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This page last updated 7 June 2019  
The Bible

IT SEEMS A LITTLE PRESUMPTUOUS to try to write a web page about the Bible; it is the most widely-read and widely distributed book in the world, and it is the foundation of all Christian worship.

But we aren't here to explain the Bible. We're here to tell you about versions of the Bible used in Anglican churches, and about Bible resources on the Internet.

Scripture, the Bible, is a foundation of Anglican churches. The Bible exists in various translations, editions, and versions. It seems to us that most Anglican theologians and academics depend on the New Oxford Annotated Bible. But this is Anglicans Online, and we focus our energies on directing you to online resources.

The original Anglican Bible was the so-called King James Bible, the Authorised Version. It exists in the original, and also as several modern revised versions. The Jerusalem Bible and the New English Bible are more recent translations.

While the Bible in its original languages is of course not copyrighted, many modern translations are copyrighted. Some copyrighted translations are not available online. When we want to look up a passage in the Bible, we usually turn first to the Bible Gateway.

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