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This page last updated 15 April 2007  

Recent Consecrations in the Nippon Sei Ko Kai

Contributed by The Rev. Timothy M. Nakayama

18 April 1998: In the space of less than three months in an Ecclesiastical Province of eleven Dioceses, three Bishops were consecrated, the last two consecrations only four days apart:

Bishop Joseph Noriaki Iida, Bishop of Kyushu and Acting Primate of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai was Chief Consecrator for these three Consecrations.

In filing this report, Rev Nakayama also tells us this:

Because of my recent service as Rector of All Souls' Church, Okinawa, my wife, Keiko, and I visited Okinawa on 29 March for the Retirement Party for Bishop Nakamura, and the Consecration of the new Bishop of Okinawa. We also were privileged to attend the Consecration of Bishop Uno for Kita Kanto, who as a priest of the Diocese of Osaka came to stay in 1973 for three months at St Peter's Church, Seattle, (where I was serving as Rector) and visited within the Diocese of Olympia with whom Osaka had a companionship relationship at that time.

Although I retired from All Souls', Okinawa, Bishop John Tadao Sato of the Diocese of Tohoku invited us to fill two parish vacancies: St Andrew's Church, Aomori (a parish with three kindergartens), and St Michael's Church, (a ministry among those who had been afflicted in the past with Hansen's disease and are living in a sanatarium. They no longer have the disease but suffer from handicaps caused by the disease). We hope to go to Aomori in time to begin our part-time ministry (because of our retired status) from August 1, for one year. Okinawa is semi-tropical; Aomori has cool summers and snowy winters.

It has been said that Japan is the Mount Everest of Christian Mission and Evangelism. I can attest to the difficulties, but also the excitement of the challenge. Please pray for the people of Japan andfor the Nippon Sei Ko Kai.

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