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This page last updated 19 June 2014
Anglicans Online last updated 19 October 2014

Advent Resources
Aware of other resources we've not listed? Let us know, by filling out our submission form.


Interested in what's available in print related to Advent? You might try searching Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or one of the other online bookshops. Out of curiosity we did a subject search for 'Advent' at Amazon and were rewarded with many mostly relevant titles.


The Archbishop of York's Advent Calendar

SSJE Pinterest Advent Calendar

National Museums Liverpool Advent Calendar

Advientos: Make your own Advent calendar

Online Video Advent Calendars: 'Create personalised video advent calendars'.

Advent 2011: 'An Advent Calendar for 2011 based on the Angelus'.

Advent Surprise Calendar 2013. From

The 2013 Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar with daily updates, courtesy of the Atlantic.

Advent Advent calendars of all shapes, materials and sizes may be ordered through this site.

Why We Are Waiting: The Church of England has its own online Advent calendar.

Advent Calendar: A good one.

Advent Calendar for Kids: From a homeschooling site comes a rich resource for children.

Full Homely Divinity Advent calendar

History of the Advent Calendar: To some, advent calendars may seem like either an excuse to eat chocolate or just another thing that companies can sell to us in the run-up to Christmas. However, the humble advent calendar has a long history and was in fact invented by the same people who brought us Christmas cookies and the practice of decorating Christmas trees.

Love Blooms Bright: An Advent blog from the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Paperless Christmas Advent calendar

A Bach Christmas Calendar. BBC Radio 3 provides this attractive online calendar for the month of December, which approximates Advent closely enough that we've listed it here.

St Margaret Mary Parish, a Roman Catholic church in suburban Chicago, has a good Advent calendar.

See also Sellmer-Verlag's 'History of the Advent Calendar' including that company's online museum of past Advent calendars.

Candles, Wreaths (also see the young people sites below)

How to make and use an Advent wreath. The site is much fuller than just the 'how-to' make and use Advent wreaths.

Children and young people

Advent paper chain. This year try an advent calendar with a difference - an advent paper chain. It is fun for the kids to make themselves and is an economical - as well as decorative, alternative to the shop-bought advent calendars.

Faith at Home: Advent ideas and resources for families and church school teachers

Fridge Art: fun family-centred activities designed to bring liturgical life of church into the home, and teach children about living the Catholic faith. [Note: Heavily Roman Catholic in emphasis.]


Reflections for Advent. Podcasts from the Church of England.

Is It Christmas?

Advent and Christmas Seasons. This informative page from the United States Conference of [Roman] Catholic Bishops provides some useful material.

Advent Conspiracy. 'Worship fully. Spend less. Give more. Love all.' Highly recommended.

An Advent page from King of Peace Episcopal Church (Georgia, USA) with explanations, dates, traditions, the text of a wreath service, and so forth. A fine page.

The Advent Project. 'A Seminar of the North American Academy of Liturgy. We seek to restore and re-image an expanded Advent for the life and mission of the Church.'

Advent Sermons 1885, by Richard William Church (1901 edition). R.W. Church, dean of St Paul's from 1871-1890, preached these four sermons on 'Faith amid Changes,' 'The Kingdom of God' and 'Hope' on the four Sundays of Advent, 1885.

Anglican Advent Carnival. A weblog called A Ten O'Clock Scholar rounds up Anglican Advent traditions and links. The author's essay on the Advent that almost wasn't is worth your time.

Archbishop's Reflections on Advent. Rowan Williams reflects on YouTube about calendars, self-examination, chocolate, hope, repentance, quiet, and waiting.

Buy Nothing Christmas: 'This Christmas we'll be swamped with offers, ads and invitations to buy more stuff. But now there's a way to say enough and join a movement dedicated to reviving the original meaning of Christmas giving'. A national initiative started by Canadian Mennonites, it's 'open to everyone with a thirst for change and a desire for action.'

The Center for Excellence in Preaching offers a collection of Advent resources, including lectionary material, sample sermons, and basic information. Although compiled from a specifically Reformed perspective, it looks useful to all Christians.

Devo-to-Go Podcast. The Diocese of Texas provides 'daily Advent devotions produced by Casey Shobe (Christ Church Cathedral, Houston), Melody Shobe, (St Thomas, Nassau Bay) and Lonnie Lacy (chaplain at Georgia Southern University). Listen on your computer or download to your MP3 player to go. Stories are about the presence of God and a reminder of how near God is to us always.'

