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This page last updated 20 June 2022  

Canada: The Province of Ontario

Parishes in Ontario are in one of 8 dioceses:

Diocese of Algoma —
  Sault Ste Marie, St Luke's Cathedral

Diocese of Huron —
  London, St Paul's Cathedral

Diocese of Keewatin —

Diocese of Moosonee —
  Timmins, St Matthew's Cathedral

Diocese of Niagara —
  Hamilton, Christ's Church Cathedral

Diocese of Ontario —
  Kingston, St George's Cathedral

Diocese of Ottawa —
  Ottawa, Christ Church Cathedral
  The Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen

Diocese of Toronto —
  Toronto, St James Cathedral

The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario
'includes seven dioceses: Moosonee, Algoma, Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, and Huron. While it is called the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, its borders are not coterminous with the civil province.'

Parishes in Ontario that have web pages. If you cannot find what you are looking for, see the note at the bottom of this page.

Algoma Deanery (Algoma)
Essex Deanery
Kent Deanery (Huron)
Oxford Deanery (Huron)
Parkdale Deanery
Sudbury-Manitoulin Deanery (Algoma)
Thunder Bay Deanery (Algoma)

Acton, St Alban the Martyr (Niagara)
Parish of Adolphustown and Sandhurst (Ontario)
Ajax, St George (Toronto)
Allandale, St George (Toronto)
Alliston, St Andrew (Toronto)
Almonte, St Paul (Ottawa)
Amherstburg, Christ Church (Huron)
Ancaster, St John (Niagara)
Arnprior, Emmanuel (Ottawa)
Arva, St John the Divine (Huron)
Ashton, Christ Church (Ottawa)
Aurora, Trinity Church (Toronto)
Aylmer, Christ Church (Ottawa)
Bala, Trinity-St Alban (Algoma)
Barrie, St Margaret of Scotland (Toronto)
Barrie, Trinity Church (Toronto)
Barriefield, St Mark (Ontario)
Bayfield, Trinity Church (Huron)
Parish of Bearbrook, Vars and Navan (Ottawa)
Beaverton, St Paul (Toronto)
Belleville, Christ Church (Ontario)
Belleville, St Thomas (Ontario)
Bells Corners, Christ Church (Ottawa)
Parish of Belmont (Toronto)
Blackburn Hamlet, St Mary the Virgin (Ottawa)
Blackstock, St John (Toronto)
Bobcaygeon, Christ Church (Toronto)
Bolton, Christ Church (Toronto)
Bowmanville, St John (Toronto)
Bracebridge, St Thomas (Algoma)
Bradford, Trinity Church (Toronto) [Music attack]
Brampton, Christ Church (Toronto)
Brampton, Holy Family (Toronto)
Brant Anglicans [All Saints, Mt Pleasant; Grace Church; Holy Trinity; Holy Trinity, Burford; Holy Trinity, St George; Mohawk Chapel; Six Nations Parish; St James; St James, Paris; St John; St Jude; St Luke; St Mark; St Paul] (Huron)
Brantford, Grace Church (Huron)
Brantford, Holy Trinity (Huron)
Brantford, Mohawk Chapel (Huron)
Brantford, St Jude (Huron)
Brantford, St Luke the Evangelist (Huron)
Brantford, St Mark (Huron)
Brighton, St Paul (Toronto)
Brights Grove, St John in the Wilderness (Huron)
Brockville, St Lawrence (Ontario)
Brockville, St Paul (Ontario)
Brockville, St Peter (Ontario)
Brockville, Trinity Church (Ontario)
Brooklin, St Thomas (Toronto)
Lutheran and Anglican Ministries of the Bruce Peninsula (Huron)
Buckhorn, St Matthew-St Aidan (Toronto)
Burlington, St Christopher (Niagara)
Burlington, St Elizabeth (Niagara)
Burlington, St John (Niagara)
Burlington, St Luke (Niagara)
Burlington, St Matthew
Burnt River, St Luke (Toronto)
Burritt's Rapids, Christ Church (Ontario)
Byron, St Anne (Huron)
Caledon East, St James (Toronto)
