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This page last updated 1 December 2009
Anglicans Online last updated 20 October 2019
With grateful thanks

THANKS TO ALL THESE GOOD FRIENDS of Anglicans Online for their contributions. An asterisk (*) indicates that the person has made multiple gifts to Anglicans Online or the Society of Archbishop Justus. For all gifts, in whatever amount, we are more grateful than we can say.

If for some reason we have overlooked adding your name to this page — or haven't noted that you've given us mutiple gifts — let us know and we'll correct that omission straightaway. If you've made a donation to Anglicans Online by buying a large AO mug and you'd permit us to list your name here, tell us. We don't think it proper to list names without permission.


Ernest Adelman, USA

Lori Allen, USA

Robert Allen, USA

Mary Jane Anderson, USA *

May Anstee, USA

Andrew Auld, USA *

Alison K. Baldwin, USA

Sandra Ballantyne, USA

Gillian Barr, USA

Carl Bell, USA *

William J Bellamy, USA

Lisa Bentz, USA *

Franklyn J Bergen, USA *

Martha Berger, USA *

David Bewley, CANADA

Eleanor Braun, USA

John A Bross, U

Mary K Bulke, USA

John R Bunyan, AUSTRALIA *

Laurent Cadeac, FRANCE

Grace Cangialosi, USA

James M Carpenter, USA

Charles E Chace, USA

Chapel of the Good Shepherd
Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Joseph Chapple, USA

The Chisholm Foundation, USA

Stephen Clark, AUSTRALIA

Martha Clatterbuck, USA

Richard Cluett, USA

Kelly Cook, USA

George E Councell, USA *

Michel Cousins, IRELAND

Donald Cram, USA *

Lee A Crawford, USA *

J A Frazer Crocker, USA

David Crowther, UNITED KINGDOM

Douglas Curlin, USA


Gar Demo, USA

Kevin Diflo, AUSTRALIA

Donald A. Dodman, CANADA

Kenneth R Doesschate, USA *

John W Donnelly Jr, USA *

Jan D Durbin, USA

Richard F Edmonds, USA

Don Elkins, USA

Ruth Eller, USA *

Wallace Castles Epperson, USA

D K Exham, USA

Wayne Fehr, USA

Donald Fishburne, USA

Judith and Bill Fleener, USA

Ralph Fogg, USA *

Ann Fontaine, USA

Lisa L Fox, USA

Mark W L Friesland, USA *

Bruce N Gardner, USA *

Revd Sally Gero, AUSTRALIA

Michael Graham, IRELAND

Judith Guttman, USA

Raguet Hall, USA

Jane A Halpert, USA

Mark Harris, USA

Frank Martin Harron II

Kathleen Haynes, USA

Charles Hefling, USA

Eileen E Henchen, USA

Raymond B. Hester, USA

David R Heusdens, USA

James K Holmes, USA

Jim Holmes, USA

Phil Hoskins, USA

Eileen C House, USA

Allen J Huelskamp, USA

Dixie Hutchinson, USA

Laura D Inscoe, USA

Anthony Irwing, UNITED KINGDOM

Chana Jackson, USA

Bill and Connie Jones, USA

Jennifer Jones, UNITED KINGDOM

Michael Kemp, USA *

Phillip Kenyon, USA

Thomas A Kerr, Jr, USA

William Knisely, USA

Darren N T Koh, SINGAPORE *

Richard Konopka, USA

Jenny Ladefoged, USA

Mark R Lester, USA

Nancy Lowry, USA *

Virginia Riggs Lyons, USA

A Douglas MacAdams, CANADA *

John McCutchen, USA

Brian McKinlay, AUSTRALIA

Raymond McMillan, USA

Donald S. McPhail, USA *

Morton Pepper Marts, USA *

Beth Maynard, USA

Bruce McNab, USA

Donald McPhail, USA

Robert T Mead, USA *

Margaret Micahud, USA *

Gerald J Miller, USA *

Ronald H Miller, USA

R Whitney Mitchell, USA

Andrew S Muhl, USA

Richard Murphy, USA

Roy Murphy, USA *

James Musick, USA *


George O Nagle, USA *

Timothy K. Nakayama, USA

Kirsten A. Nelson, USA

Janice Nicholson, USA

Richard Noble, USA


Linda Packard, USA *

Dorothy Pagliaro, USA

Richard Parsons, USA

Lois J Phillips, USA

Sarah Porter, USA

Mona Preuss, USA *

Juan A Quevedo-Bosch, USA

Charlot S Ray, USA

Philip Reading, AUSTRIA

Loretta Guarino Reid, USA *

Nigel A Renton, USA

Christian Rideout, USA

Wiliam Blake Rider, USA

Toby Roberts, USA

David Robinson, CANADA

Christopher A Robinson, USA *

Bruce and Susy Robison, USA

Donald Rogan, USA *

Richard E. Ruggle, CANADA


Julian Sheffield, USA

Robin G Skipworth, USA

Margaret Sleeper, USA

Diana Smith, USA *

Vicki L Smith, USA

Nancy Barnard Starr, NEW ZEALAND

Tom J Streeter, USA

Jason Strickland, USA

Paula Sutcliffe, USA

Charles Svagera

William J. Theisen, USA

D C Toedt III, USA

Ann E Tottenham, CANADA

Sisters of the Community of the Transfiguration, Cincinnati, USA

Susan Urbach, USA

Heather A VanDeventer, USA *

Peter L Yeager, USA

Robert C Weaver, USA

Lisa Wharton, USA

G Richard Wheatcroft, USA

Stephen L White, USA *

Terry A White, USA

Raewynne J Whiteley, USA *

Linda Williams, USA

Chad Wohlers, USA *

Bryan E Wolf, USA *

Warren T Woodfin, USA

Robert O Wyatt, USA