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This page last updated 16 July 2007  >

Responses to Anglicans Online's July 2007 readership survey

15 July 2007

The 1 July 2007 edition of Anglicans Online included a little 'who are you?' survey. We can't say that it yielded an accurate sample of our readers, but we can say that it gave us a very accurate sample of the 874 people who responded to our survey. Here is what you had to say about yourselves.

As we noted, 874 people responded to our survey. The vast majority of them said, more or less, 'keep doing what you are doing'. Most responders described us as being fair or centrist or temperate, but 12 described us as left-wing or pro-homosexual or or revisionist or biased in favor of the US General Convention. 21 responders said we were too US-centric, 18 said we were too UK-centric,

Geographic regions

Locale %  
Africa 0.46
Canada 12.81
United States 59.95
Central America 0.00
South America 0.46
East Asia 0.34
Southeast Asia 0.69
Central Asia 0.00
Western Asia 0.11
Middle East 0.11
Europe 2.40
UK or Ireland 6.98
Atlantic 0.23
Australia 8.12
New Zealand 1.49
Pacific 0.00
Other 5.84

How old are you?

Age %  
Under 18 0.1
18-25 1.6
26-35 5.0
36-45 14.1
46-55 24.6
56-65 29.2
66-75 12.2
76 or more 4.8
Did not specify 8.4

Who you are

Vocation %  
Lay person 52.6
Lay church employee 4.1
Deacon 2.5
Priest 31.2
Bishop 1.0
Vowed religious 0.8
Other 7.7
Did not specify 0.0

How long have you read AO?

Years %  
less than 1 year 5.0
2 to 5 years 41.1
6 to 8 years 21.7
8 to 10 years 12.1
More than 10 years 13.2
Did not specify 6.9
and 2 thought we didn't pay enough attention to the Southern hemisphere. Most respondents said that they read Anglicans Online because of the front-page editorials, the News Centre, and New This Week, while 5 respondents complained that our front page and News Centre are 'snarky' or condescending towards traditionalists. One respondent described us as 'too conservative'.

The most common request (made by about half the responders) was that we update more than once a week, and about 5% wished we would update earlier in the week. Many respondents said that they liked the visual simplicity of the Anglicans Online website; 3 found our visual design to be unpleasant or tired or bad.

A number of people suggested that we add a discussion forum; we're convinced that we don't want to do this, as online forums seem in our experience to be shrill and polarizing, and largely populated by the same collection of angry people. Many people asked for Atom or RSS feeds. Alas, our site predates by many years the invention of those technologies, and we won't be able to offer them until the next time we completely redesign it.

A request received from a number of responders was that we provide a list of blogs. We are thinking about how best to do this without needing to spend our lives sifting through blogs looking for good ones.

About one in six responders left the text fields blank (why do you read AO and what might we change?). Only one responder used foul language and was contemptuous; perhaps if there are others who have contempt for us they didn't waste their time in telling us.

Our favourite response to the question of what we might wish to change about Anglicans Online was 'I'm an Anglican. I don't believe in change.'

As you surely know, we are a small unpaid, all-volunteer group. If you are not intimidated by internet technologies and believe that you have something to offer and might like to join us in the production of Anglicans Online, please talk to us. If you have time and energy that you'd be willing to invest in a regular clerical task, such as link checking or looking around the web for new parish listings, please talk to us. If you see yourself able to produce some new feature reliably on a regular basis, such as 'parish of the week' or 'better know a diocese' or 'interview with a faithful Anglican', please talk to us.

We all thank you for reading Anglicans Online.

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