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This page last updated 21 June 2022  

Not in the Communion

THE CHURCHES LISTED HERE are not 'in the communion'. That means that they are not part of the Anglican Communion. To be part of it, a church must have a formal relation with the See of Canterbury. It is entirely possible for a church to be in full communion with the Anglican Church without being in the Anglican Communion. It is also entirely possible for a church to be completely Anglican in heritage and origin, but for it not to be in communion with the See of Canterbury.

Many of the churches listed below refer to themselves as 'continuing churches'. By this they mean that they are continuing with characteristics that some Canterbury-communion churches have chosen not to continue. You will often see the term 'the continuum' to refer to the collection of churches that have broken away from Canterbury in order to do what they see as continue the old traditions.

In order to have an Anglican church in valid apostolic succession, one needs to have one bishop whose consecration is through an Anglican origin. While that bishop may have been consecrated in the Anglican church, he or she has no obligation to remain administratively part of it. Each of the churches listed on this page has at least one independent bishop, and has a compelling reason for not being part of the Canterbury communion.

Churches of Anglican or Episcopal Tradition

(NOTE: Old Catholic churches, the Philippine Independent Church, the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, and the Churches of Bangladesh and Pakistan are listed on our In Full Communion page.)

American Anglican Church
Headquartered in Scarborough, New York.

Anglican Catholic Church
'We affirm that the Church of our fathers, sustained by the most Holy Trinity, lives yet, and that we, being moved by the Holy Spirit to walk only in that way, are determined to continue in the Catholic Faith, Apostolic Order, Orthodox Worship and Evangelical Witness of the traditional Anglican Church, doing all things necessary for the continuance of the same.'
Missionary Diocese of Australia and New Zealand
Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States
Diocese of Southern Africa

Diocese of the Holy Trinity
Diocese of the United Kingdom

Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

Anglican Catholic Church of Kenya
'a highly Liturgical and Sacramental Anglican Church founded within the Anglican Catholic tradition. It is a welcoming Church for all based in Kenya with its administrative office in Nairobi. The church was started in Kenya on 29th November 2006 and held its first Worship Service on 11th February 2007.'

Anglican Catholic Church in China

Anglican Catholic Diocese of Christ the Redeemer
'We have congregations in England, Italy, Malta, Germany and Russia. New congregations will be installed in France, Spain and in different other countries in the European Union. The jurisdiction over all Europe has the Archbishop and the Bishop Ordinary located in Germany.'

Anglican Church in America
'All of our parishes and missions are orthodox and sacramental, continuing in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles and in the breaking of bread, which was established by Christ as the design for the life of the Church.'

Diocese of the Eastern United States
Diocese of the Missouri Valley
Diocese of the Northeast
Diocese of the West

Anglican Church in North America
This church includes a large number of subsidiary organisations and geographic or non-geographic dioceses. It is not listed as a province of the Anglican Communion by the Anglican Communion Office in London, and in September 2017 the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion stated explicitly that the ACNA is not a province of the Anglican Communion.
'Currently this website's purpose is to serve as an easy way for congregations and diocese to fill out their annual reports.'

Missionary Diocese of All Saints
Diocese of the Carolinas
Diocese of Cascadia
Anglican Diocese of Christ Our Hope
Diocese of Fort Worth

Diocese of the Great Lakes
(not the other Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes)
Gulf Atlantic Diocese

Diocese of the Holy Spirit

International Diocese

Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic
Diocese in New England

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Diocese of Quincy
Diocese of the Rocky Mountains
Diocese of San Joaquin
Diocese of South Carolina
Diocese of the South

Diocese of the Southwest

Diocese of the Trinity
Diocese of the Upper Midwest
Diocese of Western Anglicans
Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast
and the Deanery for the Chaplaincy.

It also sponsors Anglican Relief and Development Fund and Anglican Global Mission Partners.

The Anglican Church in the Philippines (Traditional) Inc.
'A continuing Anglican Province, using 1928 Book of Common Prayer (In English, Tagalog, Ilocano Dialects. We are Traditional, Evangelical, Catholic and Episcopal Church based in the Philippines.'

Anglican Church International Communion
Formed 17 November 2001 in Atlanta [Georgia, USA]. 'The new communion is the first step toward bringing greater unity to the much splintered continuing "churches" throughout the world.  The guiding principles state "this is a traditional communion dedicated to bring peace and unity to all anglican worshipers," and adhere to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer. Signatories to this historic document are The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson, Bishop of Virginia; The Rt. Rev. Lafond LaPointe, Bishop of Haiti; The Rt. Rev. Luther Pierre-Toussaint, Bishop of Haiti; The Rt. Rev. Vincent Thakore, Bishop of the South; and The Rt. Rev. Melvin H. Pickering, Bishop of the Diocese of the Holy Sacrament'.

Anglican Church of India
An 'autonomous Church body having its nine Bishops in valid apostolic succession. It has good relations to other Traditional Anglican denominations who continued in valid apostolic succession. The Anglican Church of India is affiliated to the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion of about 42 Anglican Churches.'

Anglican Church of South Sudan
'an independent national church formed on the biblical call of God to serve, spreading the Gospel for furthering the Kingdom of the Almighty God both spiritually and also with physical development.'

Anglican Church of the Americas
'a network of churches, ministries, missions, dioceses, and provinces who are firmly committed to the orthodox doctrines of the historic Christian faith in the context of Convergence worship, spirituality, and theology which emphasizes the Evangelical, Charismatic, and Sacramental teachings of Holy Scripture'. Based in Luverne, Alabama, USA.

Anglican Church Worldwide
'Many of the Continuing Churches of the Anglican faith wrestle with whether they are in communion with Canterbury or nay. The ACW is NOT in communion with Canterbury administratively, but we are spiritually'.

Anglican Diocese of Texas
This diocese has fives parishes throughout Texas. Its beautiful website has a full-page 'about us' explanation that we have not been able to distill into a simple summary.

Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes (not the other Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes)
'Tracing their origins to the 1930s, Anglican Church parishes and missions of the non-geographical and independent Diocese of the Great Lakes are located in the American Midwest, in several municipalities within the Metropolitan Toronto area, and in other cities in Ontario. The Diocese of the Great Lakes was established in 1998 through the unity proposals of the bishops of the former Independent Anglican Diocese of Ontario and the Independent Anglican Missionary District of the USA. This Diocese works cooperatively with other Episcopalians, including The United Episcopal Church of North America, with which the DGL is in intercommunion, and the Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod).'

Anglican Diocese of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest
'More familiarly, the diocese is known as the Diocese of the Holy Trinity. It is a part of an international denomination, the Communion of Anglican Churches.' Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington.

Anglican Episcopal Church Diocese of Europe
'forms part of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Chile. The Anglican Episcopal Church has dioceses on every continent.'

The Anglican Episcopal Church International - Australia
'a Communion of traditional Anglicans of all varieties of churchmanship from Anglo-Catholic to Evangelical and Charismatic, who share a belief in the historic values of Anglican worship and the teaching of the Bible. All of the Provinces of the Communion are autonomous, comprising self-governing churches and families of churches around the world.

The Anglican Episcopal Church International - UK
'The Anglican Episcopal Church International was created in England to promote a traditional Anglican Communion, as handed down by the preceding generations of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of England and to adhere to the orthodox Christian faith, through witness and service to the community, in this age of religious liberalism and secular decadence.'

The Anglican Episcopal Churches of India
'We are Liturgical Anglican Churches. Our worship draws from modern and ancient Christian rites. In addition, our services include praise and worship and will draw the best from all cultural ethos (custom, habit, and character) which enhance Christian teaching.'

Anglican Fraternity of Catholic Priests
'a fraternal organization seeking to bring together catholic-minded Anglicans across jurisdictions and dioceses within the Anglican Church of North America and within the broader Anglican Communion'.

Anglican Free Communion
'The Anglican Free Communion - The Episcopal Free Church (Old name: Free Protestant Episcopal Church) is a large group of Anglicans of all varieties of churchmanship from Anglo-Catholic (High Church), Evangelical (Low Church), Latitudinarian (Broad Church), Charismatic and Liberal. All of the Provinces of the Communion are autonomous, comprising self-governing churches and families of churches around the world. This Communion was established in England on 2 November 1897 by a union of several small British episcopates established in the 1870s, independent of the Church of England.

Anglican Independent Communion Australia
'Our denomination originates from England and is a separate entity from the Anglican Church of Australia. We continue to believe in everything the Church of England accepted & taught before it was swamped by liberalism. AIC Australia was formed in 2006 when Reverend Peter McInnes was accepted as the Vicar-general for Australia in 2006, prior to his consecration into the Episcopate in September 2006, where one Priest was incardinated, three Deaconess’ and one Deacon were ordained into the AIC Australia.'

The Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide

Anglican Mission in America
From the web site: 'AMiA is the evolution of the work of First Promise and AACOM, and is dedicated to the creation of a new, orthodox province of the Anglican Communion on American shores'. For our reasoning behind this classification, please see our AMiA-classification report. One of its constituent parts is the regional Heart of North America Mission.

The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)
'a mission society that seeks to promote gospel growth in areas covered by the Church of England (principally in England, but also in other parts of Europe) by supporting Anglican churches and individuals both within and outside present Church of England structures.'

Anglican Mission in the Americas Canada
'TheAM Canada promotes authentic, growing relationships with Jesus and one another that lead us to reach out to others in love. We are committed to graceful, organic and visionary service empowered by God’s Spirit and would love to have you join us on this journey.'

Anglican Network in Canada
'We are a continent-wide family of churches, a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America, and part of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans - representing the majority of Anglicans worldwide who remain faithful to established Christian doctrine and Anglican practice'.

Anglican Orthodox Church
'The Anglican Orthodox Church was founded in 1963 in Statesville, North Carolina by Bishop James Parker Dees as a result of the perceived apostasy taking place in the wider Anglican Communion. The AOC was the first group to separate from the US Episcopal Church since the Reformed Episcopal Church withdrew in the nineteenth century. The AOC is traditional and conservative & adheres to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the Apostles and Nicene Creeds and the ancient homilies and reformed principles of the Church of England. The AOC enjoys member churches in South Africa, Kenya, the Central African Republic, Liberia, Malawi, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Brazil, Haiti, the Philippines, India, the Fiji Islands, and Pakistan. The AOC stands upon the same biblical principles and theological doctrines as those espoused by the ancient church and affirmed by our founding Bishop Dees. It has consistently existed as the Anglican Orthodox Church throughout its existence as a Communion. The current Presiding Bishop is the Most Reverend Jerry L. Ogles'.

Anglican Orthodox Church in Canada
Site includes a brief history of this group with a presence in Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Anglican Orthodox Church in India

The Anglican Orthodox Church of the Fiji Islands
'In our worship service we use the 1928 Anglican Book of Common Prayer and the King James version of the Bible.'

Anglican Orthodox Southern Episcopal Church
'We are an evangelical, liturgical, community of Christians with congregations and/or ministries in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. We are Anglican in practice, but broad enough to welcome and work with Christians of other traditions.'

The Anglican Province of America
This traditional episcopal, evangelical and catholic denomination was established 1970 and uses the American 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

Anglican Province of Christ the King
In 1977, Episcopal clergy and laity gathered in St Louis, Missouri, and set forth a statement of faith called the 'Affirmation of Saint Louis', which expressed their commitment as Episcopalians to orthodox Christianity. The next step was the creation of the Diocese (now Province) of Christ the King in 1978, whose purpose is to put the St Louis statement of faith into action. The Anglican Province of Christ the King uses the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and trains men for the priesthood at its national seminary.

Anglican Rite Diocese of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church
'If you are tired of the in fighting of the continuing Anglican Churches, if you want to get back to the Traditional issues and not the political, contact us. We are forming a new rite within the HOCC to meet your needs. [...] This is NOT a political institution, but a community focused on the love of Christ and service to His Kingdom.'

