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This page last updated 12 October 2019  


THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION began in England and spread through English colonisation and missionary work. Although it has historically been largest in former English colonies, it has a strong presence throughout the world, especially in Africa. This page lists those parts of the Anglican Communion that are in Africa and in the Province of the Indian Ocean. As always, we list everything that we know about that has a web page. See our "notes on structure" page.

If you know of a web site that should be listed here and is not, please tell us. If you represent a church or diocese that should would like to have a web page, please see The Society of Archbishop Justus web hosting. SOAJ are the organization that sponsors Anglicans Online, and if your web page would be listed here, they might be able to sponsor you. too.

Resources specific to Africa

We've listed the continent-specific links at the bottom of this page. Jump there now.


Provinces that are specific to one country are listed alphabetically in the next section. These provinces span multiple countries. See also 'Africa Resources' at the end of this page.

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East (Egypt is in this province)

The Province of Burundi

The Province of Central Africa

The Province of the Indian Ocean

The Province of Southern Africa

The Province of West Africa

Dioceses and Parishes

The following list is ordered alphabetically by country. We list every country, but we do not list individual dioceses unless they have web pages. In places where Christians are not a large fraction of the population, a diocese can span more than one country. In places where Anglicans are not a large fraction of the population, a province can span more than one country. In the remaining cases there is a province or autonomous church associated with the country. If the country has a province or autonomous church, we link the name of the country to it.

The authoritative source of this information is the Anglican Communion Office in London. We check their information regularly and make sure that ours corresponds to it. Should you note any discrepancies, please tell us. Our information differs from theirs in that we list in order by country, and we include links to web pages; they list in order by province.

Links to all administrative components of the entire Anglican church on the ANGLICAN.ORG web site are here.

ALGERIA: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa
Algiers, Holy Trinity Church

ANGOLA: see The Province of Southern Africa

Angola London Mozambique Association

Diocese of Lebombo

Diocese of Niassa

BOTSWANA: see The Province of Central Africa

Diocese of Botswana
Gaborone, Cathedral of the Holy Cross


Diocese of Buhiga

Diocese of Bujumbura

Diocese of Buye

Diocese of Gitega

Diocese of Makamba

Diocese of Matana

Diocese of Muyinga

Diocese of Rumonge

Diocese of Rutana

CAMEROON: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Cameroon


Congo Church Association

Diocese of Aru
Diocese of Boga
Diocese of Bukavu
Diocese of Gomo
Diocese of Katanga
Diocese of Kasai
Diocese of Kindu
Diocese of Kinshasa
Diocese of Kisangani

Diocese of Nord Kivu

EGYPT: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Egypt
Cairo, All Saints' Cathedral
Heliopolis, St Michael and All Angels
Maadi, St John

ETHIOPIA: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Addis Ababa, St Matthew

GAMBIA: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Gambia

GHANA: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Accra
Accra, Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity
Accra, St Anne
Accra, St Cecilia
Kpehe, St Cecilia

Diocese of Asante Mampong

Diocese of Cape Coast
Aburi, St Luke
Ashanti, St Michael and All Angels

Diocese of Ho

Diocese of Koforidua

Diocese of Kumasi

Diocese of Sekondi

Diocese of Sunyani

Diocese of Tamale

Diocese of Wiawso

GUINEA: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Guinea

Basic information on each diocese in Kenya may be found on the Anglican Church of Kenya web page.

Diocese of All Saints Cathedral
Nairobi, All Saints Cathedral

Diocese of Bondo

Diocese of Bungoma

Diocese of Butere

Diocese of Eldoret

Diocese of Embu

Diocese of Kajiado

Diocese of Katakwa

Diocese of Kericho

Diocese of Kirinyaga

Diocese of Kitale
Kitale, St Luke Pro-Cathedral

Diocese of Kitui

Diocese of Machakos
Machakos, All Souls Cathedral

Diocese of Makueni

Diocese of Malaral

Diocese of Malindi
Kilifi, St Thomas

Diocese of Marsabit

Diocese of Maseno East

Diocese of Maseno North

Diocese of Maseno South
Kisumu, St Stephen's Cathedral

Diocese of Maseno West

Diocese of Mbeere

Diocese of Meru

Diocese of Mombasa
Mombasa, Memorial Cathedral

Kilifi, St Thomas
Kisauni, Emmanuel Church

Diocese of Mount Kenya Central
Rurago, St Matthew

Diocese of Mount Kenya South
Limuru, All Saints
Ruaka, Christ the King

Diocese of Mount Kenya West

Diocese of Mumias

Diocese of Murang'a South
Rurago, St Matthew

Diocese of Nairobi
Kabete, St Mary
Nairobi, St Stephen's Cathedral
Nairobi (Westlands), St Mark