Full Homely Divinity is a 'website for the Anglican at the Altar and especially for the Anglican in the pew.' It has expanded its offering of Advent material, and has a new page on the Saints of Advent, as well as another called Rediscovering Advent.

In days to come.... 'a series of six devotional podcasts from the Anglican Church of Canada and St Benedict's Table'.

Love Blooms Bright: This Advent blog from the Scottish Episcopal Church, launched in 2007, returns again each year.

Praying Advent. 'We often miss Advent's power because these December weeks are full of secular Christmas parties and preparations for Christmas. Each year, the busyness of this season serves to distract us from having an Advent season that truly prepares us for the celebration of Christmas, with all its meaning. This site offers simple ways to enter into this Advent season, week by week, in the midst of our everyday lives.' From Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

St Nicholas: Discovering the Truth about Santa Claus. A wonderful website. 'St. Nicholas Center is a virtual center, a website, where people can learn about St. Nicholas; it provides resources for families, churches, and schools.' 'St. Nicholas, lover of the poor and patron saint of children, is a model of how Christians are meant to live. As priest and bishop, Nicholas put Jesus Christ at the center of his life and ministry. His concern for children and others in need or danger expressed a love for God which points toward Jesus, the source of true caring and compassion. Embracing St. Nicholas customs can help recover the true center of Christmas—the birth of Jesus.'

Saint Nicholas Tradition. Canon Jim Rosenthal, founder of the St Nicholas Society, spoke on 19 December 2008 issue of the Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly programme about the sainted Bishop of Myra. Video and text are available online.

The Season of Advent - Anticipation and Hope: A good overview of the of the history, spirit and celebration of Advent. It includes a variety of links to other sites.

Southern Hemisphere Advent collects. From

Tidings of a Saviour: Sunday Worship series for Advent streamed live and on-demand at BBC Radio 4.

Why We Are Waiting: 'The idea is for people accessing the lively online facility to take five minutes to change the world this Advent by following the 'tread gently' challenges and video stories behind each door. In the launch Archbishop Tutu says: "Care for the world, it is the only one we have."'


Festival of Lessons and Carols. Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (Public Broadcasting Service) has a fine collection of audio and video about this wonderful service. See especially the interviews with Victoria Sirota and William Edwards.

Advent at St Paul's (Washington, DC) The highly-regarded choir at this Washington parish has produced a CD.

'Annunciation Song' is a text for Advent IV and Christmastide set to the familiar tune 'Tempus Adest Floridum' by Fr Vincent Uher. [Midi attack - make sure your computer speakers are soft.]

Gradual Psalms for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphanytide of Year B . [PDF download] Full Homely Divinity and Don Kerr have produced this set of gradual psalms in a format that provides a simple congregational refrain to be sung at intervals while the verses are sung to traditional plainchant by cantors. This document uses the Coverdale Psalter and the 1979 American BCP lectionary.

The 'O' Antiphons

Keeping His Os: V.K. McCarty of the General Theological Seminary (New York) writes on the O Antiphons in parish usage.

The 'O Antiphons' — starting December 17. In seven short videos, the SSJE Brothers teach about the ancient, ever new 'O Antiphons: O Wisdom; O Lord; O Root of Jesse; O Key of David; O Dayspring; O Ruler of the Nations; O Emmanuel.

Thinking Antiphons. Our friends at Thinking Anglicans published a series of reflections on the O Antiphons. Find O Sapientia, O Adonai, O Radix Jesse, O Clavis David, O Rex Gentium, and O Emmanuel.

A devotion for the last days of Advent from Full Homely Divinity. 'We offer here another way of using the Great O’s. One may use as much or as little of this devotion as is appropriate. It could be used at any time of day, but the beginning or the end of a meal is suggested. The simplest use would be to say the antiphon, or to sing the verse of the hymn. Then, say the Lord’s Prayer and conclude the devotion with a prayer appropriate for the season. If the devotion is used before a meal, the usual mealtime grace would be said in place of, or in addition to, the seasonal prayer.'

The Crossroads Initiative O Antiphons of Advent

Liturgy: Worship that works — spirtuality that connects: O Antiphons

Praising the Names of Jesus: The Antiphons of Advent.

The 'O' Antiphons. You can open the Antiphons in your browser or download a PDF file.

Julian of Norwich opens her Westminster Cathedral Manuscript text of the Showing of Love with a Great O, an Omega, rather than an Alpha, invoking the Great O Antiphon of Advent, 'O Sapientia', said by Mary worshiping her not-yet-born Child, tenting within her.

Resource Pages
Other collections of links that somewhat parallel our own.

Advent resources page at

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