Anglican Rite Old Catholic Church
An Independent Catholic Church made up of several congregations located in Texas. Priests come from various religious backgrounds including the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, and Orthodox Churches. They use the Anglican Rite in worship, which dates back several hundred years, and make use of the US Episcopal Church's 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church
an ancient, autonomous, semi-autocephalous Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate with Anglican patrimony descended from the Roman Catholic See of Utrecht. The See of Utrecht has remained independent since 1145, when the Holy See in Rome granted autonomy. Modernly known as the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church (ARRCC), the Patriarchate is faithful to the magisterium of eternal Rome and the eternal One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. Although administratively independent, the See embraces as brethren other Catholic and Anglican bodies, such as the current Roman Communion (commonly referred to as the Roman Catholic Church), the Anglican Ordinariate, and the Anglican Communion.'

Apostolic Anglican Church
'an Evangelical + Apostolic + Charismatic + Liturgical Christian community serving the United States and territories with the love, faith and fellowship of the Gospel of Jesus Christ'. Embedded music attack.

Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches
'an international faith communion of like-minded believers in Christ Jesus, sharing the rich history and heritage of the Church and exercising the freedom of multi-cultural and spiritual expression'.

Archdiocese of the Mid-West

The Apostolic Episcopal Church
'The Apostolic Episcopal Church (AEC) was established in 1925 by [the] Reverend Arthur W. Brooks (1889-1948), a priest of the Episcopal Church, USA, and noted seminary professor and journalist with Walt Whitman’s renowned Brooklyn Eagle newspaper. Elevated to the office of Archbishop of Ebbsfleet by the Patriarchate of the Eastern Chaldean Church on May 4, 1925, +Brooks situated the initial Synod of the AEC at historic Christ Church by the Sea, Broad Channel Island, New York.' Headquartered in Queens, New York, USA.

The Charismatic Episcopal Church
'Founded in 1992 by independent pentecostal-charismatic congregations, the ICCEC combines charismatic ministry, sacramental worship and the celebration of biblical values born of orthodox, evangelical teaching.'

The Charismatic Episcopal Church of Congo
Based in New York.

Christian Episcopal Church
'A traditional Anglican jurisdiction, committed to Holy Scriptures, and dedicated to worshipping Jesus Christ in the traditional Anglican Way. The XnEC is comprised of parishes located in the United States (Diocese of Seattle), Canada (Diocese of Richmond).' Appears to have a connection to the Diocese of Fort Worth, in whose cathedral a recent consecration was held.

The Christian Episcopal Church of Canada
'A traditional continuation of the Anglican Church of Canada, [which] upholds and maintains the doctrine, sacraments, and discipline of Christ which the Lord commanded in His Holy Word and which were ever upheld and maintained by the undivided Primitive Church, and which the Church of England received and set forth in the 1562 Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and the 1662 Book of Common Prayer'.

Christian Missionary Anglican Communion
'a movement of Great Commission Christians who are glorifying God by building Christ's Church worldwide'.

Church of England, Cayman Islands
Established in protest that 'The Bishop of Jamaica and The Primate of the West Indies have tried, unlawfully, by Synodical Resolutions to annexe the Cayman Islands to their respective Diocese and Province.'

The Church of England (Continuing)
'We are a Protestant and Reformed Church founded on: The Authorised Version of the Bible The Book of Common Prayer 1662 The 39 Articles of Religion Where are the 39 Articles today in the Church of England? Where is the Prayer Book? Where for that matter is the Bible? You will find all these things in the Church of England (Continuing), so if you love the Church of England, that is where you should be!'

Church of England in South Africa
'Evangelicals who wished to remain true to their heritage adopted a Constitution in 1938. This Constitution enshrines the Reformed, Protestant and Evangelical faith handed down by our forefathers'. The Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH-SA) is the official operating name of the Church of England in South Africa (CESA).

Church of India, Pakistan and Ceylon - Anglican Catholic Church
'The Indian Anglicans appealed for a spiritual affiliation in the Anglican Catholic Church Original Province. As a result, in 1983, Bishop John Asha Prakash was consecrated in California in United States. And subsequently in the year 1984 Bishop Samuel Peter Prakash son of John Asha Prakash along with Bishop Gideon from Calcutta and Bishop Rao from Amritsar. [...] With these four dioceses the Province of India was restored and established as the Second Province of the Anglican Catholic Church.'

Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite)
'We are a member Church of the Traditional Anglican Communion. We worship according to the 1926 Book of Common Prayer. We are an Episcopal, Reformed, and Liturgical Church.'

Community Catholic Church of Canada
'An inclusive and progressive community in the Anglican/Catholic Tradition'.

The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
We see ourselves as an expression of the ancient-future Church of Jesus Christ, where the streams of Christian tradition and spirituality converge and flow together. Emphasizing the interweaving of the charismatic, evangelical and liturgical/sacramental, we identify with and stand in connection with the historic Celtic and Anglican spiritual traditions.

The Communion of the Open Episcopal Church in the Province of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Conservative Anglican Church of North America
'Come visit our church and experience the Mass from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (English and Spanish) with rich Christian faith, a dedication to follow Jesus in all things, a love of the Eucharist as the central point of our Christian Life, a commitment to serve the lost and the outcast, and that unique spirituality we call "Catholic."' Headquarters in Katy, Texas.

The Continuing Anglican Church
'holds to the principles of the traditional faith of which we believe that the Word of God is the fulfillment of Christian Faith'.

The Continuing Anglican Church - Anglican Continuum
"The church was recommissioned, furbished and accordingly renamed as the Continuing Anglican Church - Anglican Continuum in August 2019, by Archbishop Isaac S. Sato PhD DD, Bishop Jimmy Bamuke and Jonathan Kyangasha and clergy and laypeople who previously left Provinces comprising the Archbishop of Canterbury's Anglican Communion. The church stands with the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) by assenting to the Jerusalem Declaration as the contemporary expression of Anglican doctrine and practice."

Convocation of Anglicans in North America
'a missionary juridicition [sic] of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and the Anglican Church in North America. From very humble beginnings, over 100 congregations are associated with CANA across 30 States and in Canada, over 435 chaplains and clergy, three missionary dioceses and the Deanery of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy.'

Diocese of the East
Diocese of the West

Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship
'A 1928 Book of Common Prayer Anglo-Catholic Communion'.

Diocese of The Anglican Independent Communion - Original Province

Diocese of Europe, Holy Catholic Church Western Rite
'a Continuing Anglican Church'.