Diocese of Nakuru
Nakuru, Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd

Diocese of Nambale

Diocese of Nyahururu

Diocese of Southern Nyanza

Diocese of Taita-Taveta

Diocese of Thika
Thika, St Andrew's Cathedral

LESOTHO: see The Province of Southern Africa

LIBERIA: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Liberia
Monrovia, Trinity Cathedral

Paynesville, Good Shepherd

LIBYA: part of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia

Tripoli, Christ the King

MADAGASCAR: see The Province of the Indian Ocean

Diocese of Antananarivo

Diocese of Antsiranana

Diocese of Fianarantsoa

Diocese of Toamasina

Diocese of Toliara

MALAWI: see The Province of Central Africa

Diocese of Lake Malawi

Diocese of Northern Malawi

Diocese of Southern Malawi

Warm Heart International: American mission partnership working in the Diocese of Southern Malawi

Diocese of Upper Shire

MAURITIUS: see The Province of the Indian Ocean

Diocese of Mauritius
Plaine-Verte, St Paul


Casablanca, St John (Diocese in Europe)

MOZAMBIQUE: see The Province of Southern Africa

Diocese of Lemombo

Diocese of Niassa

Angola London Mozambique Association

MANNA: Mozambique and Angola Anglican Association
'To further the work of the Anglican Communion in Mozambique and Angola, and to broaden the awareness of the Anglican Communion of their sister churches in Mozambique and Angola'.

NAMIBIA: see The Province of Southern Africa


RWANDA (Province de L'Église Anglicane au Rwanda)

Diocese of Butare
Diocese of Byumba
Diocese of Cyangugu

Diocese of Gahini
Gahini, Gahini Cathedral

Diocese of Gasabo
Diocese of Kibungo
Diocese of Kigali
Kigali, St Etienne Cathedral

Diocese of Kigeme
Diocese of Kivu
Diocese of Shyira
Diocese of Shyogwe

ST HELENA: see The Province of Southern Africa

Diocese of St Helena

SEYCHELLES: see The Province of the Indian Ocean

Diocese of the Seychelles

SIERRA LEONE: see The Province of West Africa

Diocese of Bo

Diocese of Freetown


Republic of Sudan

Diocese of El Obeid

Diocese of Kadugli

Diocese of Khartoum
Khartoum, All Saints Cathedral

Diocese of Port Sudan

Diocese of Wad Medani

Republic of South Sudan

Diocese of Abyei

Diocese of Akot

Diocese of Aweil

Diocese of Awerial

Diocese of Bor

Diocese of Cueibet

Diocese of Duk

Diocese of Ezo

Diocese of Gogrial

Diocese of Juba

Diocese of Kajo Keji

Diocese of Kongor

Diocese of Lainya

Diocese of Lomega

Diocese of Lui

Diocese of Malakal

Diocese of Malek

Diocese of Maridi

Diocese of Mundri

Diocese of Nzara

Diocese of Olo

Diocese of Pacong

Diocese of Rejaf

Diocese of Renk

Diocese of Rokon

Diocese of Rumbek

Diocese of Terekeka

Diocese of Tonj

Diocese of Torit

Diocese of Twic East

Diocese of Wau

Diocese of Yambio

Diocese of Yei

Diocese of Yeri

Diocese of Yirol


Diocese of Swaziland


Diocese of Central Tanganyika
Diocese of Dar es Salaam
Diocese of Kagera
Diocese of Kiteto
Diocese of Kondoa
Diocese of Lake Rukwa
Diocese of Lweru
Diocese of Mara
Diocese of Masasi

Diocese of Morogoro
Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro
Diocese of Mpwapwa
Diocese of Ruaha
Diocese of Ruvuma
Diocese of Rift Valley

Diocese of Rorya
Diocese of Southern Highlands

Diocese of Tabora
Tabora, St Stephen's Cathedral

Diocese of Tanga
Diocese of Tarime
Diocese of Western Tanganyika
Diocese of Zanzibar

