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This page last updated 15 April 2007  


If you click on the record album cover on our front page letter of 22 February 2004, it will bring you here. You need to have read that letter before this Run-DMC page will make any sense.

We made the assertion in that letter that there wasn't much overlap between the readership of Anglicans Online and the target audience of Twista's number-1 hit 'Slow Jamz'. We decided to test that claim by using a photograph not of Twista, nor the cover of Kamikaze, the album containing 'Slow Jamz', but rather an image of the album Run-DMC, released in 1984 and widely considered to be the first modern rap album. In other words, we wondered how many of you could tell the difference between Twista and Run, whose time in the Billboard #1 slot was 20 years apart.

Probably if you have children who are now in their thirties, or if you yourself are in your thirties, you were aware of run-DMC. They seem so tame now, don't they?

Why do we care? We don't really. We're just having a little fun, and we hope you enjoyed it too.

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