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This page last updated 16 September 2018
Anglicans Online last updated 16 September 2018
The News Centre

Editor: Brian Reid
Contributors: Richard Ruggle and Allie Graham

IN THE NEWS CENTRE we report news of global interest that relates to the Anglican Communion. Sometimes we write news articles ourselves. More frequently, we refer you to some article we have found elsewhere in the world. We focus more on news reported about the church than by the church. New articles are also referenced in our Noted This Week section. We depend on you to tell us about news where you live; here's how to contribute. It is unusual for us to mention news items that contain phrases such as 'youth gather', 'bishop calls for', 'releases report on', 're-envisions', or 'synod debate'. Simon Sarmiento, our UK correspondent, maintains a list of more specific UK-oriented news articles as part of the Thinking Anglicans site. There you can find items we might not normally link at Anglicans Online.

Other News Centre resource pages: Newspapers Online, Official Church Publications, and Online News Sources. And of course, our News Centre Archives. If you are having trouble finding something, don't forget our search engine.

News Stories

15 September 2018: Global Climate Action Summit hosted by Diocese of California
From 12-14 September, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco hosted the Global Climate Action Summit, from which the numerous outcomes are reported here.

14 September 2018: Various dead bishops
Various sources report the recent passing of bishops in South Sudan, Pakistan, Northern Argentina, and Zimbabwe. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

14 September 2018: ABC and C of E criticised after Trades Union speech
The Guardian (London) reports on the strong criticism directed at Archbishop of Canterbury after his speech to the UK Trades Union Congress in Manchester. Critics claim that the Church of England and its leader are guilty of the same misdeeds he railed against in his speech.

10 September 2018: Numerous changes at ACNS
The Anglican Communion News Service has announced new staff, new language editions, and new publication schedules.

10 September 2018: China cracks down on religious messaging
The Guardian (London) reports that the government of China has announced that organisations engaged in the dissemination of religious information online will be obliged to apply for licenses from provincial religious affairs departments. The license will enable them to 'preach and offer religious training', but not live-stream or broadcast of religious activities.

10 September 2018: USA primate returns to work after cancer surgery
The US Episcopal News Service reports that Michael Curry, its Presiding Bishop, has resumed his job duties after recovering from cancer surgery in July.

8 September 2018: New bishop elected in Saskatoon
Canada's Anglican Journal reports that the Revd Chris Harper was elected as the next Bishop of Saskatoon. Mr Harper is a Plains Cree, and has been working as indigenous priest for the Diocese of Toronto.


6 September 2018: Only 2% of British young adults identify as C of E
The Guardian (London) reports that a recent British Social Attitudes Survey has revealed only 2% of young adults identifying with the Church of England, while seven out of 10 under-24s say they have no religion.

6 September 2018: Progress noted towards 2020 Lambeth Conference
The Anglican Communion News Service tells us the state of planning and progress towards the next Lambeth Conference. It's not something we could summarise here, but we think this means that the 2020 conference will actually happen.

5 September 2018: New York church elevated to pro-cathedral status
The Diocese of Long Island has announced the elevation of the Church of St Ann & the Holy Trinity to pro-cathedral status. Curiously, as we prepare to publish, this announcement appears to be available only on that parish's website.

4 September 2018: Nigeria primate says gays are taking over the country
The Daily Post (Abuja) reports a speech by Nicholas Okoh, Primate of the Church of Nigeria, in which he says that homosexuals are taking over Nigeria and poisoning society. He attributes this disaster to the disintegration of social values and cultures caused by the influence of western culture facilitated by the internet and satellite broadcasting.


2 September 2018: UK Government fund launched to help preserve at-risk places of worship
The Telegraph (London) reports on the launch of a £1.8m pilot scheme to preserve some of Britain's listed places of worship that are at risk. It will fund urgent repairs and help volunteers maintain listed buildings (including churches, synagogues, and meeting houses) in two pilot areas.

31 August 2018: Rwanda archbishop explains massive closure of churches and mosques
The Church Times (London) reports on the explanation given by the Archbishop and Primate of Rwanda for the forced closure of 8000 churches and places of worship in that country. The church closings were reported last month by Christianity Today.