TUNISIA: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Egypt
Tunis, St George


Diocese of Ankole
Diocese of Bukedi

Diocese of Bunyoro-Kitara
Kagadi, St Luke

Diocese of Busoga
Diocese of Central Buganda
Diocese of East Ruwenzori
Diocese of Kampala
Diocese of Karamoja

Diocese of Kigezi
Kabale, All Saints

Diocese of Kinkiizi
Diocese of Lango
Diocese of Luweero

Diocese of Madi and West Nile
Diocese of Masindi-Kitara
Diocese of Mbale
Diocese of Mityana

Diocese of Muhabura

Diocese of Mukono
Mukono, Sts Philip and Andrew's Cathedral

Diocese of Namirembe
Mengo Archdeaconry

Diocese of Nebbi
Diocese of North Karamoja
Diocese of North Kigezi [Friends]
Diocese of North Mbale
Diocese of Northern Uganda

Diocese of Northwest Ankole
Diocese of Ruwenzori
Diocese of Sebei
Diocese of Soroti
Diocese of South Ankole
Diocese of South Rwenzori
Diocese of West Ankole
Diocese of West Buganda


ZAMBIA: see The Province of Central Africa

Diocese of Central Zambia

Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Diocese of Lusaka
Lusaka, Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Diocese of Northern Zambia

ZIMBABWE: see The Province of Central Africa

Diocese of Central Zimbabwe

Diocese of Harare

Diocese of Manicaland

Diocese of Masvingo

Diocese of Matabeleland

Online Anglican resources pertaining to Africa

Anglican schools and Theological and Anglican-related colleges and universities are listed separately below.

ACK Care Services, Diocese of Maseno South, Kenya

All Saints Garden Conference Center, Cairo, Egypt

American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan
'AFRECS hopes to enhance communication and minimize duplication between dioceses, parishes, and church wide agencies already committed to resettling Sudanese in the USA and to working as partners with dioceses and other Anglican institutions in Sudan.'

Anglican Church of Kenya Development Services, Nyanza
'endeavors to enable communities of the member dioceses to achieve fullness of life and the integrity of creation through integrated sustainable, participatory community development programs'.

Anglican Church of Kenya Guest House, Mombasa
'We offer hotel services to missionaries, families on holiday. We organise tours to various national park to view wildlife.'

Anglican Church of Kenya Language and Orientation School, Nairobi.
Established in 1965 by the church Missionary Society.

Anglican Church of Kenya Office of Foreign Missions

Anglican Church of Rwanda Rural Development Inter-Diocesan Service
'a community development project operated as a joint action by Butare, Cyangugu, Kigeme and Shyogwe dioceses of the Episcopal Church in Rwanda'.

Anglican Development Services, Kenya
'partners with other churches, NGOs, ecumenical bodies, funding partners and the government to fulfill its vision on social transformation'.

Anglican Development Services, Mt Kenya

Anglican Development Services of Mt Kenya East

Anglican Development Services North Rift Region
'the development arm of the Anglican Dioceses of Eldoret and Kitale'.

Anglican Development Services Pwani, Kenya
'the development arm of the Diocese of Mombasa and Taita Taveta of the Anglican Church of Kenya'.

Anglican Development Services, Western Region, Kenya
For the dioceses of Bungoma, Butere, Katakwa, Maseno North, Mumias and Nambale. Incorporated in January 1997.

Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organization, Ghana
'ADDRO exists to share the good news of Christ to all in context and to ensure that people of the three Northern Regions of Ghana have equal rights and opportunities to sustainable and dignified livelihoods.'

The Anglican Street Children's Programme in Zambia
'set up to nurture and empower orphans as well as vulnerable children and families for a brighter future'.

Bethesda Project, Burundi
'part of the Anglican Church of Burundi and is working in partnership with The Kepplewray Project, Cumbria UK. Both projects share a common ethos of inclusion - bringing disabled and able-bodied people together as equal partners.'

Bishop's Guest House, Arusha,Tanzania

Chauncy Maples Project
The oldest ship still afloat in Africa is the Chauncy Maples, launched by the Universities Mission to Central Africa as a free hospital ship on Lake Malawi. The Chauncy Maples was constructed in 1898-1901, and refitted in 1933 and 1967; it is time for a renovation to enable the ship to provide medical care in a third century.