Diocese of the Holy Cross
'Remaining true to our English heritage and witnessing to the life of the Holy Trinity through the Faith and Practice of ancient Christianity. Our liturgy and theology are expressed in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and we use the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures.' Headquarters in Pennsylvania; parishes throughout the United States; 'affiliated with Forward in Faith UK.'

Diocesis Misionara Hispana
A Hispanic outreach diocese.

Emmanuel Anglican Communion
Based in Indiantown, Florida.

The Episcopal Anglican Archdiocese of America
Founded in 2008. 'The leaders of the EAAA see themselves as part of a convergence movement, seeking to combine evangelical Christianity with the liturgy and sacraments typical of Anglican Catholicism.'

Episcopal Archdiocese of the Mid-West
'We are an autocephalous jurisdiction within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and in full communion with the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches. The Episcopal Archdiocese of the Midwest is an Anglican Rite jurisdiction, holding true to the ancient creeds of the faith (Nicene and Apostles'), while promoting and endorsing a life of holiness and empowerment through the Holy Spirit.'

Episcopal Catholic Church
'We are part of the Anglican Free Communion an organization of Anglican churches based out of London, England that was founded in 1897. The main distinction of the AFC is that unlike the Anglican Communion we are welcoming and inclusive communion of churches in the Anglican tradition.'

The Episcopal Church of the Solomon Islands
'We are an independent Church in the Anglican tradition, serving and ministering to the people of the Solomon Islands, in particular Guadalcanal and Isabel islands.' Affiliated with The Anglican Episcopal Church International - Australia and Oceania.

The Episcopal Free Church
See 'The Anglican Free Communion', above..

The Episcopal Missionary Church
The Episcopal Missionary Church is a "missionary" Church in the sense that it is reaching out to traditional-minded Christians from all backgrounds who find that modernist reforms in their churches have left them without a place to practice their faith. Our motto, "Defend the Historic Faith", is descriptive of both the beliefs and practices of the EMC. All of the traditional values and doctrines which have made the Christian Church the great witness of our Lord's teachings are alive and well, and we invite you to join us as we celebrate Jesus Christ in the Sacraments and proclaim His message of salvation.

Evangelical Anglican Church in America
Based in Washington, DC, the EACA 'holds the sacred validity of orders that have been preserved through the unbroken chain of historically attested and affirmed apostolic succession. Our sacraments are valid and offered to all of the People of God with respect for the diversity of creation as the cornerstone of God's lavish love and welcome for creation.'

Evangelistic Apostolic Church Diocese
Established in the USA in 2002. 'We are a worldwide ministry of clergymen and churches, growing every year. We follow the Anglican Rite'

FCE (Evangelical Connexion)/A Connexion of Covenanting Churches
Formed in 2004 to adhere to the 1927 union of the Free Church of England (est. 1844), and the Reformed Episcopal Church of Great Britain and Ireland (est. 1876). This group rejects Freemasonry as incompatible with Christianity, and asserts that its position in this regard differs from that of some similar churches. Its doctrinal standards are the 39 Articles of Religion (revised) and the 1785 Book of Common Prayer.

Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas
'formed in 2006 to provide a vehicle for communication, fellowship and cooperation between the various Anglican Jurisdictions in the Americas,' this organisation is composed of the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Mission in America, the Anglican Province of America, the Diocese of the Holy Cross, the Episcopal Missionary Church, and the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Filipino Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
'The FCEEC is an independent continuing Anglican Provience of the Republic of the Philippines.'

The Free Church of England (see also Reformed Episcopal Church)
The first congregations of the Free Church of England were formed in 1844 by members of the Church of England anxious to uphold the doctrines of the Anglican Reformation as expressed in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer, which many Evangelicals felt to be under attack from the Oxford Movement. A Constitution was adopted in 1863. In 1876 a branch of the Reformed Episcopal Church was established in the UK. The two denominations cooperated closely and united in 1927. The united Church is a member of Churches Together in England and is a Designated Church under the Church of England’s Ecumenical Canons. There were official conversations with the Church of England in the mid 1990s. The provision of modern language worship has been approved and a process of drafting and authorization is under way. The episcopal succession derives originally (but not solely) from the Reformed Episcopal Church. Only men are ordained to the historic Orders or admitted as Readers.
Northern Diocese
Southern Diocese

The Free Episcopal Church
'The Free Episcopal Church stands at the crossroads of all that the Churches have been, and all that the Holy Spirit is inviting the Churches yet to be. We gather as Church to respond to Jesus' request to "feed my sheep". Jesus did not exclude anyone from His Table, and neither do we. We are self-governing local ministries and communities, covenanting together to be Church. In the FEC all people are welcome regardless of the categories that divide us (age, ethnicity, physical ability, gender, social class, sexuality, marital status, and so on). Those fights for a rightful place at the Table, that threaten to tear apart so many faith groups, are not part of our lives together, past or present.

Free Protestant Episcopal Church (Saskatchewan)
The mission of this church is to reach out and gather people together in an inclusive church united in the praise and service of God as expressed in traditional Anglican worship. The Book of Common Prayer (1962 Canada) is the only authorised liturgy.

Gospel Anglican Church of Nigeria
'Over the years we have witnessed in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) a determined attempt by the forces of darkness and their human agents to strangulate and stifle the faith of many. For exercising the charismatic gifts of the Spirit, thousands of Nigerian Anglicans, clergy and lay have been persecuted and hounded out of the church.' Affiliated with the Orthodox Anglican Communion.

Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite
'The purpose of The Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite) is to perpetuate the Faith, Order, Worship and Witness of Western Catholicism as it existed in the Church of England from around 200 A.D., to the time of the Great Schism, and set forth by the "ancient catholic bishops and doctors," and especially as defined by the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the undivided Church.'

Diocese of Holy Trinity and Great Plains

The Holy Trinity Anglocatholic Archdiocese in Europe of the Holy Catholic Church International

Iglesia Anglicana Carismática Pronosur
Headquartered in Venezuela, affiliated with FiFNA and Forward in Faith International.

Iglesia Anglicana Cristiana Misionera, Inc.
Spanish-language website for this church based in Puerto Rico.

