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This page last updated 15 April 2007
Anglicans Online last updated 9 December 2018

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA (ECUSA) is the American branch of the Anglican Communion. Each branch is self-governed, and ECUSA governance centers on its every-three years General Convention. This year the General Convention meets for the seventy-third time, in Denver, Colorado, in session from 5–14 July 2000.

You'll find these areas in Anglicans Online General Convention section:

New: Anglicans Online have converted the Convention Daily into web format. And we wrote our own Convention Daily for Saturday July 15, since Episcopal Life didn't.

General Convention: A Primer

  Got three minutes? Read our quick overview of how General Convention works.
AO General Convention News Centre

Now that the General Convention is over, we no longer list news here on the front page. Our archive of news story links to the 2000 General Convention is right here.

Official Coverage

General Convention 2000 Home Page
Links to all of the official sources and sites, whether they are useful or not.

Convention Daily
A dead-tree publication produced by Episcopal Life, the official monthly magazine of ECUSA. The official copy is only PDF files, which are for this purpose barbaric and nearly useless to many readers. We have produced a web version of it. And we wrote our own edition for Saturday July 15, since there was no official edition but there was news that needed to go into it.

Episcopal News Service site
Official ECUSA press releases, written primarily for the commercial press. See also the full archive of all GC2000 press releases, including minor and no-longer-current stories.

Episcopal News Service Daily Webcasts
Official news webcast at 2330 GMT (6:30 pm local Denver time). We've watched all of them (yawn), and we have yet to see or hear something that we think warrants your attention. The experience reminds us of reading Pilgrim's Progress.

Diocesan coverage:

East Carolina: good gallery of photographs and good links.

East Tennessee: Current coverage, maintained by the webmaster of the diocesan web site.

Michigan: The Record, the diocesan newspaper, will carry photos and reports live from General Convention.

Northern California: a good gallery of photographs.

Southeast Florida: a good gallery of photographs.

Virginia: The Center Aisle, a daily paper at General Convention, from a 'centrist' point of view. First issue will be 5 July.

West Missouri: a set of links to available coverage

West Texas: a news center with news release summaries

Convention Legislation

2 July: All pre-filed resolutions are available online. They are quite astonishingly few in number.

A resolutions: submitted by committees, commissions, boards, and agencies of the General Convention.
B resolutions: submitted by bishops.
C resolutions: submitted by dioceses.
D resolutions: submitted by individual deputies.

Resolutions concurred
This web page lists resolutions that have been approved and are pending certification.

AO Volunteer Correspondents
  We've developed a special page just for these reports. Click here.
Commercial News Media Coverage
  The Denver Post
We've heard that this major Denver paper will be reporting daily on convention.

The Rocky Mountain News
Another likely source for GC news.
Special Interest Group News and Reports
This web site represents many different traditional Episcopal organizations, including SAMS, TESM, and AAC, and hosts many others, including EU, CCLEC, and EFAC. They run a news distribution service. It is our experience that the human-edited Classical Anglican Net News (see below) and its GC2000 news coverage are a better way to access the stories hosted on, but if you want the original copy, this is it.

'A nonprofit organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangendered Episcopalians and straight friends. For over 25 years, since our founding by Dr. Louie Crew in rural Georgia, Integrity has been the leading grassroots voice for the full inclusion of homosexual persons in the Episcopal Church and our equal access to its rites'. Integrity's GC coverage is found here.

The daily newsletter of 'The Consultation', a network of progressive organizations within ECUSA.

Prayer Book Society of Canada
The people who bring you 'Classical Anglican Net News' are running a very good GC2000 news page. Even though they are Canadian and GC2000 is not.

The Witness
General Convention-related articles in this special section of The Witness, a long-standing monthly magazine devoted to peace and social justice issues.


The Denver Convention Center
Basic info about this high-tech wonder.

The Convention Center webcam
Bets on whether it's more exciting than the images from the Lambeth BishopCam or AO's own DeadBishop Cam®.


If you know of a web site that should be listed here and is not, please tell us.

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