.

Geographic regions

Light red shows readers this month; dark red shows the number who responded to survey

Locale %  
Africa 3.7
North America 40.0
Central America 1.4
South America 2.2
East Asia 4.7
Southeast Asia 6.5
Central Asia 0.2
Western Asia 0.0
Middle East 0.5
Europe 3.1
UK or Ireland 22.8
Atlantic 0.5
Australia 12.2
New Zealand 1.9
Pacific 0.2
Other 0.1

How old are you?

Age %  
Under 18 0.0
18-25 5.0
26-35 14.5
36-45 24.0
46-55 28.5
56-65 15.9
66-75 6.8
76 or more 1.0
Did not specify 3.4


Vocational roles

Vocation %  
Bishop 1.0
Bystander 4.4
Church musician 2.8
Churchgoer 43.7
Deacon 2.6
Lay church employee 5.5
Priest 26.9
Vowed religious 1.6
Other 6.7
Did not specify 4.6

Liturgical Preferences

Response %  
Maximum high church 22.5
Some spike is good 40.6
Middle of the road 26.5
Vaguely liturgical 2.0
Snakebelly 1.4
I live in Sydney 3.5
Did not specify 3.2

How long have you read AO?

Years %  
0-1 year 23.1
2 years 22.7
3 years 17.8
4 years 13.5
5 or more years 19.9
Did not specify 2.7

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