Iglesia Anglicana Ortodoxa del Perú
A Peruvian branch of the Anglican Orthodox Church. In Spanish only.

Iglesia Anglicana Universal
'una Iglesia Anglicana Continuante, conserva intacta la fe de la Iglesia Católica y Apostólica de los primeros siglos y esta afiliada a la CONFEEL (conferencia Episcopal Ecuménica Latinoamericana) tiene tratados de Intercomunión con otras ramas del Anglicanismo Tradicional del movimiento "OXFORD".' La Iglesia Anglicana Universal es parte de la COMUNIÓN ANGLICANA ORTODOXA y está afiliada a la FICAI (Federacion de Iglesias Católicas Independientes).

Iglesia Católica Anglicana de Venezuela
formerly known as Iglesia Católica Reformada de Venezuela.

Iglesia Catolica Anglicana Sagrado Corazon de Jesus
'We are a liberal independent Anglican Catholic Latino church separated from the Diocese of El Camino Real over issues of who will control Latino ministry — Anglos or Latinos'.

Iglesia de Tradición Anglicana en Colombia

Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Chile

Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de Chile: Anglican Episcopal Diocese of Europe

Iglesia Evangélica Episcopal
'también llamada Red de Iglesias del Rey, es una comunión apostólica con una visión convergente del Cristianismo y la misión de avanzar el Reino de Dios entre las naciones'.

Igreja Anglicana do Brasil
This Portuguese-language website indicates that this NIC church in Brazil is the 'Anglican Archdiocese of Thomas Cranmer'.

Igreja Anglicana Independente
Site in Portuguese, church based in Brazil.

Igreja Anglicana Reformada
'The Reformed Anglican Church is a missionary district born with the desire to reach the millions of Brazilian who don't know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Also, we began our missionary work as a response to the crisis of faith and leadership in Brazilian Church. The district's mission is concentrated in church-planting, discipleship and training new leaders for the 21st Century.'

Igreja Anglicana Tradicional do Brasi
This Brazilian church also sponsors a Franciscan order.

Igreja Episcopal Anglicana Livre
'It was founded in 2000 and was linked to a continuant church in the U.S. (Anglican Province of Christ the Good Shepherd - present: Anglican Church of the Americas, based in Alabama). We are a church of charismatic and evangelical theology. We accept the 39 Articles of Religion. We do not ordain homosexuals or marry them. We translated into Portuguese and published the Breviary of the BCP, in 2007, and we maintain a traditional liturgical worship.'

Independent Anglican Church (Canada Synod)
'established in 1934 is committed to the to the Doctrine, Tradition and Common Prayer Worship of the ancient Church of England'.

Independent Anglican Synod
'founded on a simple idea: to offer a welcoming and safe place for spiritual seekers who are hungry for a different way of doing and being Church, and for those who journey along non-traditional Christian paths'.

India Christian Mission Church - Episcopal
'established in 1897 by an Anglican Priest of Bicester of England. [...] Now it is centered at Krishna and West Godavary Revenue Districts of Andhra Pradesh State.'

International Anglican Fellowship Mission
'the missionary arm of the Traditional Anglican Communion'.

International Anglican Orthodox Episcopal Communion
'We are a Multicultural Communion ... family focused.'

The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church
Based in Germany.

Italian Mission King Charles the Martyr (Missione Anglicana Tradizionalista Carlo I Stuart)
part of the Anglican Catholic Diocese of Christ the Redeemer (Continuing Anglican).

Latin Anglican Church of México
Spanish-language website for this church with headquarters in Mexico City.

The Latin American Anglican Church
'Our organization by special and particular circumstances with the help of God moved to United States (Year 2000) and Canada (Year 2003). We believe that atheists, agnostics and different we must love and serve and none should be discriminated against, racism and never contempt because we all have the right to exist as human persons. We believe that everyone is free to think, speak and act as long as we all respect the law and common order for the good of all without exception.' Based on Toronto.

Latin American Province, Traditional Anglican Communion

Mariners Church of Detroit
Part of the Reformed Episcopal Church. Many people will recognise it from the reference in Gordon Lightfoot's popular song about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

The Matthew 25 Initiative
'started with a vision from Archbishop Foley Beach [of the Anglican Church in North America] and his desire to use a generous grant from an anonymous donor to help churches reach the poor and needy in their communities.'

Missionary Diocese of the Trinity
'The General Synod of the Church of Nigeria has approved the creation of the Missionary Diocese of the Trinity MDT. Missionary Diocese of the Trinity MDT shall be a cluster of Churches in North America and Canada, and an offshoot of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and an affiliate of Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and Convocation of Anglicans in North America CANA.'

Nazareth House Apostolate
Headquartered in Taylorsville, Kentucky USA. Includes 'St. Simeon Skete[,] an orthodox skete founded under the vision and Crozier of Archbishop James Provence of the Anglican Province of Christ the King'.

New Anglican Church
'connected to the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, and part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). It is our hope that one day our efforts centered in the San Francisco Bay Area will grow large enough to become a diocese on its own.'

Nippon Kirisuto Seikokai
The Traditional Anglican Church in Japan.

Oratory of St Jerome
'The Oratory of Saint Jerome is the independent Anglican-Catholic ministry. Our Bishop is The Most Rev. D. Ceabron Williams. We are a ministry of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. We are Sacramental, Ecumenical, Evangelical and Charismatic.'

The Orthodox Anglican Church
'The United States member of the world-wide Orthodox Anglican Communion, the Orthodox Anglican Church was incorporated in 1964 as a Province of the Holy Catholic Church.'

Orthodox Anglican Communion
'The Orthodox Anglican Communion is a world wide fellowship of national churches (with Apostolic Succession derived through and shared with the Anglican Communion, the Old Catholic Union of Utrecht, and the Orthodox Church) that are committed to the historic faith in the Anglican tradition; the Communion is represented in the United States of America by the Orthodox Anglican Church. The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Orthodox Anglican Communion is Thomas E. Gordon. He was enthroned in 2015.

'an association of Anglican churches that are committed to the historic biblical faith as passed on through the English reformers.' The North American mission of the Province de L'Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda.

Progressive Episcopal Church
'an ecclesiastical province of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church and celebrates the Anglican Heritage of the ancient Christian tradition'.

