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This page last updated 21 March 2021  


The Anglican Communion began in England and spread through colonisation and missionary work. Although it has historically been largest in former British colonies, it has a strong presence throughout the world, especially in Africa. See our Africa page for dioceses and parishes there.

This page lists those areas of the Anglican Communion without a large enough web presence to warrant a page of their own. As always, we list every province, diocese, or parish that we know about, which has a web page. (See our 'Notes on Structure' for more detail.) This page is arranged by country, in alphabetical order. See the table to choose the country of your interest.

Anglican Resources Around the World are listed separately at the end.

Abu Dhabi Bolivia El Salvador Iraq New Caledonia Qatar Trinidad and Tobago
Antigua Brazil Falkland Islands Israel Nicaragua St Helena Turkey
Argentina Chile Fiji Jamaica Norfolk Island St Kitts and Nevis United Arab Emirates
Armenia Colombia Guam Jordan Oman Saipan Uruguay
Aruba Cook Islands Guatemala Korea Pakistan Samoa Vanuatu
Bahamas Costa Rica Guyana Kuwait Panama Singapore Venezuela
Bahrain Cuba Haiti Laos Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Virgin Islands
Bangladesh Cyprus Honduras Lebanon Paraguay Solomon Islands Windward Islands
Barbados Dominican Republic India Malaysia Peru Taiwan Yemen
Belize Dubai Indonesia Mexico Philippines Thailand B
Bermuda Ecuador Iran Myanmar Puerto Rico Tonga B


Provinces that include more than one country

Many provinces do not yet have web sites.

The Province of the Central American Region

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East (The Province includes four self-governing Dioceses: Jerusalem, Egypt, Iran, Cyprus and the Gulf.)

The Province of Melanesia

Episcopal Church in the USA Province IX

The Province of South East Asia

The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

The Province of the West Indies

Country, Dioceses, Parishes

The following list is ordered alphabetically by country. We list every country, but we don't list individual dioceses unless they have web pages. In places where Christians are not a large fraction of the population, a diocese can span more than one country. In places where Anglicans are not a large fraction of the population, a province can span more than one country. In the remaining cases there is a province or autonomous church associated with the country. If the country has a province or autonomous church, we link the name of the country to it.

If you know of a web site that should be listed here and is not, please tell us.

If you represent a church or diocese that would like to have a web page, please see The Society of Archbishop Justus web hosting. This is the organisation that sponsors Anglicans Online, and if your web page should be listed here, they might be able to sponsor you, too.

The authoritative source of this information is the Anglican Communion Office in London. We check their information regularly and make sure that ours corresponds to it. Should you note any discrepancies, please tell us. Our information differs from theirs in that we list in order by country, and we include links to web pages; they list in order by province.

Links to all administrative components of the entire Anglican church on the ANGLICAN.ORG web site are here.

ABU DHABI: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

Abu Dhabi, St Andrew

ANTIGUA: Church in the Province of the West Indies

ARGENTINA: The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

Diocese of Argentina

Quilmes, Iglesia de Todos los Santos

Diocese of Northern Argentina

ARMENIA: Diocese in Europe

ARUBA: The Province of the West Indies

BAHAMAS: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands
Christ Church Cathedral
, Nassau

Andros Island, Parish of St Stephen, Central Andros [St Bartholomew, Behring Point; St Peter, Bowen Sound; St Paul, Calabash Bay; St Stephen, Fresh Creek; St Faith, Staniard Creek]
Centerville, New Providence, Nassau, St George
East New Providence, Church of the Epiphany
Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama, St Stephen
Grant's Town, New Providence, St Agnes
Nassau, Christ the King
Nassau, St George
Nassau, St Mary The Virgin
Nassau, St Matthew
Nassau, St Ambrose of Milan
Nassau, St Barnabas
New Providence (Soldier Road), Nassau, Holy Cross
New Providence, St Anne
Ridgeland Park, Christ the King
Stapleton Gardens, Parish Church of Holy Trinity
St George Town, St Andrew Parish Church [St John-The-Baptist, Moss Town; St Margaret of Antioch; Harts; St Mary Magdalene, Williams Town; Holy Innocents, Ragged Island]

BAHRAIN: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
St Christopher's Cathedral, Bahrain

BANGLADESH is now listed here.

