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This page last updated 6 May 2014  

Counseling Resources

COUNSELLING AND PASTORAL CARE is one of the roles that many people find most important in their lives. We list here all of the online resources that might help with the giving or receiving of counselling. We cannot recommend specific counsellors, nor will we suggest online counselling.

Jean Fitzpatrick
The web site of an Episcopal layperson in the Diocese of New York who 'writes often about the everyday spirituality of family life'; the site includes excerpts from some of her books.

Institute for Servant Leadership
'An educational ministry exploring servant leadership as modeled by Jesus of Nazareth, its mission is 'to provide opportunities for the spiritual formation and leadership development of people who are called to be servant leaders. Its work and focus is that of convener, teacher and nurturer through conferences, retreats, pilgrimages and publications.'

Lamb and Lion Spiritual Guidance Ministries (Illinois, USA)
'Resources for spiritual guidance and companionship, small group facilitation, training and teaching services, consultation and negotiation services'.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Temperament Theory
A comprehensive web site that includes an online personality questionnaire.

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