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This page last updated 15 April 2007
Anglicans Online last updated 15 September 2019

Bishop of Rochester (UK) replies to 12 Theses

From a Diocese of Rochester Press Release

5 JUNE 1998; Kent, UK
: In A New Way to Speak of God? Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali responds to Bishop John S. Spong's call for a 'new Reformation in the Church'.

In an article in this week's Church of England Newspaper, the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, has responded to Bishop John S. Spong's 'A Call for a New Reformation' and the 12 theses he posted on the Internet.

In his article, 'A New Way to Speak of God?', Bishop Nazir-Ali concludes that there is nothing novel in a call for a new Reformation. One thing Bishop Spong's call lacks, in his opinion, is a set of clear objectives.

Bishop Nazir-Ali goes on to question other aspects of Bishop Spong's call, and ends by setting out his own theses... 13 of them, in case anyone should suspect he is superstitious. Bishop Nazir-Ali, like Bishop Spong, is a believer in modern communications and the full version of both bishops' texts can be found on the Diocese of Rochester web site.

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