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This page last updated 4 April 2014  

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Archived News Headlines for Apr/May/Jun 2007

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30 June 2007: New bishop in Connecticut
Newsday (USA) reports on the consecration in New Haven of the Rt Revd Laura Ahrens as assistant bishop of Connecticut. The Hartford Courant has an article with a very nice photograph.

29 June 2007: Sydney proposes alternative to Lambeth conference
The Church Times reports that the standing committee of the Diocese of Sydney has advised Dr Jensen and the bishops not to accept the Lambeth invitation 'without making public in protest, speech and liturgical action, both prior and at Lambeth, our diocese’s principled objections'.

29 June 2007: Frustrated Church of England clerics said to be 'demotivated'
The Church Times reports that an unpublished report about frustration among older clerics in the Church of England is under discussion by bishops and senior staff, amid fears that under-fulfilled clergy are 'holding back the Church’s mission'.

29 June 2007: Build-up to Church of England General Synod
Thinking Anglicans has gathered various reports about the run-up to General Synod in the Church of England. Much of it has to do with the proposed Anglican Covenant and the response of various groups thereto.

28 June 2007: Rwanda to boycott Lambeth Conference
The Rwanda News Agency (Kigali) reports that the Rwanda bishops who have been invited to the Lambeth Conference will not be attending.

26 June 2007: California appeals court rules in favor of Episcopal Church
In the United States, the individual state courts have jurisdiction over property disputes and not the national courts. In general, US state courts have been finding against breakaway groups who wish to leave the church and take their buildings with them. A notable exception to this had been in California, but the Fourth District Court of Appeal in California has overturned the lower-court decision and ruled that congregations wishing to leave the church must leave the 'real and personal property' behind. The US Episcopal News Service reports and carries commentary from diocesan officials.

25 June 2007: Canada rejects primatial ACC membership
The Anglican Church of Canada reports that its General Synod has refused to ratify proposed changes to the membership of the Anglican Consultative Council that would see all primates of the Communion automatically become members.

24 June 2007: Canada passes resolution on same-sex blessings
The Anglican Journal (Canada) reports that the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada has passed a resolution asserting that the blessing of same-sex unions is not in conflict with the church's core doctrine.

22 June 2007: New primate in Canada
The Anglican Journal (Canada) reports the election of the Rt Revd Fred Hiltz, Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, as the new primate of the Anglican Church of Canada. The archbishop-elect declined to state his opinion on the issue of same-sex relationship blessings; the Anglican Journal reports that the debate on that topic continues. Bishop Hiltz's hometown newspaper filed this report on his election.

22 June 2007: Real debate coming at Church of England General Synod
The Church Times reports that there will be three substantial debates — on clergy pensions, the Anglican Covenant, and the Pilling report on senior church appointments — when the General Synod meets in York in early July.

22 June 2007: Manchester Cathedral staff to meet with videogame maker
The Church Times headline reports that 'Sony apologises for Cathedral game' but in reading the article we think a better headline might be 'Sony opens dialog with Cathedral staff over videogame conflict'.

22 June 2007: Uganda joins the Bishop Border Wars
The Living Church reports that the Anglican Church of Uganda has announced it will consecrate a former Episcopal priest to serve as suffragan bishop to its congregations in the United States.

20 June 2007: Archbishop of York addresses Canada's General Synod
The Anglican Church of Canada released this transcript of the address given to General Synod by Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York. There is disagreement as to whether or not he actually said anything; read it and decide for yourself.

19 June 2007: Reactions from dissident US dioceses to Executive Council resolution
The Episcopal News Service (USA) reports on the reception of the Executive Council's resolution in the dioceses affected by it. Summary of reactions: 'Pound sand!'

17 June 2007: Follow the money
The Washington Post reports on the slow increase in the number of US Anglican congregations swearing allegiance to overseas bishops, and suggested a possible motivation centred on prestige and money.

16 June 2007: New bishop elected for El Camino Real
The Diocese of El Camino Real announced the election of the Ven Mary Gray-Reeves as its third bishop. If there is such a thing as a geographic boundary between dioceses, then the server computer that delivers Anglicans Online to your web browser is located exactly on the boundary between the Diocese of California and the Diocese of El Camino Real.

16 June 2007: Melbourne archbishop warns of riches
The Age (Melbourne) reports on Archbishop Philip Freier's charge to his diocese in advance of its upcoming synod: beware the spiritual danger of wealth.