BARBADOS: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of Barbados
St Michael's Cathedral, Bridgetown

Christ Church, Christ Church
Christ Church (Hastings), St Matthias
Pleasant Hall, All Saints
St James (Holetown), St James
St John, St John
St Michael, St Leonard
St Michael, Christ the King
St Michael, St Cyprian
St Michael, St Paul
St Peter, St Philip the Less

BELIZE: The Province of the West Indies
Friends Supporting the Anglican Diocese of Belize: 'formed to encourage each Belizean and his or her friends to support the educational mission of the Diocese'.

Diocese of Belize

BERMUDA: (extra-provincial to Canterbury)

Diocese of Bermuda

Devonshire, Christ Church
Hamilton, Holy Trinity Church
St George, St Peter
Smith's Parish, St Mark
Southampton, St Anne

BOLIVIA: The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

Diocese of Bolivia
Santa Cruz, Cristo Luz del Mundo (Bolivia)


Diocese of the Amazon

Diocese of Brasília

Diocese of Curitiba

Curitiba, Comunidade da Virgem Maria

Diocese of Pelotas

Diocese of Recife
Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Recife

Natal, Paróquia da Virgem Maria

Diocese of Rio de Janeiro

Diocese of São Paulo
Catedral Anglicana de São Paulo
, São Paulo

Registro, Paróquia de Cristo Rei
Sao Paulo, Santa Cruz
Sao Paulo, Santissima Trinidade
Sao Paulo, Sao Joao

Diocese of South Western Brazil
Catedral do Mediador,
Santa Maria

Diocese of Southern Brazil

Caxias do Sul, St Mary the Virgin

Centro de Estudos Anglicanos. Centre for Anglican Studies, founded in 1998. Site in English and Portuguese. The Portuguese-language section includes numerous articles on Anglican missions, history, theology, ethics and spirituality.

Instituto Anglicano Barão do Rio Branco: Anglican educational institute located in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

CHILE: Iglesia Anglicana de Chile

Antofagasta, Iglesia del Salvador
Arica, San Andrés
Calera de Tango, Mision Juan Bautista
Chuguayante, San Juan
Concepcíon, St John

Maip ú, San Pablo
Ñuñoa, Iglesia Cristo Redentor
Peñalolen, Iglesia Peñalolen
Reñaca Viña del Mar, Iglesia San Andrés
San Joaqu ín, El Salvador
Santiago, Iglesia Cantagallo
Santiago, Iglesia Anglicana de Providencia
Santiago (Las Condes), Iglesia La Trinidad 

Santiago (La Florida), San Lucas
Santiago (Maipu), San Pablo
Santiago Centro, Iglesia Santiago Apostol

Temuco, Iglesia Santa Trididad
Valdivia, San Marcos
Villa Alemana, Iglesia San Esteban
Villa San Pedro, San Pedro de la Paz
Viña del Mar, Iglesia San Pedro

Diocese of Concepción

Diocese of Temuco

Diocese of Valparaíso

COLOMBIA: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province IX

Diocese of Colombia
Bogotá, St Paul's Cathedral

Quindio, Misión Santo Tomás Apóstol

COOK ISLANDS: In the Diocese of Polynesia [Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia]

COSTA RICA: The Province of the Central American Region

Diocese of Costa Rica


The Diocese of Cuba is canonically part of the US-based Episcopal Church's Province II.