Children's Ministry in Church of Uganda

Church Mission Society - Africa
'Envisioning, Mobilizing, and Equipping leadership for God's Mission, through the Church in Africa and beyond.'

Church of Uganda Teso Dioceses Planning and Development Office

Congo Church Association

Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA)
'a continental body that brings together all the Anglican National and Regional Churches (Provinces) in Africa. There are 12 Provinces in Africa and the Diocese of Egypt, all serving about 40 million people.'

Croydon Zimbabwe Link
'A Partnership between the Croydon Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Southwark and the Anglican Diocese of Central Zimbabwe'.

The Deaf Unit, Egypt
'Our programs include the boarding house and school for deaf children, the deaf club, an audiology clinic, community based rehabilitation programs in rural Egypt and training programs for the wider community.'

Diocese of Mara Discipleship and Development Programme, Tanzania

Diocese Planning and Development Office, Diocese of Lango
'The DPDO goal is the reduction of rural poverty and our focus in on food security and household income, literacy, health, education, civil rights, and equal opportunities. The challenge is to help the communities reduce, prevent, and cure the underlying causes of social imbalances.' Headquartered in Lira, Uganda.

The Egypt Diocesan Association
'The Egypt Diocesan Association (EDA) supports the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt, including chaplaincies in North Africa and the Horn of Africa (
Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia) through prayer and personal service. The work of the diocese includes social programmes, medical clinics, and the running of schools and homes in areas of poverty.'

Elewana Education Project
'addresses the significant lack of funding and resources faced by East African schools by drawing together scholastic institutions whose students and faculty can help each other in a relationship of love, mutual respect and support'. Links young people in West Virginia and Pennsylvania with students in the Diocese of Katakwa, Kenya.

Eshimuli Guesthouse, Butere, Kenya

Family Life Education Programme
'The Family Life Education Programme (FLEP) is programme based in Southern Uganda, in the Diocese of Busoga. Its mission is to improve the health and welfare of the people of the Busoga region, and this is achieved through a variety of health and social programmes.'

Friends of Byumba Trust (Rwanda)
'set up in [the UK in] 2002 to enable funds for education and the relief of poverty to be transmitted to Byumba Diocese'.

Friends of Kumi Hospital
Kumi Hospital was founded by the Church Missionary Society in 1929 as a leprosarium for eastern Uganda. Today it is a general hospital with close ties to the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Friends of Masasi Charitable Trust
Aims '1. To provide funds to assist the Church of England with its missionary activities in the Diocese of Masasi [Tanzania]. 2. To carry out such other legally charitable purposes for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or the provision of health care in the said Diocese as the Trustees shall from time to time by deed or deeds executed with their unanimous consent declare.'

Friends of Tanga (Tanzania)
'initiated by the parishes of All Saints, Brookline[, Massachusetts], Grace [Church], North Attleborough [Massachusetts], and Trinity [Church,] Melrose[, Massachusetts] in 2008'.

Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt

Friends of Zanzibar Cathedral
'supports the work of Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar'.

Go M.A.D. in Tanzania
'Make A Difference in Tanzania', founded in 1994 to aid the Anglican Diocese of Mara. 'We helped build a cathedral for the new Diocese of Mara and since then have been helping local farmers, people with HIV, orphans and pastors. We consider ourselves privileged to have been involved in this partnership work with our brothers and sisters from Mara.'

Gospel Health and Development Services
a 'church-based non-governmental health and development ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Jos. GHaDS is involved in meeting the spiritual, physical and social needs.'

Hesed Ministries, Uganda
'Founded by Michael and Florence Kyomya in 1995, the ministry's objective is to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal and growth in the Anglican Church of Uganda.'

Hope on a Thousand Hills (HTH), Rwanda
'a ministry of the Anglican Church in Gasabo Diocese. HTH empowers churches to flourish in union between the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20.) We are dedicated to loving God and others through the teachings of Jesus Christ.'

Integrated Community Development Programme, Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Kachere Development Programme
'the official Social Development arm of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia'.

Kansas to Kenya
'Our mutual work is focused on Millennium Development Goals for the benefit of those who live in marginalized communities while having a commitment to living out our faith.'