15 June 2007: Murder in the Cathedral
The Church Times reports on the dismay felt by Manchester Cathedral staff at learning that a new video game involves (virtual) gunfights in that ancient building.

14 June 2007: US Episcopal Church Executive Council says 'we cannot do that' to Primates' demands
The Episcopal News Service reports that the Executive Council of the US Episcopal Church 'declined to participate in a plan put forward by the Primates of the Anglican Communion in February for dealing with some disaffected Episcopal Church dioceses'. In another related action, the Executive Council 'put disaffected dioceses on notice about constitutional changes'. The US Episcopal Church's epiScope has this detailed commentary on that putting on notice.

14 June 2007: General Synod this week in Canada
The Anglican Church of Canada will hold its 39th General Synod this week in Winnipeg. Canada's Anglican Journal has announced daily coverage of events there. News service CanWest carried this commentary about the possible consequential outcomes of this synod.

14 June 2007: Past Wycliffe principals condemn incumbent
The Guardian and the Church Times report that 'The principal of Wycliffe Hall, the Oxford University Anglican evangelical theological college, was under renewed pressure last night after his three immediate predecessors claimed he was undermining its reputation and threatening its survival as an academic institution.' Thinking Anglicans has a leaked copy of the letter signed by those predecessors.

14 June 2007: Another African bishop for the USA
The Episcopal News Service reports that the Anglican Church of Kenya has announced he will consecrate former U.S. Episcopalian Bill Atwood as suffragan bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese, Nairobi 'to support Kenyan congregations and clergy in North America.'

14 June 2007: More opinions on Draft Covenant
A couple of weeks ago there was a story in a UK national Sunday newspaper asserting that the 'Church of England was about to impose a "rule book" of beliefs'; this turned out to be the Draft Covenant from January. Several reports and analyses have been opposing the Draft Covenant, including the Modern Churchpeople's Union, The Living Church, and Yale Professor Carolyn J Sharp.

13 June 2007: Women clergy in the Church of England
The organization GRAS has published a chart showing, diocese by diocese, how many women clergy are employed in the Church of England. The numbers are on the increase, though there is still a large variation between the diocese with the most women clergy (Oxford) and with the least (Chichester).

11 June 2007: New bishops for Cuba, including first woman in Latin America
The Episcopal News Service reports on the consecration in Havana of two new bishops suffragan for the Episcopal Church of Cuba (not to be confused with THE Episcopal Church, which is what the US church calls itself these days).

10 June 2007: Another episcopal patron for Inclusive Church
Thinking Anglicans reports that the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church has agreed to become a patron of Inclusive Church. Presumably at some point the press release will be online at the Inclusive Church website, but we're not holding our breath.

10 June 2007: From the retired Primate of Australia
The Australian reports on a recent conversation with Dr Peter Carnley, retired Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, in which he comments on becoming less conservative as he gets older.

10 June 2007: Conflict continues at Oxford's Wycliffe
The Telegraph (London) reports that 'Pressure is mounting on Church of England authorities to take action against the principal of an Oxford theological college....'

8 June 2007: Dead bishops
Just a few days after the accidental death of Bishop James Kelsey, bishops Stephen Jecko and Frederick Putnam died, on the same day. The US Episcopal News Service carries the report. The Episcopal News Service reported the sad funeral of James Kelsey; services for Stephen Jecko and Frederick Putnam have not yet been held.

7 June 2007: TIME for the archbishop
Issue 2007-29 of TIME magazine carries in some of its editions an interview with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. You can read an abbreviated transcript here, or listen to the whole thing here. There's a short article about the interview in the US edition of the magazine, and a much longer version of the article in the Europe and South Pacific editions. There are a number of news reports about this interview in other publications, but with the primary source available, we see no need to list them for you. A news search will find them for you easily.

6 June 2007: Church of England and the draft Covenant
Last week The Sunday Telegraph carried a story asserting that the Church of England was about to impose a 'rule book' of beliefs. We found no corroborating evidence that this was actually true, so didn't list that story here. A few days later, Thinking Anglicans published this report on what was actually going on; it contains a link to the original Telegraph story should you wish to read it.

3 June 2007: Northern Michigan bishop killed in car crash
The Episcopal News Service reports the tragic news that James Kelsey, Bishop of Northern Michigan, was killed in a road accident while returning to Marquette from a parish visitation.

