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This page last updated 15 April 2007  

Anglican-related links pertaining to the terrorist tragedy of 11 September 2001

* Indicates a new listing for the week of 23 September
** Indicates a new or amended listing for the week of 7 October

The Global Toll (graphic from The Times)

A graphic showing the numbers dead or missing from round the world (140K)

Anglican Communion Office

Anglican Communion News Service
ACNS front page
Index of items related to 11 September

Archbishop of Canterbury

Press releases
Prayers for use in worship at this time
Invitation to Prayer on 5 October

Church services

National Cathedral: Service on 14 September 2001
Order of Service
Transcript of sermon by Dr Billy Graham
Transcript of remarks by President Bush
Audio of the president's remarks
A Kinship of Grief: With Prayers and Patriotism, a Nation Comes Together (The Washington Post)
Bush Leads Memorial Service for Victims of Terror Attack (New York Times)

St Paul's Cathedral: Service on 14 September 2001
Order of Service (from The Times) A PDF file of that Order of Service.
Brief video overview by Justin Webb of the BBC (includes comment about the three-minute silence)
Photos in and around St Paul's (BBC)
* Photos by the Anglican Communion News Service
United in grief at St Paul's (BBC)
'The Queen pays tribute to victims of terror' (The Times)
Bells of St Paul's toll for the dead (The Times)
Address by Archbishop of Canterbury (The Times)
Queen leads the mourning in Britain (The Telegraph)
Queen shows her sorrow at service (The Telegraph)
Britain stands shoulder to shoulder to mourn US dead (The Independent)
Tears and sympathy as millions across Britain stand silent (The Guardian)
US leaders face awesome responsibility, says Carey (The Independent)

*St Thomas Fifth Avenue: Service on 20 September 2001
'Grief is the price of love' (The Telegraph)
'There is a land of the living and a land of the dead. The bridge is love. The only survival' (The Times)
Outrage led to 'surge of human spirit' (The Times)
'Words of comfort for British families' (The Guardian)
Text of the Queen's message
Text of Prime Minister Blair's introduction and reading
'With supportive words and a literary flourish, Blair flies in to deliver a message of solidarity' (The Independent)
'Blair: Solace in Wilder's "unthinkable" tale' (The Independent)
'Blair comforts survivors in New York' (The Washington Post)


Diocese of New York
The web site of the Diocese of New York
A letter from the Bishop of New York
Special announcements from the diocese
Information and contacts for various Manhattan parishes
Trinity Church emergency information
Pictures of the Bishop of New York and others in lower Manhattan
Prayers of the People, from the Diocesan Liturgical Commission
Press releases from General Theological Seminary
What parishes in New York City can do

*'Held together in the grasp of grief: Giant cathedral crammed by locals and out-of-towners' (The Guardian)

Diocese of Virginia (includes the Pentagon)
Diocesan home page
Bishop's letter to the diocese
To the clergy of the diocese
Memorial service

Diocese of Washington
General information about these events
Bishop's letter to the diocese
Bishop's welcome address at National Cathedral gathering
Washington National Cathedral
Statement from the Dean of National Cathedral

England and Great Britain (general)

British religious leaders
Bishop's plea for tolerance towards Muslims
After the deluge: The Bishop of Rochester (England), Michael Nazir-Ali, writes in The Guardian.


*Pierre Whalon's Letter from Paris, 11 September 2001


A moving selection of images of mourning from around the world. Large.


*Perspectives from Christians and Anglicans in the Middle East
'Expats pin faith in hands of the Lord' (The Guardian)
'One nation, two faiths that are a world apart' (The Telegraph)

National Public Radio's Scott Simon: 'Letter from New York City' (RealAudio)

National churches

Anglican Church of Australia
Primate's statement
Archbishop of Sydney's sermon text
Eyewitness account from an Australian priest now living in Manhattan
* A sermon from the vicar of St Peter's Eastern Hill, Melbourne

Anglican Church of Canada
Statement from the ACC (Page includes links to statements by Canadian bishops)

Church of England
*Bishop of Chelmsford in the House of Lords.
*Bishop of Guildford in the House of Lords; an earlier piece.
Bishop of London. He also spoke in the House of Lords.
*Bishop of Rochester (audio no longer available)

*Prayers from Westminster Abbey

Church of Ireland
Address by the Archbishop of Dublin

Church of the Province of South Africa
Provincial home page with statement from Archbishop

Episcopal Church in the USA
A special web page entitled 'Terrorism Response'
A statement from the Presiding Bishop
The Episcopal News Service (ENS), with many news releases
Reports from churches in lower Manhattan, from ENS
Episcopal Relief and Development, ECUSA's official agency
On waging reconciliation (statement from bishops of the Episcopal Church)

The Living Church has developed a page of excerpts from American bishops' comments.

Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
Official statement

Three-minute silence

When the world stood still in mourning (The Times)


*The Diocese of Washington has prepared a web page titled 'How Kids and Teenagers Can Help: We are not alone.
We can all help each other.'

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