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This page last updated 16 January 2017
Anglicans Online last updated 15 January 2017

The News Centre
Editor: Brian Reid
Contributors: Richard Ruggle and Allie Graham

IN THE NEWS CENTRE we report news of global interest that relates to the Anglican Communion. Sometimes we write news articles ourselves. More frequently, we refer you to some article we have found elsewhere in the world. We focus more on news reported about the church than by the church. New articles are also referenced in our Noted This Week section. We depend on you to tell us about news where you live; here's how to contribute. It is unusual for us to mention news items that contain phrases such as 'youth gather', 'bishop calls for', 'releases report on', 're-envisions', or 'synod debate'.

Simon Sarmiento, our UK correspondent, maintains a list of more specific UK-oriented news articles as part of the Thinking Anglicans site. There you can find items we might not normally link at Anglicans Online.

Other News Centre resource pages: Newspapers Online, Official Church Publications, and Online News Sources. And of course, our News Centre Archives. If you are having trouble finding something, don't forget our search engine.

News Stories

15 January 2017: Scottish primus distressed at offence over reading Koran in Glasgow cathedral.
The BBC reports that the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, who is also the Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, says the Church is 'deeply distressed' at the offence caused by the reading of a passage from the Koran in a Glasgow cathedral.

13 January 2017: New Bishop for Algoma
The Sault Star (Ontario) announces the scheduled consecration next month of the Revd Anne Germond as 11th bishop of Algoma.

13 January 2017: US Episcopal leaders address church's part in Trump’s inauguration
The Anglican Communion News Service reports on the controversy surrounding the involvement of Washington National Cathedral and its choir in the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

11 January 2017: Australian priest dies shortly after being charged with 24 child sex offences
The Newcastle Herald (New South Wales) reports the death of former priest George Parker just three weeks after he was charged with 24 child sex offences against two young boys in the 1970s.

10 January 2017: Archbishop of Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa has died
Archbishop Brown Turei, who was the leader of Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa, one of the three leaders of the Anglican Church in what people of European ancestry call New Zealand, has died. There is extensive coverage in Anglican Taonga.

8 January 2017: Obituary: Una Kroll
The Guardian reports the death of the Revd Dr Una Kroll, 91, 'a doctor, a nun, a feminist campaigner with a prominent role in the movement for the ordination of women, an activist for peace and justice, counsellor to many, and to many others a disturber of the peace.' The Church Times tells how she was recalled as medical missionary in Liberia, after siding with the Africans rather than with mission authorities. An American monk, Leo Kroll, was sent to mediate the dispute. When they fell in love and married, he was dismissed from his order and she from her calling as a nun. She led a vocal protest when the General Synod of the Church of England in 1978 voted against legislation that would allow women to be priests. In recent years she became a Roman Catholic, in solidarity with Catholic women denied a voice in their church.


6 January 2017: Call for Perth Archbishop to give up pension
The Archbishop of Perth, the Rt Revd Roger Herft, has admitted his lacklustre response to a sex abuse scandal while the bishop of Newcastle, the ABC reports. Given this, a lawyer from Newcastle who was himself a victim of the scandal, Peter Kelso, has called upon Herft to give up his pension as a sign of repentence.

3 January 2017: Knightship for bishop who chaired Hillsborough panel
The Church Times reports that the bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Revd James Jones, who chaired an independent panel on inquiry into the Hillsborough football disaster, has been knighted in the New Year Honours list, for services to bereaved families and justice. 

2 January 2017: Quick-thinking vicar saves parishioner who caught fire
During the Christmas day service at All Saints Church, Upper Caldecote in Bedfordshire, the vicar, the Revd Frank Coleman, noticed that a woman had been set alight after leaning on a candle. The Telegraph reports that she seemed unaware of what was happening until he rushed towards her and put out the flames with his bare hands. His hand was serously burned, and some nurses had him plunge it in cold water. Only after the service had ended was he rushed to hospital. 

2 January 2017: Wife of Quebec’s bishop becomes a priest
The CBC reports on the unique relationship between the Revd Cynthia Patterson, recently ordained priest in the Diocese of Quebec, and her husband, the Rt Revd Dennis Drainville, the outgoing bishop diocesan.


