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This page last updated 20 May 2019
Anglicans Online last updated 19 May 2019

The News Centre

Editor: Brian Reid
Contributors: Richard Ruggle and Allie Graham

IN THE NEWS CENTRE we report news of global interest that relates to the Anglican Communion. Sometimes we write news articles ourselves. More frequently, we refer you to some article we have found elsewhere in the world. We focus more on news reported about the church than by the church. New articles are also referenced in our Noted This Week section. We depend on you to tell us about news where you live; here's how to contribute. It is unusual for us to mention news items that contain phrases such as 'youth gather', 'bishop calls for', 'releases report on', 're-envisions', or 'synod debate'. Simon Sarmiento, our UK correspondent, maintains a list of more specific UK-oriented news articles as part of the Thinking Anglicans site. There you can find items we might not normally link at Anglicans Online.

Other News Centre resource pages: Newspapers Online, Official Church Publications, and Online News Sources. And of course, our News Centre Archives. If you are having trouble finding something, don't forget our search engine.

News Stories

16 May 2019: Christian college in Pakistan wins legal battle for independence from political interference
Edwardes College is owned by the diocese of Peshawar, and is one of the oldest Christian institutions in the province. For many years the government has threatened to take it over, and the governor set up a rival board. After a High Court judgment in favour of the church last year, the government fought the judgment and continued to attempt to influence college management. The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Moderator took legal action to protect the college against a takeover, and that a court has again ruled in favour of the Church of Pakistan.

16 May 2019: ABC suspends Bishop of Lincoln over safeguarding fail
The Telegraph (London) reports on the suspension by the Archbishop of Canterbury of Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln, for his failure to investigate abuse allegations in that diocese. This issue is nuanced, and you ought not form an opinion just from reading headlines.

15 May 2019: Yukon elects its archdeacon as coadjutor bishop
Canada's Anglican Journal reports the election of the Ven Lesley Wheeler-Dame as coadjutor, to succeed Bishop Larry Robertson upon his retirement. She is currently a parish priest and Archdeacon of the Yukon.

13 May 2019: Diocese of Egypt partners with British university to open new archive research centre
The Anglican Communion News Service reports on the opening of a new research centre in Cairo as part of a newly renovated archive facility for the Episcopal Diocese of Egypt. The Cairo Research Centre was created by the Diocese of Egypt in collaboration with the UK's University of Leicester.


10 May 2019: Splinter Anglican Communion group announces alternative meeting just before Lambeth 2020
The US Episcopal News Service reports on an announcement by the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) that it will call a meeting of Anglican Communion bishops for June 8-14, 2020, in Kigali, Rwanda, just weeks before the Lambeth gathering. In 2008, its inaugural year, GAFCON staged a similar pre-Lambeth meeting in Jerusalem. When GAFCON was formed in 2008, its founders said 'moral compromise, doctrinal error and the collapse of biblical witness in parts of the Anglican Communion' had reached a critical level.

9 May 2019: IICSA publishes report on Chichester and Peter Ball
Thinking Anglicans (UK) reports on the recent release by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) of its report on the recent Chichester diocese and Peter Ball investigations.

8 May 2019: C of E abuse survivors dismayed as 'seal of confessional' upheld
The Guardian (London) reports survivors of sexual abuse by priests have expressed dismay that the Church of England is set to uphold the confidentiality of confession against the urging of the archbishop of York. It then reported on the Pope's new requirement that all Roman Catholic priests and nuns will be required to report abuse and cover-ups by superiors.

4 May 2019: ABC apologizes for his decision on same-sex spouses
The Church Times (London), reporting on the wrap-up of the Anglican Consultative Council, noted (among many other things) that Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby more or less apologized for his controversial decision not to invite same-sex bishops' spouses to the upcoming Lambeth 2020 Conference. The Anglican Communion News Service reports that because of this apology, the factions warring over sexuality actually reached an agreement. The US Episcopal News Service published this note about why that might have happened.


4 May 2019: Rachel Held Evans, Voice of the Wandering Evangelical, Dies at 37
According to the New York Times, American best-selling author Rachel Held Evans, a former evangelical who challenged literalist Christianity, later becoming an Episcopalian as an adult died on 4 May from a reaction following treatment for influenza and an infection.

2 May 2019: Q&A with ABC
During the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Hong Kong, Archbishop Justin Welby responded to questions for over an hour. The Episcopal News Service reports on his candid responses to questions about President Trump, being part of an established church, the legacy of colonialism, Brexit, and his personal discipline of prayer. 

2 May 2019: Episcopal Church (USA) to move forward towards full communion with United Methodist Church
Following a meeting of The Episcopal Church – United Methodist Dialogue Committee in Austin, Texas (USA), the Episcopal New Service reports members agreed to send a resolution for full communion to be considered by the Council of Bishops.

30 April 2019: Ex-bishop Heather Cook to be released next month after serving half her prison sentence for bicyclist's death
The Baltimore Sun (USA) reports on the annoucement of the release from prison of former Bishop Heather Cook later this month. She was sentenced after fleeing the scene after hitting and killing a cyclist while driving drunk.


28 April 2019: ACNA offended by Lambeth observer invitation
Episcopal Café (USA) reports that Foley Beach, Archbishop of the ACNA, was offended by the invitation to be an observer at the upcoming 2020 Lambeth Conference. He believes that ACNA is part of the Anglican Communion, which does not share that belief.

27 April 2019: ABC says British law forbids ACC debate of his same-sex spouse decision
The US Episcopal News Service reports that the Anglican Consultative Council, chartered under British law, is not by its own constitution permitted to hold a formal discussion of the ABC's controversial decision not to invite same-sex spouses to the Lambeth Conference. The ACC meets every three years, and is meeting now in Hong Kong. Some sessions of that meeting are being livestreamed and recorded on YouTube.

26 April 2019: ACC asks for a louder voice in running Anglican Communion
The Church Times (London) reports that various members of the ACC have told that newspaper they believe the ACC should have more say in the running of the Communion. The ACC once had more authority, but since the beginning of global Primates' Meetings, that has diminished. The Church Times points out 'The ACC is the only instrument of governance that includes ordinary clergy and laity, and it is thus potentially more gender-representative than the Lambeth Conference and the Primates’ Meeting, since women are still rare in the global Anglican episcopate.'

25 April 2019: Anglican Church of Kenya to reject donations from dubious politicians
La Croix International (Paris) tells us that the ACK will no longer allow itself to be used to sanitize money stolen from public coffers. This in turn caused Kenya's deputy president to announce that the government will resume contributions to Anglican projects.


21 April 2019: Easter messages
Thinking Anglicans has, as usual, gathered Easter messages from around the Anglican Communion. We find this message from Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church, particularly welcome. The Anglican Communion News Service has also gathered some Easter messages.

21 April 2019: Church bombings and burnings
The coordinated bombings of three Roman Catholic churches in Sri Lanka made international headlines. The burning of a small old wooden church last week in Roseneath, Ontario did not.

For news older than 9 April 2019, please refer to our News Archives.

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