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This page last updated 5 July 2011
Anglicans Online last updated 20 April 2014

United States

THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA (ACC) includes 29 dioceses and stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic, as well as to the very far north.

The Canada section of Anglicans Online is divided into several areas. Choose the area you're interested in from the chart just below. The links to dioceses and parishes are farther down on this page.

Canadian Dioceses and Parishes (Organized by Province)

Under each province you'll find diocesan home pages listed first, alphabetically by diocese. After the diocesan web pages, parishes are listed alphabetically by city or town, regardless of their diocese. This is because we assume most people want to find what Anglican parishes are in, say, Calgary, Alberta and aren't sure what diocese that might be in.


There is an alphabetic list of dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada official information section. We do not maintain resource pages on individual dioceses, but link you to the official diocesan pages where they exist.

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