3 June 2007: Groundbreaking at igloo cathedral
Canadian Press reports on Sunday's groundbreaking ceremony for the rebuilding of Iqaluit's igloo-shaped St. Jude's Anglican Cathedral, which was destroyed by fire in November 2005.

3 June 2007: Obituary: John Macquarrie
The New York Times reports the passing of the Revd Dr John Macquarrie, Anglican theologian born in Scotland.

1 June 2007: Is this the Pittsburgh Communion?
The Episcopal News Service reports that the Bishop of Pittsburgh has invited representatives of six other unhappy organizations to a formative meeting in Pittsburgh this Fall of the Common Cause Council of Bishops. Presumably this will be an eighth unhappy organization, but one large enough to credibly claim to be the proper North American representative to the Anglican Communion.

1 June 2007: Ugandan bishops to skip Lambeth Conference
The Church Times and the Episcopal News Service report that the Primate of Uganda has announced that his bishops will not be attending the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion next year. Uganda seems to us quite likely to join the Nigerian Communion, which would presumably hold its own conference. The text of Uganda's announcement is here on the Global South Anglican website.

31 May 2007: Bishops in the Americas issue statement upholding diversity
The Episcopal News Service (USA) reports that 'Anglican bishops from Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in San José, Costa Rica, May 18-22, released a declaration reaffirming their call for the Anglican Communion "to preserve its participative nature, diverse, ample and inclusive," characteristics they say are essential to Anglicanism.' The Church Times published an editorial about this statement a few days later.

27 May 2007: Invitations mailed to bishops for 2008 Lambeth Conference
The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury has mailed invitations to bishops for the 2008 Lambeth Conference. It did not take the world press very long to figure out who was not invited; published reports include the Church Times, the New York Times, and the Guardian. The US Episcopal News Service gathered statements from various bishops. Partisan and pressure groups of all flavours have responded in character and issued press releases which we are ignoring (though Thinking Anglicans has collections of responses here and here and here). The Church Times published this brief opinion piece.

27 May 2007: West Bromwich Network Church holds inaugural service
It's often said that the church is one generation away from extinction; churches full of older people are necessary but not sufficient. The Diocese of Lichfield in the Church of England has for some months now been announcing the imminent launch of the West Bromwich Network Church. We were at first not certain what a 'network church' might be, postulating that it had to do with the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes or with the Internet; in fact it is neither, and a brief dialogue with its Rector yielded this explanation:

'The vision is to have a network of different gatherings, all under the one name, but catering for different styles. None of them will be fixed to a particular place, other than through practical need, and none of them will be fixed to a certain time - other than what fits that demographic best.'

Whatever exactly a Network Church might be, this one held its launch service today and its clergy are pleased with the result.

25 May 2007: Anglican–Orthodox statement released
We always stop to reflect on whether or not the release of a statement is news worth reporting, but this statement doesn't attack anyone and may well portend future reconciliation, so we'll give it a mention. The US Episcopal News Service reports that 'The International Commission for Anglican–Orthodox Theological Dialogue has released "The Church of the Triune God," an ecclesiological statement registering considerable agreement over a wide range of issues on the nature and mission of the Church.'

21 May 2007: At least they aren't arguing about sex in those loos
The Cambridge Evening News reports on the tribulations faced by the Revd Dr Tom Ambrose, a friend of Anglicans Online and the vicar of Trumpington St Mary and St Michael, in his attempts to update that ancient church building better to meet the needs of its congregation. The squabble is so preposterous that it has been noticed by the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, and reminds us of this prescient article in The Times last year noting that 'parish priests struggle to lead congregations dominated by neurotic worshippers who spread havoc with gossip and manipulation'. It is often said that great art comes from great suffering, so perhaps this poem was written by someone who badly needed to find a loo?

21 May 2007: New military bishop in Australia
The Age (Melbourne) reports that the Revd Len Eacott will be the Anglican Church of Australia's 'bishop to the defence forces' next month.

19 May 2007: New bishop for Northwestern Pennsylvania
Episcopal Life (USA) reports that the Revd Sean W. Rowe was elected on the first ballot to be the next bishop of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Here's a test to see how well you know your US geography: can you name any city in that diocese other than Titusville, birthplace of the world's petroleum industry?

19 May 2007: 100 new Anglican academies for England?
The Telegraph (London) reports that the Church of England is in talks with the UK government about creating 100 new Anglican 'faith schools'.