CYPRUS: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Cyprus became a Member State of the EU on 1 May 2004 and is now listed on our Europe page.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province IX

Diocese of the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Cathedral of the Epiphany

DUBAI: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Chaplaincy of Dubai and Sharjah with the Northern Emirates
[Holy Trinity, Dubai; Christ Church, Jebel; St Martin, Sharjah; St Luke, Ras Al Khaimah]

ECUADOR: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province IX

Diocese of Central Ecuador
Diocese of Litoral Ecuador

EL SALVADOR: The Province of the Central American Region

Diocese of El Salvador

FALKLAND ISLANDS (extra-provincial to Archbishop of Canterbury)

Port Stanley, Christ Church Cathedral [Southernmost cathedral in the world]

FIJI: In the Diocese of Polynesia [The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia]

Suva, Holy Trinity Cathedral

GUAM: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province VIII

Tamuning, St John the Divine

GUATEMALA: Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America

Diocese of Guatemala
Xela, St Mark

GUYANA: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of Guyana
Georgetown, St George's Cathedral

HAITI: Diocese of Haiti, Episcopal Church in the USA, Province II
Haiti Connection contains useful information about the Episcopal Church and church groups involved in Haiti.

HONDURAS: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province II

Diocese of Honduras

INDIA is now listed here.

INDONESIA: The Province of South East Asia

Jakarta, All Saints
Surabaya, East Java, Church of the Resurrection

IRAN: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Iran

IRAQ: The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

ISRAEL: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Jerusalem

JAMAICA: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of Jamaica
Kingston, St Andrew Parish
Kingston, St John the Evangelist

Liguanea, St Margaret
Mandeville, St Mark

JORDAN: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Jerusalem
Amman, Church of the Redeemer
Amman, Youth Ministry of the Church of the Redeemer


Diocese of Busan
Jeju Island, Jeju Anglican Church
Ulsan, St Anne

Diocese of Daejeon

Diocese of Seoul
Seoul Anglican Cathedral, Seoul [English Mission]

Osan, St Agnes
Seongnam, St Barnabas
Seoul, St Christopher
Seoul, St Naomi
Seoul, St Thomas

KUWAIT: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Ahmadi, St Paul

Church of South India Congregations in Kuwait
Kuwait City, St John, Tamil-speaking CSI parish
Safat, St Peter

LAOS: The Province of South East Asia

Diocese of Singapore
Vientiane, Church of the Holy Spirit

LEBANON: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Jerusalem
Beirut, All Saints

MALAYSIA: The Province of South East Asia

Diocese of Kuching
Kuching, Tabuan Jaya Anglican Church
Saah/Punau, St John
Sarawak, Kuching, St Philip

Diocese of Sabah
Sabah, All Saints Cathedral

Likas, Christ Church
Sabah, St Patrick
Tawau, St Patrick

Diocese of West Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, St Mary's Cathedral

Cameron Highlands, All Souls
Ipoh, St Peter
Ipoh, Perak, St John the Divine
Jinjang, Kepong, Christ Church Jinjang
Johor Bahru, Good Shepherd
Johor Bahru, St Christopher
Kajang, St Katherine
Kuala Lumpur, St James

Petaling Jaya, St Paul


Diocese of Mexico (Diócesis de México)
Mexico City, Catedral Anglicana San Jose de Gracia
Mexico City, Christ Church
Querétaro, St. Mary Magdalene
San Miguel de Allende, St Paul

Diocese of Cuernavaca (Diócesis de Cuernavaca)
Cuernavaca, Cathedral of St Michael and All Angels

Diocese of Northern Mexico (Diócesis del Norte de México)
Monterrey, Holy Family Church <
Monterrey, San Andrés Apóstol

Diocese of Southeastern Mexico (Diócesis del Sureste)
Veracruz, Sts. Mary and Martha of Bethany

Diocese of Western Mexico (Diócesis del Occidente de México)
Colima, San Jorge
Ensenada, San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista
Guadalajara, St Mark
Puerto Vallarta, Christ Church by the Sea
Riberas, St Andrew
San Luis Potosí, San Francisco de Asís
Tijuana, Cristo Rey
Zapopan, Centro de Estudios Teológicos San Andres


Six dioceses

NEW CALEDONIA: The Province of Melanesia

NICARAGUA: The Province of the Central American Region

NORFOLK ISLAND: The Anglican Church of Australia

Diocese of Sydney
Church of England on Norfolk Island

OMAN: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Protestant Church in Oman

PAKISTAN is now listed here.