Kenya Connection
'An international partnership of Anglican ministries. We serve, support, and encourage Kenyan ministries working in education, healthcare, evangelism, and micro-enterprise development.'

Kigali Diocese Youth and Children Ministry, Rwanda

Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme (KDWSP), Rwanda
'a Faith Based Organization aimed at meeting the needs of the rural poor and water stressed communities in Diocese of Kigezi, in SW Uganda'. Founded in 1986.

Kisiizi Hospital, Kabale, Uganda
'a Christian Hospital that serves those of all faiths, and none. It is a fee paying hospital, but no one has been turned away through reasons of poverty. It is a distant rural hospital, but well known throughout Uganda'.

The Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust (LBMT)
'a UK registered charity, was set-up by Bishop Ken Barham, a former Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese, Rwanda, in memory of his father Bishop Lawrence Barham, who served the church for 40 years in Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.'

Lweza Training and Conference Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Malawi Partnership
'The Malawi Partnership has been run by the Diocese of Birmingham for over 40 years and has assisted our brothers and sisters in Malawi in the area of mission and ministry.'

Maseno Project (Kenya)
'brings education to the local population through the structured teaching of many farming techniques. [...] The project is a church based project, working via the Anglican churches in the region and it is sponsored by individuals and churches within the U.K, Europe and even North America.'

Mityana Charity
'We are a Charity that is dedicated to helping the people of [the Diocese of] Mityana in Uganda. This is one of the poorest countries in the world, and we want to make a difference to the lives of its people.' Based in Wokingham, England.

Mothers' Mercy Home, Diocese of Mt Kenya South.

Namirembe Guesthouse, Kampala, Uganda
'a warm and friendly Christian establishment governed by the Church Commissioners and managed by a team of dedicated staff'. A former monastery and retreat house, this conference centre is now owned and operated by the Trustees of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Nezerwa, Rwanda
Youth and children ministry for the Diocese of Kigali.

Partners in Christ
'This website contains information about the partnership that exists between the Anglican Diocese of Armidale and the Church of Uganda, Diocese of North Kigezi.'

Refuge Egypt
This ministry of the Diocese of Egypt 'has more than 22,000 people registered for access to emergency care, medical care, advocacy, training and income generation opportunities'.

Road to Tanzania
Short-term missions sent from Huntington Beach, California to the Diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro, 2004-present.

Rugarama Hospital
Kabale, Uganda (Kigezi)

St Paul's Children's Project, Zambia
'Helping orphans and other vulnerable children'.

Solar Light for Africa
SLA's 'goal is to educate the public on the advantages of renewable energy for the benefit of impoverished communities throughout the world.' It was founded in 1997 by retired Episcopal Bishop Alden Hathaway. To date, this organization has provided electrical light and power to more than 2,000 facilities, such as medical clinics, orphanages, schools, churches, and private homes located in rural regions of East Africa.

Sudan Church Association
'Objective: To promote and maintain prayerful interest in and support for the Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and South Sudan (ECSSS), dioceses in the countries of Sudan and South Sudan.'

'Tabasamu ("smile" in Swahili) is a dental outreach project that was founded by Dr. Edward W. Wilson in 2004. Its mission is to provide free dental care and education to underserved communities in the Anglican Diocese of Kitale in western Kenya.'

Tanga Ohio Connection
'The Episcopal Dioceses of Ohio (USA) and Tanga (Tanzania) have had a historical relationship since the early 1970s. Parishioners from both dioceses visited one another and began a bond that would last several decades.'

Transvaal, Zimbabwe and Botswana Association
'Supporting thirteen of the Anglican Dioceses in the Capricorn Belt of Africa.'

Zambia Anglican Council
'the umbrella organization of the Anglican Church in Zambia comprised of 5 dioceses'.

Schools and Education


All Saints Chapel, University of Benin, Benin City

Democratic Republic of Congo

Anglican schools in Diocese of Katanga


Alexandria School of Theology (AST)
'a strategic venture of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. We are the only Anglican theological institution in the Middle East which teaches primarily in Arabic.'


Adisadel College, Cape Coast
Established in 1910, for boys 14-18. Its Old Boys Association is also online.

Anglican Senior High School, Kumasi

Anglican University College of Technology

National Union of Anglican Students
'a branch of the Anglican Young People's Association which comprises every Anglican student in this country'.