17 May 2007: Diocese of Fort Worth reiterates desire to secede
The Episcopal News Service reports that 'The leadership of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth voted May 14 to move ahead with its appeal for alternative oversight from a primate other that Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.'

16 May 2007: Discord at English theological college
The Guardian (London) reports that 'One of England's most respected theological colleges is facing claims that staff feel bullied and intimidated as the institution becomes increasingly conservative.' The referent is Wycliffe Hall, at Oxford.

15 May 2007: Rebuilding begins of 'igloo cathedral' in Iqaluit
The Anglican Journal (Canada) reports that the groundbreaking service for St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit has been scheduled for 3 June. Some of us at Anglicans Online plan to make contributions to this worthy project. You ought to consider a contribution. For more information on how to donate to the rebuilding of St. Jude’s, contact the synod office at Box 190, 4910 51st St., Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N2; by telephone at (867) 873-5432, or by e-mail to

12 May 2007: An advertisement for US Episcopal Church in the New York Times
There have been so many good advertisements for the Church of England that we only report the really good ones as news. But the US Episcopal Church, not previously known for its communications outreach, placed this advertisement on the op-ed page of the New York Times for 12 May 2007. Stunning graphics.

11 May 2007: The real situation in Zimbabwe?
Last week's Church Times had this article about the culpability of Anglican bishops in Zimbabwe. Thinking Anglicans, which has access to Church Times materials before they are generally available online, reported that the situation is more complex and more political even than this. (Every week we click on the 'Subscribe' button on the Church Times website, and every week it says 'We will be offering online subscriptions shortly.')

8 May 2007: Archbishop Ndungane questions course of Anglican Communion
The Episcopal Café reports on a 'long and thorough address' delivered at the church of St Saviour in Cape Town, South Africa, in which he explains his concerns about the present state of the Anglican Communion.

6 May 2007: The end of communion?
Freelance writer Andrew Brown, writing for The Guardian (UK), notes that the recent visit of Peter Akinola to the United States has already accomplished the schism that everyone is agonizing about. You really must read this essay.

11 May 2007: The real situation in Zimbabwe?
Last week's Church Times had this article about the culpability of Anglican bishops in Zimbabwe. Thinking Anglicans, which has access to Church Times materials before they are generally available online, reported that the situation is more complex and more political even than this. (Every week we click on the 'Subscribe' button on the Church Times website, and every week it says 'We will be offering online subscriptions shortly.')

8 May 2007: Archbishop Ndungane questions course of Anglican Communion
The Episcopal Café reports on a 'long and thorough address' delivered at the church of St Saviour in Cape Town, South Africa, in which he explains his concerns about the present state of the Anglican Communion.

6 May 2007: The end of communion?
Freelance writer Andrew Brown, writing for The Guardian (UK), notes that the recent visit of Peter Akinola to the United States has already accomplished the schism that everyone is agonizing about. You really must read this essay.

6 May 2007: New bishop in West Malaysia
The Malaysia Star and the New Straits Times report that Canon Ng Moon Hing, 52, was blessed and installed as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of West Malaysia. Consecrators include the Archbishop of South-East Asia, Dr John Chew, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

5 May 2007: Nigerian archbishop visits USA to install Nigerian bishop there
The primate of the Church of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, has voyaged to the USA to install the Rt Revd Martyn Minns, as a missionary bishop in the Nigerian Communion. Bishop Minns had earlier flown to Nigeria for his actual consecration. A New York Times' article on this visit notes that 'about 30 congregations and 50 to 55 clergy members' have switched their allegiance from Anglican to Nigerian. The Washington Post filed this report on Archbishop Akinola's visit. The Episcopal News Service reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury asked Mr Akinola not to do this, as did earlier the Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church. The Church of Nigeria posted its reply to the US Presiding Bishop's letter, and the US Episcopal Church reported its receipt. The New York Times reported the event in its Sunday edition.

2 May 2007: ABC in Asia
The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury will soon visit Sri Lanka and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We note also that he stopped in Malaysia on his way to Sri Lanka, though this visit was not formally announced.

1 May 2007: Canadian bishops' statement to go to General Synod
The Anglican Church of Canada reports that last month's pastoral statement on same-sex blessings will be sent to delegates of General Synod. Canada's Anglican Journal offers this commentary on the bishops' expectations and this note of caution on the possible effects of such resolutions. The Church Times has summarized the content and implication of that statement.

