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This page last updated 3 August 2015  

Online News Sources

AN ONLINE NEWS SOURCE differs from a newspaper in several ways. News sources do not have scheduled publication; they report news when it needs to be reported. News sources usually specialize, and often represent a specific organization or point of view. Most newspapers use "news sources" to get the news that they report to you; the job of a newspaper editor is to assemble the paper from all of the various sources available. Many of these web sites can be considered primary sources; others are edited compendia. If you know of an online news source that provides Anglican-related stories without charging, in a form that can be linked to, please let us know about it.

Contact information and "how to subscribe" information is located on each of these web sites.

Online News Sources

A major venture to collect stories from 60 African publications and make them widely available on high-speed servers. They have a Religion section. We at Anglicans Online pay close attention to this web site, and scan it carefully every week. There are more Anglicans in Africa than anywhere else, and they actually go to church.

Monthly news updates on the Anglican Communion, as officially published by the Anglican Communion office in England. Roughly 20-25 stories in each package, including episcopal appointments and the occasional feature from Anglican World magazine. ACNS offer an email subscription; you can find the instructions on their web site.

The Diocese of Sydney has a world-class communications department, and they keep a current list of stories to which they would like to draw your attention. Its structure and style are not unlike Anglicans Online's own News Centre, so of course we like it.

The Anglican Church of Canada maintains the official Anglican News Service on which official announcements and press releases from the ACC are placed. Don't miss Canada's Anglican Journal for deeper stories and features.

The BBC was created as the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1922 to take advantage of the new medium of radio. They have adapted splendidly to this newer medium of Internet, providing what is consistently one of the best online news sources in the world.

The BBC launched this site in February 2001. It is their first foray into online religious reporting.

A news site maintained by a small team of volunteers whose adviser is Very Rev Dr Houston McKelvey.

The Episcopal News Service provides coverage of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Like the ACNS service above, it offers free monthly news bulletins and distributes breaking news in between the monthly updates. ENS offer an email subscription; you can find the instructions on their web site.

A news service with a special focus on providing religious news for the international media. Using a worldwide network of correspondents, ENI provides immediate and accurate reports, written to international newspaper standards, as religious and church-related stories break around the world. The ENI Summary service contains summaries of articles published by the daily news service of Ecumenical News International. It is funded by the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and the Conference of European Churches. Stories are published daily in English and are free of charge by email.

The internet has a way of disintermediating distribution. This means it connects the sender directly to the receiver without intermediate organisations. The Independent Catholic News is run by a group of journalists in London. Since its beginnings in May 2000, it has been a good source of religious news stories by Roman Catholic journaliasts.

The Living Church Foundation operates a lively and well-written online Anglican news site. We at Anglicans Online always read it carefully before publishing our own News Centre.

An online electronic magazine written and edited by David Virtue. He claims a large international readership. You will not be ambivalent about this material; you will either like it or hate it. In March 2003 he published a diatribe against Anglicans Online; in fact, most of the contents of this site is a diatribe against something. It is often said that one is known by one's enemies; we suppose we're honoured to be counted among Virtue's enemies.

Worldwide Faith News is a searchable data base of official full text news releases and other documents, including policy statements, from the news offices of national and world faith groups. Currently (December 1998) it includes news releases from half a dozen different church groups.

This web site is independent. It is not official in any way. Our editorial staff is private and unaffiliated. Please contact about information on this page. ©1997-2019 Society of Archbishop Justus