30 August 2018: ABC to UN: Church cannot, and will not, walk away
As reported by the Anglican Communion News Service, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told the United Nations Security Council the Church 'cannot, and will not, walk away' from its reconciling role in global conflict, in part because they are often 'the only functioning institutions in a fragile or pre-conflict situation'.

29 August 2018: New bishop for Truro
The Anglican Communion News Service (London) reports that Canon Philip Mounstephen, Executive Leader of the Church Mission Society, is to become the 16th Bishop of Truro.

28 August 2018: New bishop for Christchurch
Anglican Taonga (NZ) has reported the election of the Revd Dr Peter Carrell as the next Anglican Bishop of Christchurch. He will succeed Victoria Matthews to become the 9th bishop of that diocese.


26 August 2018: Anglican Church of Kenya gets two new bishops
The Standard (Nairobi) reports that the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has two new bishops after the dioceses of West Pokot and Maseno South held elections recently.

25 August 2018: Anglican church staff reuniting families with lost victims of residential schools
Nellie Hardisty was 12 when she died of tuberculosis, while she was in the care of a church-run Indian residential school. Her family never saw her again, and didn't know where she was buried. The Huffington Post reports that the archivist of the Anglican Church of Canada, Nancy Hurn, has helped some of the families of former students learn more about what happened to their relatives, and even found pictures of some of them. The fate of at least 4,300 children who attended the schools is unknown.

24 August 2018: Vancouver church will use bouncy castle to power organ pipes
Michael Park is the musical director at Holy Trinity in Vancouver. The organ there was installed in 1912 and needs repair. Vancouver is Awesome reports that Mr Park is planning a fun fair, where a bouncy castle, beach balls and other inflatables will provide the air to power the sound for some of the pipes, which have been in storage. He hopes the bouncy castle organ extravaganza's combination of science, fun and organ recitals will help raise money to fix the organ.

23 August 2018: Court of Review publishes findings on contested Haiti bishop election
The US Episcopal News Service tells us the Province II Court of Review has released its Report of Findings regarding the Contestation of the election of the bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Haiti. The document is in English, Spanish, and Creole. If you've never seen written Haitian Creole, you should look at it even if you aren't interested in the legal details.

22 Aug 2018: Christ Church Cathedral rebuild takes step forward
NZ Newshub reports that the reconstruction of Christchurch's earthquake-damaged cathedral has taken a step forward, after all parties announced they've reached an agreement on the terms of the project.


19 August 2018: Communion wafers are Christchurch parish's bread and butter
The Stuff New Zealand reports on St Barnabas parish, Christchurch and their operation of producing and selling communion wafers for their fellow parishes. The operation, which involves specialised German machinery and offers an opportunity for retired parishioners to participate in a unique ministry, has proven profitable (literally and spiritually) since the 1980s.

17 August 2018: Bishop Sean Rowe responds to U.S. Roman Catholic abuse scandal
The Episcopal Bishop of Bethlehem and Northwestern Pennsylvania has written a pastoral letter concerning the recent allegations of a large paedophile ring in his region. While we normally may not post such a response (as such findings have been increasingly common in both traditions), we found this particularly impressive.

17 August 2018: Anglicans join other Christians in Assisi for two-day Ecumenical Prayer for Creation
Christians from different denominations will take part in a pilgrimage from Assisi to the COP24 UN climate change conference in Poland, after a two-day ecumenical prayer event, reports the Anglican Communion News Service.

15 August 2018: First Seminary Grads in Gambella
According to The Living Church (Wisconsin, USA), the first seven graduates of St Frumentius' Anglican Theological College in Gambella, Ethiopia, have received their certificates. The group includes refugees as well as members from different ethnic groups. It is the first school of its kind in Ethiopia.

14 August 2018: Tasmanian abuse survivors raising money to buy own churches
ABC News (Australia) explains Anglicans are "being asked to 'buy back their own property' in order to prevent churches from being sold to pay child sex abuse redress claims." It goes on to report 'But only 25 per cent of funds from the sale of Tasmanian buildings will go to the scheme; the church will quarantine the rest to help continue ministry in areas that lose church buildings'. The Advocate (Tasmania) expresses concern that the voices and wishes of the abuse survivors themselves has been lost.

For news older than 14 August, please refer to our News Archives.

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