27 April 2007: Oxford professor calls Anglican primates 'dictatorial'
The Church Times' ace writer Simon Sarmiento reports that 'The Revd Professor Marilyn McCord Adams, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University, has severely criticized the Windsor report, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the communiqué from the recent Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam. The text of her remarks can be found here. We've not yet heard any substantiated reports of primates engaging in warrantless wiretapping.

27 April 2007: Nigerian archbishop to visit Virginia
The New York Times reports that 'The Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, a fierce critic of the Episcopal Church for its acceptance of homosexuality, is arriving next week to install a bishop to lead congregations around the country that want to break from it.' Given Archbishop Akinola's record on human rights, we're startled that he was able to get a visa.

26 April 2007: Lambeth Conference plans move forward
The Anglican Communion Office announced that 'Decision-makers met last week to continue their planning for progress plans for the Lambeth Conference 2008.' We're not familiar with 'planning for progress plans', but we assume that these Deciders understand that pretty much all most people want to know is whether Gene Robinson and Nolbert Kunonga will be invited.

25 April 2007: ABC to spend sabbatical in USA
Unofficial sources report that the Archbishop of Canterbury will spend much of his summer sabbatical at Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA.

24 April 2007: ABC urges UK politicians to rediscover moral energy
The BBC reports on the William Wilberforce Lecture given by Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. He emphasized the importance of rediscovering their moral energy, and stressed the necessity of bishops retaining their position in the House of Lords to continue offering 'independent moral comment'. The Anglican Communion News Service issued this release about Dr Williams' speech.

23 April 2007: Church and State in Zimbabwe
Ecumenical News International reports on the recent Pastoral Letter from various bishops in the Province of Central Africa. Though widely received as pro-Mugabe, the Church Times reports that two of its signatories insist that it was not intended thus.

21 April 2007: Anglican bishops support Mugabe in Zimbabwe
The Angola Press reports that 'African Anglican bishops have issued a message to Zimbabweans that was broadly supportive of the government, sharply contrasting with an earlier call from Catholic leaders for President Robert Mugabe to step down.' Mugabe is widely regarded as a despotic bully; for example, the Associated Press reports that women arrested at a protest organized by a pro-democracy group in that country were stripped of their clothes and jailed naked. And the Zimbabwe Independent reports on Mugabe's plans to dilute opposition strength by adding more seats to the National Assembly in areas where he has support.

21 April 2007: Nominees for Canadian primate include one woman
The Associated Press has noted that one of the four finalists nominated to be the next primate of the Anglican Church of Canada is a woman.

20 April 2007: Lambeth needs gatekeeper
Dave Walker, perpetrator of the Cartoon Church, has noted that 'the job of gatekeeper at Lambeth Palace is being advertised', and offers some suggestions to the next incumbent. Buy his book.

19 April 2007: Still fighting in and about Colorado Springs
There is not yet any resolution of the combat in Colorado Springs. Since our last report, the Associated Press reported 'Church leader rebuts financial allegations' and the UK-born Nigerian bishop living in the USA, Martyn Minns, made a recruiting trip to Colorado Springs. This article in the Colorado Springs Independent suggests that (like so much else) it's about money and the power it brings. We find ourselves wondering how to fill in this blank: Hope Springs Eternal, but Colorado Springs ______.

18 April 2007: Australia poisoning elderly Anglicans
The Age (Melbourne) reports that a fifth person has died of gastroenteritis at an Anglican-owned eldercare facility. The Archbishop of Melbourne has issued this statement about the tragedy, and there are hundreds of newspaper reports speculating on the causes and hypothesizing misdeeds.

17 April 2007: ABC is visiting Canada
The Archbishop of Canterbury is currently in the midst of a visit to Canada. The most detailed coverage of that visit seems to be in the US Episcopal Church's epiScope; there is an excellent summary in the Church Times. While there, the Anglican Journal reports that he gave a lecture lamenting the lost practice of reading scripture properly, and mentioned that he will not cancel the 2008 Lambeth Conference.

16 April 2007: ABC to visit USA
The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that he intends to visit the United States this autumn in response to an invitation from the US House of Bishops. Canada's Anglican Journal notes that he will attend the regularly-scheduled fall meeting of the House of Bishops of the US Episcopal Church.