PANAMA: The Province of the Central American Region

The Diocese of Panama
St Luke's Cathedral, Panama City


Diocese of Port Moresby
Diocese of Popondota
Diocese of Aipo Rongo
Diocese of Dogura
Diocese of New Guinea Islands

PARAGUAY: The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

Diocese of Paraguay
Asunción, St Andrew (Paraguay)

PERU: The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

Diocese of Peru [Oficina Diocesana]
The Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Lima

Lima, Jesu Cristo El Señor
Lima, Santísima Trinidad


Sagada Episcopal Deanery

Diocese of the Central Philippines
Manila (Makati City), Church of the Holy Trinity
Manila, St Stephen

Diocese of Davao

Diocese of North Central Philippines

Diocese of Northern Luzon

Diocese of Northern Philippines

Diocese of Santiago

Diocese of the Southern Philippines


Diocese of Puerto Rico

Peñuelas, Misión San Mateo

QATAR: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Doha, Church of the Epiphany

SAIPAN: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province VIII

San Jose, St Paul


Diocese of St Helena


Diocese of Northeastern Caribbean and Aruba
St Kitts Anglican Church

SAMOA: In Diocese of Polynesia [The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia]

SINGAPORE: The Province of South East Asia

Diocese of Singapore
St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore

Singapore, All Saints
Singapore, All Saints English Congregation
Singapore, Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Singapore, Christ Church
Singapore, Chapel of Christ the King
Singapore, Chapel of Christ the Redeemer
Singapore, Church of the Good Shepherd
Singapore, Chapel of the Resurrection
Singapore, Christ the Redeemer
Singapore, Church of our Saviour
Singapore, Church of the Ascension
Singapore: Church of the True Light [Services in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Indonesian]
Singapore, Holy Trinity
Singapore, Light of Christ City Church
Singapore, Marine Parade Christian Centre
Singapore, My Saviour's Church
Singapore, St Andrew Community Chapel
Singapore, St George
Singapore, St Hilda
Singapore, St James
Singapore, St James' Mandarin Congregation
Singapore, St John's Chapel
Singapore, St John - St Margaret
Singapore, St Matthew
Singapore, St Paul
Singapore, St Peter
Singapore, Westside Church
Singapore, Yishun Christian Church

Singapore, Church of South India Malayalam Congregation (Church of South India)
Singapore, CSI Church (Madhya Kerala)

SRI LANKA (Ceylon) is now listed here.

SOLOMON ISLANDS: The Province of Melanesia

Diocese of Guadalcanal

TAIWAN: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province VIII

Diocese of Taiwan
Taipei, St John's Cathedral

Chiayi, St Peter
Dalin Township, Chiayi County, Goubei Mission Station
Jiading Township, Kaohsiung County, St Andrew [mission station]
Kaohsiung, St Paul
Kaohsiung, St Timothy
Keelung, Holy Trinity Church
Pingtung, St Mark
Taichung, St James
Taipei, Church of the Advent
Taipei, Church of the Good Shepherd (in English, Chinese, and Japanese)

THAILAND: The Province of South East Asia

Diocese of Singapore
Bangkok, Christ Church

TONGA: In the Diocese of Polynesia [The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia]

TRINIDAD and TOBAGO: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain

Holy Saviour Parish [Holy Saviour in Curepe, St John’s in Petit Bourg, Christ The King in Mt D’Or, and St Martin In The Valley in Maracas, St Joseph]
Port of Spain, All Saints
Princes Town, Trinidad, St Stephen
St James, St Agnes
Tacarigua, St Mary

TURKEY: The Diocese in Europe

Istanbul, Anglican Chaplaincy

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Abu Dhabi, St Andrew
Al Ain, St Thomas
Dubai, Christ Church
Dubai, Holy Trinity
Fujairah, St Nicholas
Jebel Ali, Christ Church
Ras Al Khaimah, St Luke

