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This page last updated 17 February 2019
Anglicans Online last updated 17 February 2019

The News Centre
Archived News Headlines for Jan/Feb/Mar 2019

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11 January 2019: Conflict intensifies over same-sex rites in Diocese of Albany
The Episcopal Café reports that USA Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued a 'partial restriction' on the ministry of the Bishop of Albany, William Love. It forbids the bishop 'from participating in any manner in the Church's disciplinary process in the Diocese of Albany in any matter regarding any member of the clergy that involves the issue of same-sex marriage'. The US Episcopal News Service reports Bishop Love intends to appeal, and that part of his appeal will be a challenge to the legitimacy of the US General Convention resolution he is disobeying. Episcopal Café also reports the ongoing conflict over this issue in the Diocese of Tennessee and six other dioceses.

10 January 2019: ACNS reports 15% increase in use of its website
The London-based Anglican Communion News Service reports a 15% increase in page views on its website  over the past 12 months. Long-time readers ourselves, we congratulate Gavin Drake and his capable team.

9 January 2019: Oxford diocese 'in meltdown' as clergy reject bishops' view on sexuality
Christian Today (London) reports 'The Church of England's Oxford diocese is facing an uncertain future after a large group of its serving clergy publicly rejected their bishops' views on sexuality.' Whether this is as dire a problem as that publication suggests, and just how large is a 'large group' is not immediately clear. It might not be a real crisis but it is definitely a real argument. When similar events occurred in some US dioceses a decade ago, the most notable result was the spending of far too much time and money fighting about it.

8 January 2019: Anglican Church of Zimbabwe to sponsor football club
It is so refreshing to see Anglican news from Zimbabwe that is not about corruption or violence. Zim Eye (Harare) reports the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe is set to sponsor a division two club, Anglican Saints. Coach Tumo said 'Our club is a newly formed club, being run by the Anglican Church. So we have been registered in the Mashonaland East Division two and we holding trials so that we can assemble a team.' Zimbabwe's Nehanda Radio reported that recently the Rt Revd Dr Farai Mutamiri was consecrated as the new bishop of the Anglican Church’s Diocese of Harare.

4 January 2019: Consents not gathered in Haiti bishop election
Following a controversial election, the requisite number of approvals by other bishops and dioceses within the Episcopal Church (USA) was not gathered by the deadline for the bishop coadjutor of the province's largest diocese, according to the Episcopal News Service.

3 January 2019: Research finds 10% of Anglican clergy have experienced violence
News Medical (UK) reports of the research of law faculty at Royal Holloway, Univesity of London regarding threats of violence toward clergy.


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