Cambridge, Trinity Church (Huron)
Cambridge, St James (Huron)
Campbellford, Christ Church (Toronto)
Carleton Place, St James (Ottawa)
Cataraqui, Christ Church (Ontario)
Chatham, Christ Church (Huron)
Chatham, Holy Trinity (Huron)
Chatham, St Paul (Huron)
Churchill, St Peter(Toronto)
Clougher-Lisle, St James (Toronto)
Cobourg, St Peter (Toronto)
Parish of Coldwater-Medonte [Christ Church, Waubaushene; St George, Fairvalley; St John, Matchedash; St Matthias, Coldwater] (Toronto)
Collingwood, All Saints (Toronto)
Combermere, St Paul (Ottawa)
Cookstown, St John (Toronto)
Creemore, St Luke (Toronto)
Deep River, St Barnabas (Ottawa)
Don Mills, Church of the Ascension (Toronto)
Dorchester, St Peter (Huron)
Dundas, St James (Niagara)
Dunsford, St John (Toronto)
Durham, Trinity Church (Huron)
Dryden, St Luke (Keewatin)
Linked Parishes of Eastern Kenogami (Moosonee)
Elora, St John the Evangelist (Niagara)
Emsdale, Church of the Good Shepherd (Huron)
Erindale, St Paul (Toronto)
Etobicoke, Christ the King (Toronto)
Etobicoke, CSI Church (Toronto/Madhya Kerala)
Etobicoke, St Matthias (Toronto)
Etobicoke, St Philip (Toronto)
Fenelon Falls, St James (Toronto)
Fergus, St James (Niagara)
Fitzroy Harbour, St George (Ottawa)
Fonthill, Holy Trinity (Niagara)
Fort Erie, St Paul (Niagara)
Fort Frances, St John (Keewatin)
Gananoque with Landsdowne Front (Ontario)
Georgetown, St George (Niagara)
Parish of Georgina [St George, Sibbald Point; St James, Sutton West] (Toronto)
Gloucester South (Leitrim), St James (Ottawa)
Goderich, St George (Huron)
Grand Valley, St Alban on the Hill (Niagara)
Gravenhurst and Lake of Bays Churches (Algoma)
Grimsby, St Andrew (Niagara)
Guelph, St David and St Patrick (Niagara)
Guelph, St George (Niagara)
Guelph, St James the Apostle (Niagara)
Guelph, St Matthias (Niagara)
Haliburton, St George (Toronto)
Halton Hills Cluster (Niagara)
Hamilton, All Saints (Niagara)
Hamilton, Ascension (Niagara)
Hamilton, Holy Trinity (Niagara)
Hamilton, St Mary/Church of the New Creation (Niagara)
Hamilton, St Michael (Niagara)
Hamilton, Resurrection (Niagara)
Holland Landing, Christ Church (Toronto)
Parish of Huntley [St James, Carp; Christ Church, Huntley; St John, Sixth Line] (Ottawa)
Huntsville, All Saints (Algoma)
Huronia Cluster Ministry (Toronto)
Ida, St John (Toronto)
Ingersoll, St James (Huron)
Kanata, St Paul (Ottawa)
Kemptville, St James the Apostle (Ontario)
King City, All Saints (Toronto)
Kingston, St James (Ontario)
Kingston, St John (Ontario)
Kingston, St Peter (Ontario)
Kingston, St Thomas (Ontario)
Parish of Kingston North [Redeemer, Good Shepherd and St John] (Ontario)
Kingsville, Epiphany (Huron)
Kirkland Lake, St Peter on the Rock (Moosonee)
Kitchener, Holy Trinity (Huron)
Kitchener, St Andrew (Huron)
Kitchener (Forest Hill), St George (Huron)
Kitchener, St John the Evangelist (Huron)
Lanark (see Maberly) (Ottawa)
Leamington, St John the Evangelist (Huron)
Lindsay, St Paul (Toronto)
Lively, Christ Church (Algoma)
Parish of Lloydtown [St Mary Magdalene, Schomberg; Christ Church, Kettleby; St Alban, Nobleton] (Toronto)
London, Bishop Cronyn Memorial (Huron)
London, Epiphany (Huron)
London (Hyde Park), Church of the Hosannas (Huron)
London, St Aidan (Huron)
London, St George (Huron)
London, St James Westminster (Huron)
London, St John (Huron)
London, St Jude (Huron)
London (Broughdale), St Luke the Evangelist (Huron)
London, St Mark (Huron)
London, St Martin in the Fields (Huron)