Church of South India Parishes
Abu Dhabi, CSI Parish (Diocese of Madhya Kerala)
Abu Dhabi, CSI Tamil Parish
Dubai, CSI Parish (Diocese of Madhya Kerala)
Sharjah, CSI Parish (Diocese of Madhya Kerala)
Sharjah, CSI Tamil Parish (Diocese of Kanyakumari)

URUGUAY: The Anglican Church of South America (Iglesia Anglicana de Sudamérica)

The Diocese of Uruguay

Friends of the Diocese of Uruguay

VANUATU: The Province of Melanesia

VENEZUELA: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province IX

Diocese of Venezuela

VIRGIN ISLANDS: Episcopal Church in the USA, Province II

Diocese of the Virgin Islands
Cabrita Point, St Thomas, Nazareth by the Sea

Frederiksted, St Paul

WINDWARD ISLANDS: The Province of the West Indies

Diocese of the Windward Islands
Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St George's Cathedral

YEMEN: The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf
Aden, Tawahi, Christ Church

Anglican Resources Around the World

Schools, Colleges and Universities are listed separately below.

ACROSS: Anglican Crisis Relief Outreach and Support Singapore
Offers 'a Christian response to crisis due to natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, severe winters, droughts, etc.). Our response during such times is important as it is an expression of God's love for the suffering people.'

Anglican Centre in Qatar

Anglican Church Women, Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands

Anglican DYD (Diocesan Youth Department), Bahamas

Anglican Frontier Missions
'Frontier Mission is different from local mission (e.g., feeding the homeless in a US city), different from national mission (e.g., providing relief for hurricane Katrina), different from foreign mission (e.g.,painting a church in Honduras). Frontier Mission is evangelism where there is no indigenous church (or multiplying church) in areas like N. Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and Indonesia.'

Anglican Health Service, Papua New Guinea
'The mission of the Anglican Church Health Service is to improve the physical, psychological, social and spiritual health and wellbeing of everyone in the communities we serve, irrespective of religious denomination; clan; status; age; gender; or ability to pay, and thus reduce the distress and suffering associated with the current high levels of morbidity and mortality.'

Anglican Honduras Hope
'a U.S. based non-profit 501C(3) created to support the efforts of the Diocese of Honduras' mission of developing Honduras spiritually, socially and economically'.

Anglican Witness
'brings together Anglicans from across the world who are committed to strengthening evangelism within communities, seeing churches grow spiritually and numerically in capacity to engage the whole of God's creation with Christ's love, and seeing God's name glorified in every day life experience.'

Anglican Youth Department, Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands

Anglicanos en la Red (Paraguay)
A web site in Spanish that explains the Anglican Church to Latin Americans. An upbeat, youth-oriented, fact-packed explanation that is aimed at inhabitants of a largely Roman-catholic continent. If you read Spanish, you will find this page delightful. It is the only significant Anglican site in Spanish for the Hispanic world.

Anglicare PNG (Papua New Guinea)
'Inspired by Christian values, Anglicare’s vision is to contribute to Papua New Guinea being a healthy, educated, safe, spiritually and culturally rich. Includes society which provides and enables sustainable livelihoods for the people of PNG.'

ASocIANA (Argentina)
'(an acronym for "Social Support of the Anglican Church of Northern Argentina") is the successor of a long history of commitment of the Anglican Church to the Indian peoples of this region and to their wellbeing. This history goes back to the first Anglican missionaries who came to live among the Wichi and Toba Indians at the beginning of the last century (1910)'

Belize Church Association
'a UK association of friends of the Anglican Diocese of Belize'.

Bishop John Daly Mission Center (Kumi, Korea)
A worshipping community with several ministries: hospice care, home care nurse visits and 'Koinonia Farm' which 'raises produce for distribution to the needy and is being made into a halfway house for recovering alcoholics and mentally diseased.' (Diocese of Busan)

Caring for All Creation Partnership (Philippines)
Carbon offset and creation care initiative of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines and Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.