Progressive Episcopal Diocese of the South
'committed to assisting, guiding and serving people who want to make a difference in their lives, their communities and the world, by planting and developing small local faith communities'.

Province of Christ the Good Shepherd
'We are an orthodox Anglo-Catholic Province. We are all Spirit-filled believers who operate (some of us very powerfully) in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we all stress the Spirit-led preaching of the infallible Word, AND we all believe strongly in the power of the Sacraments, ministered in the tradition of the Church, to form and transform the lives of believers. Thus, we seek to combine the historical "Three Streams" of Christianity in a vibrant and living Church experience.'

Province of The Holy Catholic Church-Western Rite: The Anglican Diocese of the Caribbean and New Granada
'the original jurisdiction of the Continuing Anglican movement in Latin America, was founded by the Most Rev. Arthur Albert Chambers, and his jurisdiction is in Cuba, Colombia, Venezeula, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, with extra territories of Spain and Texas'.

Province of the Holy Spirit-Anglican Rite
Based in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Province of The Order of Christ the King: Diocese of Anglican Independent Communion - Original Province
"The Titular Archiepiscopal See in America of the Ancient Orthodox Church in England. Before Canterbury - Before Rome - Before Utrecht, there was Glastonbury. The Mission established by St. Joseph of Arimathea circa 36 A.D. Orthodox in Faith. Catholic in Mission. Anglican in Liturgy."

Province of Transfiguration-Anglican Rite
welcoming, sacramental, charismatic and evangelical small continuing Anglican Catholic/Old Catholic Province.

Province of Transfiguration-Non-Juror Independent Anglican
'We believe in a very solidly Reformed Anglican Catholic interpretations of traditional Christian doctrine and liturgical worship when compared to that can be found in the two creeds.'

Provincia Anglicana de Ecuador

Provincia Anglicana del Norte de Suramérica (Pronosur)
Churches in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. [Music attack]

Provincia Iglesia Anglicana Reformada
'una Iglesia que predica al Cristo resucitado, trabaja para la extensión del Evangelio de Dios y proclama, y mantiene, firmemente la doctrina Bíblica y el ministerio de la Iglesia. Nuestra Iglesia es hija de la Iglesia de Inglaterra, compartiendo con ella su herencia y orden. Aunque con características propias, dada su condición Latinoamericana y autonomía.' Based in Colombia.

Reformed Anglican Church
Based in Florida.

Reformed Episcopal Church
'The Reformed Episcopal Church, holding "the faith once delivered to the saints", declares its belief in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the Word of God, and the sole Rule of Faith and Practice; in the Creed commonly called the Apostles' Creed; in the Divine institution of the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper; and in the doctrines of grace substantially as they are contained in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion. This Church recognizes and adheres to Episcopacy, not as of Divine right, but as a very ancient and desirable form of Church polity'.

Diocese of Mid-America
Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
Diocese of the Southeast
Diocese of the West
Diocese of Western Canada and Alaska
Missionary Diocese of the Central States
Virginia Convocation of the Reformed Episcopal Church
Board of Foreign Missions
The Order of Deaconesses

Protestant Reformed Christian Church in Croatia: A jurisdiction of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Reformed Evangelical Anglican Churches of Namibia
'The Church of England in Namibia (Name changing to Reach Namibia) has been part of The Church of England in South Africa (CESA) since the 1970's. Now comprising 5 churches in and around the Ondangwa/Oshikati area of Owamboland these churches are situated in the most densely populated part of Namibia.'

Reformierte Episkopalkirche in Deutschland
The Reformed Episcopal Church in Germany. This German-language site includes a translation of the REC Book of Common Prayer, as well as pictures, articles, history, and information about worship services.

St Benedict's Mission
'an Ecumenical Benedictine Community within the Anglican tradition'.

St Willibrord Priory
'Our priory is an independent religious community under the patronage of His Grace, the Most Revd Lamido Ali Buba, Archbishop of Kaduna Province and Dean of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).'

Southeast PEARUSA
'We have churches throughout the southeastern United States and operate under the oversight of the Southeast PEARUSA bishop and Council with lay and ordained leaders elected from our churches.'

Southern Episcopal Church
'We are a branch of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church instituted by Jesus Christ faithfully continuing the Anglican tradition. We uphold the historic Catholic Faith, Apostolic Order and Evangelical Witness as set forth in the 1928 American edition of the Book of Common Prayer. We accept as binding and unalterable the received Faith and Traditions of the Church, and its teachings. These include the historic, threefold male ordained ministry of Bishop, Priest, and Deacon, as set forth in the Holy Scriptures; the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds; and the writings of the bishops and doctors of the ancient Church, especially as defined by the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church'.

Synod of the Anglican Episcopal Communion Churches
'in full communion with Anglican Episcopal Church International'.

The Traditional Anglican Church in Britain
'We are a constituent part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a worldwide Communion of orthodox churches in the Classical Anglican Tradition.'

The Traditional Anglican Communion
'Our mission is to recall Anglicanism to its heritage, to heal divisions caused by departures from the Faith, and to build a vibrant church for the future based on powerful local leadership.'

The Traditional Anglican Communion
publishes The Messenger Journal, based in Australia.

Traditional Anglican Communion in New Zealand
'We perpetuate the Faith, Order, Worship and Witness of Western Catholicism as it existed in the Church in England from around 200 AD.'

Traditional Anglicans in Canada
'We are affiliated with the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church under the leadership of Archbishop Mark Haverland or with the Anglican Province of Christ the King under that of Archbishop James Provence.'

The Traditional Church of England
The TCE is one of the original 'Continuing' churches in England. It was formed in 1994, but developed from the much-older Movement for a Continuing Church of England. The clergy and lay people of the TCE are all former communicants of the Church of England.

Umzi wase Tiyopiya Ityalike yomdibaniso
Anglican Catholic Church, Missionary Diocese of East Cape, South Africa.

United Anglican Church Province II
'Not in any way affiliated with the United Anglican Church.'