London, St Stephen (Huron)
Lowville, St George (Niagara)
Lucknow, St Peter (Huron)
Lyndhurst, Parish of Leeds Rear (Ontario)
Parish of Maberly-Lanark (Ottawa)
Manotick, St James (Ottawa)
Parish of March [St John, South March/Kanata; St Mary, North March; St Paul, Dunrobin] (Ottawa)
Markham, All Saints (Toronto)
Markham, Grace Church (Toronto)
Parish of Marysburgh (Ontario)
Meaford, Christ Church (Huron)
Merrickville, Holy Trinity (Ontario)
Midland, St Mark (Toronto)
Milton, Grace (Niagara)
Mississauga, Holy Spirit (Toronto)
Mississauga, St Bride (Toronto)
Mississauga, St Elizabeth (Toronto) [Site in Chinese]
Mississauga (Meadowvale), St Francis of Assisi (Toronto)
Mississauga, St Luke (Toronto)
Mississauga (Lorne Park), St Paul (Toronto)
Mississauga (Erindale), St Peter (Toronto)
Mississauga, St Thomas à Becket (Toronto)
Mississauga (Streetsville), Trinity Church (Toronto)
Mississauga (Port Credit), Trinity Church (Toronto)
Moose Factory, St Thomas (Moosonee)
Napanee, St Mary Magdalene (Ontario)
Nepean, St Richard (Ottawa)
Parish of New Beginnings (Huron)
New Tecumseth, Church of the Evangelists (Toronto)
New Toronto, St Margaret (Toronto)
Newmarket, St Paul (Toronto)
Niagara Falls, Christ Church (Niagara)
Niagara Falls, St John the Evangelist (Niagara)
Niagara on the Lake, St Mark (Niagara)
Nipigon, St Mary (Algoma)
North Bay, Christ Church (Algoma)
North Bay, St Brice (Algoma)
Parish of North Essa (Toronto)
North Gower, Holy Trinity (Ottawa)
Parish of the Northern Pontiac (Ottawa)
Nipigon, St Mary (Algoma)
Oakville, Church of the Epiphany (Niagara)
Oakville, Incarnation (Niagara)
Oakville, St Jude (Niagara)
Oakville, St Simon (Niagara)
Orangeville, St Mark (Niagara)
Orillia, St Athanasius (Toronto)
Orillia, St James (Toronto)
Orleans, St Helen (Ottawa)
Osgoode, St Paul (Ottawa)
Oshawa, Christ Memorial (Toronto)
Oshawa, St George Memorial (Toronto)
Oshawa, St Matthew (Toronto)
Oshawa, St Peter (Toronto)
Ottawa (Sandy Hill), All Saints (Ottawa)
Ottawa (Westboro), All Saints (Ottawa)
Ottawa, Ascension (Ottawa)
Ottawa, Epiphany (Ottawa)
Ottawa, Church of the Resurrection (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Aidan (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Alban (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Barnabas (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Bartholomew (Ottawa)
Ottawa (Manor Park), St Columba (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St John the Evangelist (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Luke (Ottawa)
Ottawa (Cumberland Village), St Mark (Ottawa)
Ottawa (Fisher Ave), St Mark (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Martin (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Matthew in the Glebe (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Matthias (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Michael and All Angels (Ottawa)
Ottawa, St Stephen (Ottawa)
Ottawa (Alta Vista), St Thomas (Ottawa)
Ottawa, Trinity Church (Ottawa)
Churches along the Ottawa (Ottawa)
Ottawa Valley Anglicans (Ottawa)
Owen Sound, St George (Huron)
Pain Court, St Thomas (Huron)
Parish of Parham-Sharbot Lake (Ontario)
Paris, St James (Huron)
Park Hill, St James (Huron)
Parish of Penetanguishene [St James on the Lines, Penetanguishene; All Saints, Penetanguishene] (Toronto)
Parish of Perrytown [St Anne, Bewdley; St George, Gores Landing; St Paul, Perrytown] (Toronto)