Binns School, Mombasa

Carlile College, Nairobi

Nambale Boys High School
sponsored by the Diocese of Nambale.

Nambale Magnet School, Nambale
'a home, an education and hope for a fruitful life for children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS in Western Kenya'.

St Andrew's School, Turi
Founded in 1931.


B. W. Harris Episcopal High School, Monrovia
Founded in 1960. See also the B. W. Harris Episcopal High School Alumni Association, USA Inc.

Bromley Episcopal Mission School


St George's Diocesan School, Windhoek
College and Prep divisions.


Good Shepherd Secondary School Appeal
The Diocese of Wellington (NZ) provides funding for ongoing building projects at this diocesan school in Kagera, Tanzania.

Isamilo International School, Mwanza
Operates under the auspices of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza.

Kasulu Bible College, Kasulu
'an Anglican Theological Institution within the Diocese of Western Tanganyika'.

Msalato Theological College, Diocese of Central Tanganyika
Affiliated with St John's University of Tanzania.

Rondo Junior Seminary, Lindi
'a registered secondary school where boys are taught in a church environment. In addition to studying standard subjects such as mathematics, history, Swahili, and physics they also study church history and religion and participate in daily worship. All classes are conducted in English.'

St Michael Secondary School, Kilolo
'a registered secondary school established by the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha, Tanzania'.

St Monica Nursery and Primary School, Zanzibar


Bishop McAllister College and Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary, Kyogyera
founded 1983

King's College, Budo
Coeducational, residential, secondary. Founded 1906

Uganda Christian University, Mukono


The Friends of St James Mission and School

Peterhouse School, Marondera
Founded in 1955 as a boarding school for boys, Peterhouse now has two associated schools: Springvale House (preparatory for boys and girls) and Peterhouse Girls' (for girls, mostly boarding). Extensive website.

Theological and Anglican-related colleges and universities

Anglican Students Federation
'an Umbrella body of all Anglican Societies (ANSOC). It provides Student ministry to students at tertiary institutions within the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).')


St Paul's United Theological College
Limuru, Kenya. Established in 1903 in Mombasa by the Church Missionary Society. Since 1955, St Paul's has been a joint school for the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and the Methodist Church of Kenya. Students responses to the Windsor Report are available online from the Anglican Communion website.


Cuttington University, Suakoko
'located 120 miles north of Monrovia, is the oldest private, coeducational, four-year, degree-granting institution in sub-Saharan Africa.'

Episcopal High School and Episcopal Elementary School Alumni Association of the USA
Mission 'is to assist in ensuring that the Episcopal schools in Robertsport, Liberia (Episcopal Elementary, Episcopal High, St. John’s, House of Bethany) are restored to being distinguished educational institutions in Liberia'.


Lake Malawi Anglican University


St Cyprian's Theological College, Rondo, Masasi
'trains ordinands for future service in the Anglican Church of Tanzania. In addition to studying for ordination the ordinands also take secondary school classes so that by the time they graduate they will have not only completed their theological education but also achieved their Form IV secondary school certificate.' Founded in 1962 by Trevor Huddleston.

St John's University, Dodoma

St Philip's Theological College, Kongwa


Bishop Barham University College, Kabale
'a Constituent College of Uganda Christian University, located in Kabale in the Southwest of Uganda'.

Ndejje University
'the oldest private university and the fastest growing in Uganda'. Founded in 1992.

Uganda Bible Institute, Mbarara

Uganda Christian University
'A major private University offering men and women undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. The University was established by the Province of the Church of Uganda and licensed by the Government of Uganda, Ministry of Education in 1997, with a view to making it a broad based University with campuses in Eastern, Northern and Western regions of Uganda'. Bishop Tucker Theological College, founded in 1913, was the leading theological college in the Anglican Church of Uganda. Encouraged by the basic educational facilities at Bishop Tucker Theological College, the Provincial Assembly of the Province of the Church of Uganda resolved to make Bishop Tucker Theological College one of the campuses and also the headquarters of a broad-based federal university. Uganda Christian University was born from Bishop Tucker Theological College.

Uganda Church Association
'The chief object of the Association is to support the work of the Church of Uganda. Supplementary to this we have two further objects: a) Supporting other Christian churches and organisations in Uganda; b) Furthering the same purposes amongst Ugandans in the United Kingdom.'

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