31 December 2016: Egyptian Archbishop rebuts claims against Archbishop of Canterbury
The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Primate of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, Bishop Mouneer Anis of Egypt, has issued a statement to refute allegations made in a blog post by an American priest, the Revd George Conger.

25 December 2016: On the Queen's Christmas message
Queen Elizabeth II broadcast her annual Christmas message on British television. The video itself is on YouTube. The Church Times has reported on what she had to say. Her Christmas messages are always worth your time, and this year's is no exception.

24 December 2016: Assyrian Christians in Iraq reclaim church from Islamic State
The Los Angeles Times reports on the impromptu and dangerous pilgrimage of Iraqi Assyrians from Irbil to their former home in Bartella to spend Christmas Eve in their Mar Shimoni church, heavily guarded by soldiers.

23 December 2016: First nonwhite bishop for Church of England in 20 years
The Church Times reports on the first black or minority-ethnic episcopal appointment in the Church of England for 20 years. The Revd Prebendary Dr Woyin Karowei Dorgu has been appointed to the suffragan see of Woolwich. His appointment might or might not be a consequence of a letter of complaint sent to the editor of the Church Times last month.

23 December 2016: Nativity scene with baby Jesus in an igloo in caribou fur
Canada's National Post reports on the stained-glass nativity scene in a window of St George in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Mary and Joseph are in parkas. The Baby Jesus is swaddled head to toe in caribou furs. And the trio are observing the First Noel in an igloo while the Star of Bethlehem illuminates the Arctic sky overhead.

23 December 2016: Obituary: Reginald Stackhouse
Reginald Stackhouse was a passionate advocate from many pulpits. The Globe and Mail (Toronto) remembers Stackhouse, a former principal of Wycliffe College in Toronto, Conservative Member of Parliament, journalist, and potato grower. He was a persuasive advocate for progressive policies in both church and government.


22 December 2016: Bells ring for Christmas at York Minster
The Guardian (London) reports that a volunteer team stepped in for carol service after a dispute with the Chapter left that ancient cathedral in danger of falling silent over Christmas.

21 December 2016: O click, all ye faithful
The Guardian (London) reports on the growth of online religious activity in the Church of England.

18 December 2016: A bleak Christmas in Bethlehem
Haaretz (Tel aviv) reports that the illusion of normalcy in Jesus' birthplace is shattered at the sight of the wall that chokes the city.


16 December 2016: US Anglicans accused of meddling in Africa
The Church Times reports on an interview with the secretary-general of the Anglican Communion, Dr Josiah Idowu-Fearon, in which he said the importance African church leaders attach to the question of same-sex relationships is the result of interference by conservatives in the United States. Dr Idowu-Fearon said that Anglican leaders in Africa seemed 'to be so much taken in' by the issue, not because of concerns about the impact on relations with Muslims, but as a result of 'very strong minority conservatives' in the US.

16 December 2016: Update on York Minster's conflict with its (now former) bell ringers
Thinking Anglicans has gathered and summarised reports on the continuing standoff between York Minster and the people who rang its bells until they were sacked. There are links to longer statements by both sides in the dispute, and to the delightfully titled posting 'Peace on earth and good will to all men – except the sacked bell-ringers of York Minster' in the blog called Archbishop Cranmer.

15 December 2016: Perth Archbishop resigns after admitting to let down of sex abuse survivors
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported the resignation of Perth Archbishop Roger Herft after admitting he let down survivors of sexual abuse. He had been Archbishop of Perth since 2005. The announcement of his resignation on the diocesan website offers no reason for his decision. Archbishop Herft actually stood down some three months ago; today's statement is that his departure is permanent.

11 December 2016: UK nurse fired from job after offering to pray for patients
The Telegraph (London) tells of a surgical nurse with 15 years' experience who offered to pray for patients waiting for surgery who was sacked from her job for gross misconduct. Sister Sarah Kuteh was accused of holding 'unwanted discussions' which allegedly upset patients, and of ignoring conduct guidelines on discussing personal beliefs.

For news older than 11 December, please refer to our News Archives.

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