Perth, St James (Ottawa)
Peterborough, All Saints (Toronto)
Peterborough, St Barnabas (Toronto)
Peterborough, St John the Evangelist (Toronto)
Peterborough, St Luke (Toronto)
Petrolia, Christ Church (Huron)
Pickering, St Martin (Toronto)
Pickering, St Paul on the Hill (Toronto)
Pickering Village, St George (Toronto)
Picton, St Mary Magdalene (Ontario)
Port Colborne, Parish of St James and St Brendan (Niagara)
Port Hope, St John (Toronto)
Port Hope, St Mark (Toronto)
Port Perry, Ascension (Toronto)
Powassan Parish (Algoma)
Quinte West Churches (Ontario)
Rexdale, St Paul the Apostle (Toronto)
Richmond, St John the Baptist (Ottawa)
Richmond Hill, Emmanuel (Toronto)
Richmond Hill, St Christopher (Toronto) [Chinese and English]
Richmond Hill, St Mary (Toronto)
Ridgetown, Parish of the Transfiguration [Advent; Redeemer, Highgate; Christ Church, Dresden; St Stephen, Thamesville; St Matthew, Florence; St John-in-the-Woods, Aughrim] (Huron)
Riverside Heights, Holy Trinity (Ottawa)
Parish of Roches Point (Toronto)
Russell, St Mary (Ottawa)
St Catharines, St Barnabas (Niagara)
St Catharines, St Thomas (Niagara)
St Clair Beach, St Mark by the Lake (Huron)
St George, Holy Trinity (Huron)
Sandwich, St John (Huron)
Sarnia, Canon Davis Memorial (Huron)
Sarnia, St Bartholomew (Huron)
Sarnia, Trinity Church (Huron)
Saugeen Shores Parish [St John, Port Elgin; St Paul, Southampton] (Huron)
Sault Ste Marie, Emmaus Church (Algoma)
Sault Ste Marie, Holy Trinity Church (Algoma)
Scarborough, Christ Church (Toronto)
Scarborough (Guildwood), Church of the Holy Trinity (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Andrew (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Dunstan of Canterbury (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Giles (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Jude, Wexford (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Margaret in the Pines (Toronto)
Scarborough, St Paul, L'Amoreaux (Toronto)
Seaway Anglicans [St John the Baptist, Iroquois; St James, Morrisburg; Holy Trinity, Riverside Heights] (Ottawa)
Shanty Bay, St Thomas (Toronto)
Sharon, St James the Apostle (Toronto)
Simcoe, Trinity Church (Huron)
Smiths Falls, St John the Evangelist (Ottawa)
Parish of Southern Trinity [Christ Church, Colchester; St Andrew, Harrow; St Alban, Malden] (Huron)
Stirling, St John the Evangelist (Ontario)
Stittsville, St Thomas (Ottawa)
Stratford, St James (Huron)
Stouffville, Christ Church (Toronto)
Sudbury, Ascension (Algoma)
Sudbury, Epiphany (Algoma)
Thornhill, Holy Trinity (Toronto)
Thunder Bay, Mission to Seafarers (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St George the Martyr (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St John the Evangelist (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St Luke (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St Michael (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St Paul (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St Stephen the Martyr (Algoma)
Thunder Bay, St Thomas (Algoma)
Toronto, Church of the Advent (Toronto)
Toronto, All Saints (Toronto)
Toronto, All Saints Kingsway (Toronto)
Toronto (Deer Park), Christ Church (Toronto)
Toronto, Christ Church St James (Toronto)
Toronto (Parkdale), Church of the Epiphany and St Mark (Toronto)
Toronto, CSI Christ Church (East Kerala)
Toronto, Ghanaian Anglican Church (Toronto)
Toronto, Good Shepherd (Toronto)