The United Episcopal Church of North America
'a traditional Anglican or Episcopalian Church body that seeks to maintain the doctrine, discipline and worship of the old Protestant Episcopal Church. We believe that Holy Scripture contains all doctrine necessary to salvation, and that the Bible should be understood within the context of the writings of the Ancient Creeds, Fathers and Councils of the Church. We also respect the reformed inheritance of the Anglican Communion as contained in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer.'

The Universal Anglican Church
'a truly contemporary Church that blends the best of historic Christianity with practices and theology firmly rooted in the 21st Century. Our clergy are from diverse backgrounds, and our ministries reflect that diversity. Among those ministries are parishes, counseling ministries, prison ministries, healing ministries, religious orders, and homeless ministries. We believe that our ministries should serve the needs of the communities in which they reside, and to accomplish that we allow those ministries the freedom to design programs that meet those needs.'

Mid-Atlantic Region

The Universal Anglican Interspiritual Church
'truly radically inclusive, focused on social justice, and committed to meeting the needs of people without requiring church membership or forcing them to come to our buildings. We came to see that we had the best impact on those we served when we partnered with other Churches from the mainline denominations, the charismatic denominations, and the liturgical denominations, and so we started a movement we called Convergence.'

World Anglican Episcopal Communion
'an international religious communion, comprised of several Provinces, Archdiocese, Diocese and Religious Orders and Societies, and maintain their Anglican and unity through joint fellowship. Our Communion is open to all Who believing Jesus Christ and Obeying His word.'

Worldwide Anglican Church
'Like most organizations and churches, we have adapted and grown over the decades as you will learn on our history page. Our conviction to faithfully continue to share the richness of the love of God in an ever-changing world, through the expression of our beloved traditional Anglican faith, remains as true today as it did when our Founding fathers took the bold and obedient step of birthing our church.'

Resources for Churches in the Episcopal and Anglican Tradition

The ACNA Guild of Vergers
'exists to connect individual vergers and congregations that use vergers for resource sharing, training, and mutual encouragement. The Guild of Vergers also exists to promote the ministry of vergers throughout the Province and to assist congregations in establishing their own verger ministries.'

All Nations Christian Academy: New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America.

The American Church Union
'publishers for the Anglican Province of Christ the King, witnesses to sacramental, historic, and Anglo-Catholic faith and practice'.

Andrewes Hall Theological College and Seminary: Phoenix, Arizona.
'founded in 2002 in response to the shared vision of the Reformed Episcopal Diocese of Mid-America (DMA), Covenant Renewal Ministries, Inc., and a few pastor-scholars from Phoenix, Arizona'.

Anglican Bible and Book Society
'Anglican Bible and Book Society'.

Anglican Deaconess Association
'Our Mission is to bring Anglican Deaconesses together in fellowship, learning, and worship.' Affiliated with the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas.

Anglican Deacons
'a resource for permanent, or vocational, deacons in orthodox Anglican traditions in North America'.

Anglican Family
'dedicated to the renewal of families for the flourishing of church and society through the resourcing of clergy, lay leaders, and parents in the work of faith formation'.

Anglican Fourth Day
'Pittsburgh's Anglican 4th Day movement has brought Christian renewal and recommittment to thousands of Anglicans.'

Anglican House Publishers
'the newly created publishing company of the Anglican Church of North America. Currently in formation, this organization is dedicated to producing and distributing high quality Christian publications.'

Anglican Order of Friars Preachers: 'founded in the Continuing Anglican Church to foster religious vocations and to maintain the apostolate of preaching salvation and the orthodox catholic faith'.

Anglican Parishes Association
'an organization founded in 1981 by the then Right Reverend William O. Lewis to publish prayer books, missals, devotional books, tracts, calendars, and other materials to serve the religious, educational, and liturgical needs of the Anglican Catholic Church, its members, and other interested persons'.

Anglican Priests for Life: '(The Society of The Holy Innocent) wishes to complement, rather than duplicate, all work carried out by other pro- life groups, as listed throughout these pages. We are not Partisan, Sectarian or in competition, we are Catholic (defending the faith delivered by the saints) Priests that use various versions of the Book of Common Prayer.'

Anglican Scouting North America
Affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America.

Anglican Seminary of Virginia
'The goal of the Anglican Seminary of Virginia (ASV) is to prepare men for ministry in the Anglican Church. Seminary education focuses on Anglican faith and orthodoxy of the primitive and traditional church as defined in the American 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Studies for religious workers and laymen (male and female) are also offered.'

The Anglican School of Divinity
'operated by the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches, and is charged with the responsibility of establishing, providing and administering programs of education for the Laity and Clergy of the Church.'

Anglicanorum Coetibus Society
'offers independent and loyal support to the Personal Ordinariates established under the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus'.

The Anglo-Reformed Movement: Anglicans in the Wilderness
'We are a movement of present, former and would-be Anglicans who hold to its Reformed tradition. We seek the establishment of churches on American soil that honor the principles and Formularies of the English Reformation.'

Christ Academy, Collingdale, Pennsylvania
Affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO)
'a church planting movement designed to develop leaders committed to planting Kingdom-based, Spirit-enabled, missional churches as a servant to ACNA, TheAM and PEAR-USA.'

Cistercian Order of the Holy Cross
An independent Anglo/Catholic Religious Order based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Colorado Anglican Society
'Our mission is to foster unity, mission, and leadership development in the Anglican church in Colorado.'

The Committee on Women's Ministry
Reformed Episcopal Church

DEUS Publications
Publishing arm of the Diocese of the Eastern United States, Anglican Province of America. 'we hope to be able to bring you other works for the good of the Church and the spread of the Kingdom of God'.

Escola de Teologia Bispo Ryle
Theological college of the Reformed Anglican Church of Brazil.

Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary
'Increasingly, persons that are mature adults or professionals are seeking to follow after the Lord's call into ordained ministry. Therefore, we have felt that it is imperative to design educational programs that can meet the needs of students within the 21st century.'

The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
'working for the preservation of the historic Anglican Way since 1976 and ... a unifying catalyst for Anglican traditionalists'.

Footstool Publications
'We are evangelical, Anglican, and heirs to the Reformation, holding to the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, which support a high view of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. We also hold to the three creeds of ancient Christendom: Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian.'

