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This page last updated 14 October 2007  

The News Centre

WE DEPEND ON YOUR contributions to the News Centre. We don't promise to run every news story that we are sent, but we do promise that if we don't know about it, we won't run it.

It normally isn't useful for you to send us the text of a news story or a press release. We need you to send us the URL of the place where you found it. There are several reasons for this:

  • Authenticity. We need to make sure that the story hasn't accidentally been changed in the process of sending it to us. And we need to guard against fraud. If a news story is on a web site, we can evaluate the credibility of the web site and its owner. If we get it by email, we have to verify that the text that we received is what the writer wrote or the newspaper published.

  • Copyright. We don't like to copy text from copyrighted sources. We like to refer you directly to that source, where you will show up as one of their readers, see their advertisements, and so forth.

  • Efficiency. Why make a copy of something when you can just link to it? Duplication of content is silly unless you think that the original will disappear.

We like to run stories that are of international Anglican interest. Crime and local politics are rarely of international interest, even if the perpetrator or victim is an Anglican, unless one of the parties involved is internationally known. If an Anglican priest is murdered or murders somebody, this is probably a murder story and not an Anglican story, unless there are church-related reasons for the murder. Many items referred to as 'news stories' are really editorials, and we do not normally run those. We are very weary of stories about sex and sexuality, and we will run those only if there is something new.

We treasure news stories from the places that aren't mentioned very often in the News Centre. If you live in one of those places, and your local newspaper publishes something of international Anglican interest, please tell us about it. If you are in doubt as to whether or not some story is of international interest, please send it along and let us decide.

Submit something by sending email to

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