Casas Hogares, Peru
'features the two Anglican children's homes in Arequipa. Casa Hogar Sagrada Familia is for ages 12+ and Casa Hogar San Jose is for kids under 12.'

Central Florida Honduras Commission
'established by the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida to support, encourage and enable the mutual ministry between the Diocese of Central Florida and the Diocese of Honduras'.

Children's Medical Mission of Haiti
Supports St Vincent's School for Handicapped Children and the Hôpital Ste Croix.

Christ Church Ministries Jerusalem
'CMJ is the largest and most well-established evangelical Christian ministry in Israel. Officially named the Israel Trust of the Anglican Church Amutah and Anglican in foundation, it functions interdenominationally'.

COLFORPAZ (Corporacion Lideres Forjadores de Paz), Colombia
'An organization that works for social justice and social outreach which benefits the most vulnerable sectors and works toward contributing to the peace in Colombia. The grant will be used to implement a microfinancing system, sustainable over time, for vulnerable Columbians.'

A foundation for the support of the Anglican Church in El Salvador.

Coins for Cuba
'The focus for this site is to raise awareness of the needs of the Episcopal Church in Cuba, the needs of congregations, clergy and especially the church buildings. Coins for Cuba will also look at ways and means to support Cuban students in seminary and studying towards ordination in the Episcopal Church in Cuba.'

DNECA Anglican Radio
Podcasts and broadcasts from the Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba.

The Dominican Development Group (Dominican Republic)
'assists the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic in achieving financial self-sufficiency'.

Egypt Diocesan Association
Supports the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. 'The work of the diocese includes social programs, medical clinics, schools and homes. Much of the area faces the pressures of poverty, drought and war. There is a program for refugees in Cairo, a school for the deaf and a general hospital.'

Francophonie anglicane épiscopalienne
'connecting 4 million Anglicans (Episcopalians) who worship in French'. Site provides information in French and English.

Honduras Brigade
Site for mission teams sent from the Episcopal Church USA to the Episcopal Church in Honduras.

Honduras Medical Mission
'The Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi Honduras Medical Mission provides health care, veterinarian care, and pastoral care for the people of Honduras. It is the prayer of those who plan, support and participate in the mission that their labors glorify God.' Founded in 1982; includes information on 2010 and 2011 missions.

Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association
'supporting the life and work of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East'.

Jesus Abbey, South Korea
An ecumenical community founded by the late Archer Torrey, Anglican priest. [English site]

Korean Mission Partnership
Founded in 1889 by Bishop Charles John Corfe, first Anglican Bishop of Korea, to support the work of the Anglican Church in Korea. KMP's website includes the current issue of its newsletter, Morning Calm, published regularly since 1890.

Lebanese Evangelical School for the Blind
This school was the first school for blind people in the Middle East. It was founded in 1868 by a dedicated group of people who devoted their lives to the service of the blind in this part of the world. It is not strictly Anglican, but is run by an Anglican priest and has a Christian focus.

Living Threads Haiti
'We sell altar linens that provide life-saving aid to women in need. When you buy from us you support extremely poor women in a small village in Haiti and you promote the practice of Fair Trade principles.'

Los Amigos Episcopales, El Salvador
'a charitable organization in the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. It is a small but very active part of the diocesan Peace and Justice Ministry, dedicated to supporting Episcopal schools and preschools in the Diocese of El Salvador.'

Maison de Naissance, Torbeck, Haiti
'a maternity center designed as a birthing home. Our mission is to provide preferential care for mothers and babies in extreme poverty in Haiti. The services of a modern maternity center are offered in the hospitality of a safe, culturally appropriate, welcoming, and friendly home'. Affiliated with the Diocese of West Missouri; Children's Medical Missions of Haiti; St Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri; and the Haitian Episcopal Learning Partnerships (HELP) Foundation.