Fraternity of St Augustine of Canterbury
'seeking to bring together catholic-minded Anglicans across jurisdictions and dioceses within the Anglican Church of North America and within the broader Anglican Communion'.

George Whitefield College
Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. Theological college of the Church of England in South Africa.

Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Tyler, Texas
Affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Greenhouse Movement
'we are following the Holy Spirit together for the spontaneous expansion of God's Church. Our heart is to bring Christ’s healing Gospel to all people and all communities.' Affiliated with the Anglican Church of North America.

Houston Anglicans Online
'We are a group of Houston-area parishes from the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA), the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) and the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC).'

Logos House of Theological Studies
'an Independent Educational Institution, incorporated in the State of Maine, and affiliated with the Traditional Anglican Communion and the National Church and Dioceses of the Anglican Church of America, and other Continuing Anglican Church jurisdictions'. Founded in 1998.

Media Dei
'We make great websites for orthodox Anglican churches, schools and organizations which seek to have a compelling Web presence. Your website will look stylish, unique, and distinctly “Anglican,” because we source our work from the rich tradition of Anglican art, history and typography.'

New Covenant Schools, Lynchburg, Virginia
'an educational community founded in 1991 in the classical, Christian tradition. Unique in its approach among schools in Central Virginia, New Covenant serves about 450 students in grades JK-12 with the finest classical, Christian program of study in the region. The school is fully accredited, and is affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.'

Old Holy Roman Church of the English Rite (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) Vocations Office

Order of Saint Mary and Saint Jude
A religious order in the Anglican Tradition dedicated to engage in acts of social services, education and evangelism in Korogocho slums, eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross
'women who have committed our lives to the work and service of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray daily for our church, its clergy, the Order and others in need.'

The Parish Press
'formerly of Fond du Lac Wisconsin and later Hays Kansas, has published Christian literature, Christian Education materials, devotional booklets and Liturgical resources for over 75 years. DoveTracts, founded in 1998 has been providing books, tracts, and teaching CDs and DVDs for churches and families internationally.'

Reformed Anglican Fellowship
'Our Mission: To Promote an international "Reformed Anglican" identity. To Train ministers for church planting. To Provide church planting ministries with assistance including printed and online materials for worship and study.'

Reformed Episcopal Seminary
'Founded by the Reformed Episcopal Church in 1887, the Reformed Episcopal Seminary educates and trains Christians for lay and ordained ministries in the church of Jesus Christ. We are distinguished by our strong commitment to the inerrancy of God's Word, adherence to reformed theology and evangelical beliefs, worship and polity in the Anglican tradition, and an emphasis on pastoral ministry training.'

The Ridley Institute, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
'Theology in the midst of God's people, under the preaching of God's word, nourished by God's sacraments, training for God's mission and under the administration of God's discipline.'

St Alban's School
The Reformed Episcopal Church has launched this pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3 school in New York City.

St Alcuin House (The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches)
'St Alcuin House is a seminary in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Our mission is to prepare clergy and chaplains for ministry. Our goal is to provide professional in-depth training for work in the Body of Christ at a reasonable cost'.

St Andrew's Academy, Lake Almanor, California.
Day and boarding coeducational school affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church.

St Andrew Theological College and Seminary
Associated with the Orthodox Anglican Communion.

St Bede's Anglican Catholic Theological College
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 'a 'virtual college', established in 2001 to serve the needs of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada in the academic and pastoral training of men for the ordained ministry; to provide ongoing post-ordination training and programs for those already ordained; and to offer theological education to lay persons who are members of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada but not candidates for ordination.'

Saint Brendan's Monastic Fellowship
'Situated on a 200-year old farm in Downeast Maine, Saint Brendan's Monastic Retreat Community has been consecrated to God as a place of retreat, solitude, prayer, and monastic formation.' Affiliated with the United Anglican Church.

St David Anglican Youth Retreat
Affiliated with the Anglican Province of Christ the King.

St James University
'commissioned with one goal: To advance the discipleship of God's children, without regard to denominational preference. However, we must begin building our curriculum somewhere, so we have started with the courses required for consecration by the Conservative Anglican Church of North America.'

St John's Priory, Community of Christ the Sower
'We are an Anglican religious institute for men or women, married or single, living in community or residing in their own homes who seek through community and under the guidance of the Rule of St Benedict to live lives of increasing sanctification. Our motto is "restoring the sacred" and our charism is both active and contemplative. We serve our fellow man in ministries of intercessory prayer and in chaplaincy programs in hospitals, schools and long term care facilities. Our goal each day is do all things with the sole intention to glorify God.' Based in Portola Valley, California. [MIDI attack]

St Luke's Camp, Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America

St Mark's Classical Academy, Rydal, Pennsylvania
A ministry of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

The Servants of the Resurrection
'An Anglican community in service persons who are in hospital, hospice, homebound or nursing home.'

Sodality of the Most Holy Rosary
The Sodality of the Most Holy Rosary is a spiritual association made up of dedicated men and women who meet on a regular basis within their own parishes to recite the Rosary either in the church or in member's homes. The members of the Sodality strive to pray the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary during the course of each month with a minimum of one decade of the Rosary each day on a personal basis.

South Asia Mission
'a ministry of the Anglican Orthodox Church Worldwide Communion. It is the compassionate wing of the jurisdictions under the Province of Asia. In India, the two main jurisdictions are the Indian Christian Mission (established in 1893 by the Anglican priest, Rev. Andrew Paynter) and the Anglican Church of South India.'

The Telos Collective
'Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are striving to re-mission Anglicans to reach contemporary North American culture.'

Traditional Reformed Episcopal Church Resources
'reflecting the Evangelical history of the REC'.

United Anglican Communion of Cursillos in Christianity, Diocese of Western Anglicans, Anglican Church in North America.

Women Alive in Christ
'(formerly ECW) is a group of Anglican women in the Diocese of Pittsburgh who seek to build up one another in Christ and edify all members of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh'.

Young Anglicans
'The youth ministry of the Anglican Church in North America.'

The Young Anglicans Project
'an Anglican ministry with a target audience of the birth - 30's community. The Young Anglicans Project website is designed to support families, children, youth and young adult workers in their work to affect this call on the lives of young people. At the project's website you will find community, theology and resources.'

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