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This page last updated 11 February 2018
Anglicans Online last updated 11 February 2018

The News Centre
Archived News Headlines for Jan/Feb/Mar 2018

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12 January 2018: Church of England to develop new apps
The Anglican Communion News Service tells us the Church of England is gathering 'digital creatives' to develop new apps and social media campaigns. The Church of England’s online Advent and Christmas campaign had a reach of some 6.8 million people. It is looking to improve on this with new apps, websites and social media campaigns.

11 January 2018: Churches in Lusaka cancel services to help halt cholera outbreak
The Anglican Communion News Service (London) reported that church leaders in Zambia have asked for services in parts of that country's capital to be cancelled to help halt the spread of cholera.

9 January 2018: Former Archbishop of Church of Uganda buried at Martyrs' site
The New Vision (Kampala) reports that Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo, former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, was laid to rest at the Namugongo Martyrs Anglican Shrine.

9 January 2018: Canada primate announces retirement schedule
Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, announced that he has submitted his notice of intention to resign at the conclusion of the 42nd General Synod next year.

8 January 2018: Church of England convicts priest of 'spiritual abuse' of teenager
The Guardian (London) reports that the Church of England has found a vicar guilty of spiritually abusing a teenage boy, after putting him under 'unacceptable pressure' during intensive prayer and Bible-study sessions in the boy’s bedroom. The bishops' disciplinary tribunal for the Diocese of Oxford said that Davis was guilty of 'conduct unbecoming to the office and work of a clerk of holy orders'.

8 January 2018: Scottish Primus hits back at critics
The Anglican Communion News Service reported 'Primus hits back after open letter criticises the appointment of Scotland’s first female bishop'. A group of clergy in the Diocese of Aberdeen had criticised the appointment of that province's first female bishop.

5 January 2018: Church of England cathedrals found to be 'vibrant'
The Church Times (London) reports on a recent study of all 42 of the Church England's cathedrals, which found them to be doing well.

4 January 2018: Government of Burundi praises Anglican Church for tree-planting campaign
According to the Anglican Communion News Service, 'the Anglican Church of Burundi (EAB) has been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the government’s environment ministry for its ongoing tree-planting campaign. Over the past ten years, more than 12 million trees have been planted as part of EAB’s commitment to preserve the environment. In December 2016, the EAB revealed it had set a “One Person, One Tree” goal – a five-year commitment to plant a tree for each one of Burundi’s 10 million-strong population.'

4 January 2018: Church of England unveils £24 million national investment in new churches and evangelism
The Church of England has announced grants of £24.4 million in the latest tranche of its Renewal and Reform programme funding, according to the Anglican Communion News Service. "The money is being provided by the C of E’s Strategic Investment Board, which was created as part of a change in the way national funding from the Church Commissioners is provided to diocese and parishes."

2 January 2018: Stone by stone, repairs gain steam at Washington National Cathedral 6 years after earthquake
The Episcopal News Service (USA) reports the repairs to the National Cathedral could take another decade.

1 January 2018: England's Anglican cathedrals play a 'key role' in bringing communities together, report finds
Sight Magazine (UK) explains the role of Cathedrals in communities in the Church of England, according of a government study.

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