Mission of Miracles, El Salvador
'As we are called to be the passionate presence of Christ in all we do, the purpose of the Mission of Miracles is to be a voluntary organization in relationship with the people of our Epsicopal Companion Diocese of El Salvador, with regard to health promotion, education and treatment of disease by providing medical, dental, vision, mental health, and veterinary services to support the ongoing mission of the diocese El Salvador health team.'

Mothers' Union of Barbados
Founded in 1918. Site includes extensive information on membership, activities, history and local branches.

Mothers' Union, Province of the West Indies

Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast Anglican Members
'a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds for the reconstruction of area churches and schools on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua that had been destroyed by hurricane Joan in October 1988'.

Nowonnanum, Seoul, South Korea
Youth, employment and social service agency affiliated with the Anglican Church of Korea.

Our Little Roses Ministries (Honduras)
Begun in 1998, this ministry focusses on giving 'hope with life-changing dimensions for physically and emotionally abused girls, as well as orphans... includes a health clinic, community for poor single mothers, bilingual school, Jubilee Center for justice issues, retreat center and a bed and breakfast and hospitality house. The ministry caught the interest of officials of San Pedro Sula who gave land to Our Little Roses on which now live 70 girls and staff and in several buildings and many ministries including a school and chapel, on which now live 70 girls and staff and in several buildings and many ministries including a school and chapel.'

Partners with Haiti
'Developing a network of support for the rebuilding of the Cathédrale Sainte-Trinité, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.'

Project Cuba: Wiring a Nation of Anglicans (Cuba)
In January 1996, Tod Maffin, the founder of Anglicans Online, travelled to Cuba with a ministry team from the national missions offices of the Anglican churches in Canada and the U.S. The task: To set up a national electronic mail network for the Diocese of Cuba to help the people keep communications channels open. This mini-site describes his trip and has a number of photos of the project as it developed.

Project Rozana
'This Australian-based initiative brings together people of different faiths and cultures with one clear objective – raising funds that will make a real difference to lives of hundreds of Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by providing treatment and doctor-training at one of the world's finest hospitals–Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.'

St Andrew's Autism Centre, Singapore

St Andrew's Community Hospital, Singapore

St John's Episcopal Church Restoration Committee (Virgin Islands)
'a comprehensive undertaking, encompassing the church, Sunday School building, rectory, churchyard (cemetery) and grounds. The restoration work will be carried out in phases, in order to enable the Parish to continue its pastoral responsibilities with the least amount of disruption.'

St Mary's School Sagada Alumni and Friends Foundation (Philippines)
'Concerned alumni and friends are now in the forefront of efforts towards rehabilitating SMSS and sustaining its operations.'

St Paul the Apostle Boys' Town–CIMESPA, Brazil (CIMESPA: Cidade de Meninos São Paulo Apóstolo)
Founded in 1958 as a non-profit educational and philanthropic institution directed by an elected non-stipendiary board for the purpose of boarding and educating abandoned or otherwise needy male children or adolescents.

Sebei Diocese Community Development and Empowerment (SD-CODE), Uganda

Servicios de Salud Episcopales
Anglican foundation managing three hospitals and home care medical service in Puerto Rico.

Shalom House, Namyangju, South Korea
Anglican ministry to migrant workers

'a non-profit organization of Nagpur Diocese of the Church of North India under the banner of Nagpur Diocesan Development Association in India established in May 1997'.

Singapore Anglican Community Services

Sungkonghoe Foodbank
Foodbank of the Anglican Church of Korea.

TOPIK: Towards Peace in Korea
'Peace and reconciliation initiative for North Korea of the Anglican Church of Korea.' In English and Korean.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

The Bahamas
Anglican Central Education Authority

Bishop Michael Eldon School
This school is named for Michael Hartley Eldon (1931-2011), first Bahamian bishop of the Diocese of Nassau.

St John's College, Nassau
Founded in 1947 as the first secondary school of the diocese.

Codrington College, St John
The oldest theological college of the Anglican Communion, founded in 1715, officially opened in 1745 and training ordinands exclusively since 1830.