16 April 2007: Church of England policy on homosexuality said to be in a shambles
The BBC, reporting on events surrounding an employment tribunal case filed against the Diocese of Hereford, notes that the church's policies are a shambles. The judgment in that case will not be released for about a fortnight.

16 April 2007: Action in Australia on child abuse
The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Anglican Church of Australia has approved new rules on sexual misconduct. There is some conflict here between the national church and its largest diocese; we aren't entirely sure we understand the politics involved but an Australian friend assures us that it has to do with lay presidency.

15 April 2007: Combat in Colorado Springs
A large parish in Colorado Springs recently announced that it is removing itself from the US Episcopal Church to associate with the Nigerian Communion. Normally we do not report such squabbles, but this one is louder and noisier because that parish's Rector, Donald Armstrong, has simultaneously been charged by the diocese with ethical and financial violations, and because Fr Armstrong is one of the most vocal opponents of the US Episcopal Church. The normal sequence of events in breakaway cases like this is that the diocese and the dissident leader file legal actions against one another to force a secular judge to decide who keeps the building. A local newspaper has published an opinion that the argument is more about money than doctrine, and a group of 19 former vestry members of that parish have written a joint letter very critical of Mr Armstrong's financial dealings. The Colorado Springs Independent published this editorial comment, and the Anglican Communion Institute (of which Fr Armstrong is Executive Director) has announced that it is severing ties with him. Former Witness editor Sarah Dylan Breuer has published this detailed analysis of the ACI's action, and ...

Whew. What a mess. If you'd like to follow this story day by day, we're sure that both Thinking Anglicans and the US Episcopal Church's epiScope will fill your screen with hot news.

14 April 2007: Charges dismissed against Connecticut bishop
The New Haven Register reports that a US Episcopal Church review committee has dismissed charges against Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith brought by six priests who oppose his authority. The US Episcopal Church press release is here.

14 April 2007: Florida breakaway congregation can't take the building
ChristianToday reports that an older property dispute in Florida has been decided in favour of the Diocese of Florida.

13 April 2007 : Full year delay in computer system raises costs to Church of England
The Church Times reports that a 'mammoth computer system, which had been designed to save money, increase efficiency, and pull together all the finances ... is running one year late'.

8 April 2007: Easter attendance up significantly in Australia
The Australian reports that 'A new search for meaning in the modern world has been the catalyst for bumper attendances at Australian Easter services this Easter.'

5 April 2007: Church and State in the UK
The Church Times reports on the progress of the employment tribunal in which a church worker has filed a claim against the Bishop of Hereford for vetoing a job offer to him because he was homosexual. Laws in the UK are said to make this illegal. The BBC filed this report and IC Wales filed this report. The Diocese of Hereford issued this statement. A later article in the Church Times summarized the bishop's position as being that the candidate 'was not emotionally in a position to make promises about his future sexual behaviour'.

5 April 2007: Cathedral parish attendance increased in Church of England
The Church Times reports that the number of regular worshippers at Church of England cathedrals has risen steadily since the Millennium, at a rate of about three per cent per year.

4 April 2007: Augsburg arrives at Canada's Anglican Bookstore
The Anglican Church of Canada announced that Augsburg Fortress Publishers assumed interim management of the Anglican Book Centre's store this week.

4 April 2007: Dean of St Albans in the news again
Perhaps the best summary of the situation comes from Ekklesia, whose news report begins with this sentence: 'Two ... bishops have attacked a Lent talk to be given tonight on BBC’s Radio 4 by Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans cathedral, without reading it.' You can decide for yourself by reading the full text of what Dr John said; it's on the BBC website. Thinking Anglicans has gathered a full listing of press reports about this episode. A later report from the Church Times describes Dr John as 'standing by his talk on the cross'.

1 April 2007: Anglican bishop elected president of Latin American council
Ecumenical News International reports that the Latin American Council of Churches has elected Panamanian Episcopal Bishop Julio Murray as its first black president.

1 April 2007: Australian church court told 'no barrier to female bishops'
The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Appellate Tribunal of the Anglican Church of Australia has heard testimony that the church's constitution, as written, does not exclude women. The Diocese of Sydney is working hard to convince the court otherwise.

1 April 2007: UK job seeker takes bishop to court over sexual orientation discrimination
The BBC reports that the Bishop of Hereford is being taken to an employment tribunal by a man who claims he was refused a job as a youth worker because he is gay.

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