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This page last updated 8 October 2007  

World press reactions to the JSC statement
Submitted by a reader of Anglicans Online
(whose name we will list only if he or she permits it).

It seems to me that there has been some news regarding the reaction to the ECUSA Bishops' meeting that you might concider posting. I am specifically refering to a report from the Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates of the Anglican Communion has found that the Episcopal Church has "clarified all outstanding questions..." (or not, depending on the source you are reading).

I was particularly looking forward to any word on the subject in the world press. Here are some stories on the subject in the US press and other web site. Although I know you concentrate on "hard news" rather than reactions, I note that, in some cases, the reactions are themselves news because of the importance of the reactors.

WebWire: House of Bishops provides necessary clarifications
Ekklesia (UK): Anglican committee backs US Episcopal Church compromise
New York Times: Panel Says Episcopalians Have Met Anglican Directive
Los Angeles Times: Anglican leaders urge unity
Thinking Anglicans: updated JSC report on New Orleans
Thinking Anglicans: press reactions to JSC report
Associated Press: Anglican Panel Praises Episcopalians
Religious Intelligence: Primates give green light to Episcopal Church
The Living Church Foundation: Joint Standing Committee: Bishops 'Clarified All Questions'
The Times (London): Church needs to get 'closure' on gay row, says report to Archbishop of Canterbury
Church Executive: Conservatives want out of Episcopal Church
Modesto Bee: Episcopal leader says no retreat on same-sex unions

Reaction by some Primates of other provinces:

Scottish Episcopal Church: Communion and Canterbury
Church of Ireland:Archbishop of Armagh comments on response of The Episcopal Church
Church of Uganda: Report on TEC-USA "severly compromised"
Church in Wales: New Orleans: the inside story (in the Church Times)
CAPA: African Archbishops respond to New Orleans

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