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This page last updated 15 September 2012  
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Editor: Peter Owen
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WE HAVE REVIEWED the web sites of every diocese in the Anglican Communion (where they exist) and if there are notices of vacancies, we have linked the relevant page. In addition, we've linked to existing vacancies pages on the web sites of other churches in full communion with the Anglican Communion.

If you know of a diocese that has recently added an online vacancies page, please let Peter Owen know.

Vacancies listed on web sites in the Anglican Communion

To browse online vacancies, choose the area of the communion you're interested in. We list for you, under the relevant national church, all the dioceses it encompasses, even if those dioceses do not post vacancies online. Where we've found a vacancies web page on a diocesan site, we link you directly to it.

Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia
Japan (No online vacancies listing as of 2012)
United States

None of the Anglican Communion churches below yet have online postings of vacancies.
The Anglican Church of Bermuda (extra-provincial)
The Anglican Church of Korea
The Anglican Church of Mexico
The Anglican Church of the Central American Region
The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
The Anglican Communion in Japan
The Church in the Province of the West Indies
The Church of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
The Church of the Province of Melanesia
The Church of the Province of Myanmar
The Church of the Province of South East Asia
Diocese of Taiwan (part of ECUSA Province Eight)
The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil
The Episcopal Church in the Philippines
The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
The Episcopal Church of Cuba
ECUSA Extra-Provincial (Diocese of Puerto Rico, Venezuela)
ECUSA Province 9 (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador [Litoral], Honduras)
Falkland Islands (extra-provincial)
Fiji (see under New Zealand, above)
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui

Vacancies listed on web sites of churches in full communion

We list online vacancies of churches with whom the Anglican Communion is in full communion. At present there are no online postings in any of these churches, but you can see below the full list. When online listings appears, we'll link them here.

United churches (None of the churches below yet have online postings of vacancies.)
The Church of Bangladesh
The Church of North India
The Church of Pakistan
The Church of South India

Other churches in communion with the Church of England (None of the churches below yet have online postings of vacancies.)
Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar
Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht
Philippine Independent Church


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