Anglican Colleges of Belize Alumni Association

Anglican Schools of Belize

Holy Cross Anglican School, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Holy Cross Education
'organized by volunteers across North America with the goal of ensuring schools like Holy Cross Anglican School in Ambergris Caye, Belize continue to make positive change in the world'.

St Andrew's School, Darussalam
Founded in 1956, affiliated with the Diocese of Kuching.

St John's School, Tumon Bay

An international college preparatory school.

Bishop Tharp Institute, Les Cayes
'a two-year institution of postsecondary education, modeled after a US community college'.

Séminaire de Théologie, Port-au-Prince

L'Université Episcopale d'Haïti, Port-au-Prince
Founded in 1994.

The Episcopal Schools of Honduras

St Mary's Episcopal School, Tegucigalpa

Anglican International School, Jerusalem
'An internationally accredited, pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 [ages 3-18] school. It is dedicated to preparing students to succeed throughout the world, in schools, universities, future responsibilities and careers.'

St George's College, Jerusalem
'In 1924, a few local Anglicans began to study informally for the priesthood at the Cathedral. British theological students would join them to study during the summer. More and more people came, and St George's College Jerusalem was created just after World War II. The College's main objective was to train priests of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. But, the dream of a seminary for students from the Middle East ended with the Six-Day War of 1967. After that conflict, the Rev'd Canon John Wilkinson helped transform the seminary into a College for the entire Anglican Communion as well as the worldwide church'.

St John's School, Haifa

St Peter's Online
'The Diocese of Jamaica and Cayman Islands’ very own online learning portal. This site is being used currently, to pilot online delivery of educational and training content with specific reference to the Supplementary Ministry Training Programme (SMTP).'

United Theological College of the West Indies, Kingston
Founded in 1965, this theological college serves Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, Moravian, Baptist and other Christian churches in Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, the Cayman Islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Huimang Special School, Uijeongbu, South Korea
School for special-needs students affiliated with the Anglican Church of Korea.

St Peter's School
Founded in 1975 to provide special needs children with effective special education.

SungKongHoe University, Seoul, Korea
Founded in 1914 as St Michael's Theological Seminary, SungKongHoe University is an institution of the Anglican Church of Korea. Today it grants undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees in Theology and Civil and Social Welfare. This Korean-language site includes smaller sections in English, Japanese and Chinese.

St George's Girls School, Penang
Founded in 1885.

St Mary's School for Girls, Kuala Lumpur
Founded in 1912.

Holy Cross Theological College, Yangon
'This is [...] for the Holy Cross Theological College's Alumni and friends and anyone who is interested in HCTC.'

Papua New Guinea
Newton Theological College, Popondetta, Papua New Guinea.
Established in 1952, this theological college serves all five dioceses of the Church of Papua New Guinea; its newsletter the Saint Athanasius Messenger, is available online.

The Saints Augustine Seminary, Lima

Easter College, Baguio
Elementary to college level.

Trinity University of Asia, Quezon City
Joint educational institution of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and the Iglesia Filipina Independiente.

Puerto Rico
Episcopal Cathedral School, San Juan
Founded in 1946.

Anglican High School
Co-educational day school

Christ Church Secondary School

St Andrew's Junior College

St Andrew's Junior School
For boys.

St Hilda's Primary School
For girls.

St Hilda's Secondary School

St James Church Kindergarten

St Margaret's Primary School
Primary school for girls.

St Margaret's Secondary School
For girls.

Good Shepherd Kindergarten, Taipei

St James Kindergarten, Taichung

St John's Kindergarten, Taipei

St Paul's Kindergarten, Kaohsiung [Music attack]

St Peter's Kindergarten, Chiay

SKH Kindergarten, Kaohsiung [Music attack]

SKH Kindergarten, Tainan

St Andrew's Anglican School, Chiang Mai

St Andrew's School, Nuku'alofa

Trinidad and Tobago
Holy Saviour Anglican Primary School, Curepe

Virgin Islands
All Saints Cathedral School
, St Thomas

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