Toronto, Grace Church on the Hill (Toronto)
Toronto, Holy Trinity, Trinity Square (Toronto)
Toronto (Lansing), Incarnation (Toronto)
Toronto, 'Little Trinity' (Toronto)
Toronto, Church of the Redeemer (Toronto)
Toronto, Resurrection (Toronto)
Toronto, St Aidan in the Beach (Toronto)
Toronto, St Anne (Toronto)
Toronto, St Augustine of Canterbury (Toronto)
Toronto, St Bartholomew (Toronto)
Toronto, St Barnabas (Toronto)
Toronto, St Clair Avenue West Anglican Churches (Toronto)
Toronto (Eglinton), St Clement (Toronto)
Toronto, St David (Toronto)
Toronto, St George on the Hill (Toronto)
Toronto, St George on Yonge (Toronto)
Toronto, (Norway) St John the Baptist (Toronto)
Toronto (Willowdale), St John (Toronto) [Chinese-English website]
Toronto (East York), St Luke (Toronto)
Toronto, St Martin in the Fields (Toronto)
Toronto (Richmond Hill), St Mary (Toronto)
Toronto, St Mary Magdalene (Toronto)
Toronto (Riverdale), St Matthew (Toronto)
Toronto (Bellwoods), St Matthias (Toronto)
Toronto, St Nicholas, Birchcliff (Toronto)
Toronto, St Olave (Toronto)
Toronto (Bloor Street), St Paul (Toronto)
Toronto (Runnymede), St Paul (Toronto)
Toronto (Carlton), St Peter (Toronto)
Toronto, St Saviour (Toronto)
Toronto, St Simon the Apostle (Toronto)
Toronto, St Stephen in the Fields (Toronto)
Toronto (North York), St Theodore of Canterbury (Toronto)
Toronto, St Thomas (Toronto)
Toronto (North), Church of St Timothy (Toronto)
Toronto, San Esteban (Toronto) [Spanish-language services]
Toronto, San Lorenzo (Toronto) [Spanish and English site]
Toronto, San Lorenzo Ruiz (Toronto) [first Filipino Anglican parish in Canada]
Parish of Tyendinaga [Christ Church, Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawks; All Saints, Tyendinaga] (Ontario)
Uxbridge, St Paul (Toronto)
Vanier, St Margaret (Ottawa)
Vankleek Hill, Parish of Vankleek Hill [St John the Apostle, Vankleek Hill; St Paul, Fenaghvale; St Paul, East Hawkesbury] (Ottawa)
Walpole Island, St John the Baptist (Huron)
Wasaga Beach, Prince of Peace (Toronto)
Waterloo, All Saints (Huron)
Waterloo, Holy Saviour (Huron)
Wellington, St Andrew (Ontario)
West Hill, St Margaret's Tamil Anglican Church (Toronto) [Tamil-language services]
West Lorne, Grace Church (Huron)
West Thunder Bay, Parish of West Thunder Bay (Algoma)
West Toronto, St John (Toronto)
Westboro, All Saints (Ottawa)
Weston, St John (Toronto)
Whitby, All Saints (Toronto)
Wilberforce, St Margaret (Toronto)
Windsor, All Saints (Huron)
Windsor, Church of the Ascension (Huron)
Windsor, St Barnabas (Huron)
Windsor (Walkerville), St Mary (Huron)
Windsor, St Matthew (Huron)
Windsor, St Michael (Huron)
Windsor, St Stephen and Church of the Redeemer (Huron)
Wingham, St Paul's-Trinity (Huron)
Woodbridge, Christ Church (Toronto)
Woodlawn, St Thomas (Ottawa)
Woodstock, Epiphany (Huron)
Woodstock, Old St Paul (Huron)
Wyoming, St John (Huron)
York Mills, North York, St John (Toronto)

If a parish is not listed above, then we don't know about its web page. If you know of one we don't list, or know of an error in our listings, please tell us about it.

Most diocesan web sites include information about parishes in the diocese, even those without web pages. You should be able to find a church by looking in the diocesan pages. We do not list parishes that are not in communion with the See of Canterbury.

Any listing that is new to Anglicans Online in the last few weeks is in Noted This Week.