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This page last updated 16 March 2014
Anglicans Online last updated 13 April 2014

Official Church Publications

EVERY ORGANIZED CHURCH in the world publishes something. As we learn about national and diocesan church publications that are online, we list them here. If you know of one we have left out, please tell us about it.

National Church Publications

The Anglican Journal, from the Anglican Church of Canada.
Anglican Taonga, from the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia.
inspires Magazine, monthly from the Scottish Episcopal Church.
Nippon Seikokai Kanku Jimusho Dayori, monthly in Japanese, occasionally in English-language PDF as NSKK Newsletter.

Diocesan Publications
Please tell us the URL of your diocese's online publication.

Aberdeen (quarterly, PDF format)
(published bi-monthly)
Armidale (published monthly)
Atlanta (Weekly email)
Ballarat (updated bi-monthly)
Bethlehlem (updated bi-weekly)
Brisbane (updated bi-monthly)
British Columbia (monthly except July and August)
Calgary (monthly, PDF)
California (updated regularly)
Central Florida (monthly)
East Tennessee (updated monthly)
Exeter (updated monthly)
Georgia (bi-monthly, PDF)
Huron (10 updates per year)
Kentucky (updated monthly)
Kootenay (The HighWay, updated monthly)
Los Angeles (updated weekly) Episcopal News update also available by email.
Massachusetts (updated monthly)
Michigan (updated monthly)
The Murray (quarterly, PDF format)
Natal (every two months, PDF format)
Newark (updated monthly)
Newcastle (monthly, excluding January)
New York (updated every two months)
Northern California
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (updated monthly)
Oregon, (updated monthly, available only as a PDF)
Oxford (10 updates per year)
Port Elizabeth (Updated monthly; html format)
Sodor and Man (updated monthly)


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