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This page last updated 20 April 2016  


Bells: manufacture and tuning
Church art
Church architcheture
Columbaria and grave stones
Stained glass

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Bells, manufacture and tuning

Australian Bell. [Australia]
'Australian Bell was incorporated in 1998 in order to undertake the Federation Bell commission. Australian Bell uses the best technologies available to expand the possibilities for the design of bells, tuned percussion instruments and musical sculptures.'
You'll find a good deal of history, including European and Indian bells, and new technologies.

Belltron. [Italy]
Offers electronic instruments of all kinds, from digital carillons to cast bell controllers to the smalest microphone, for churches that don't have, or can't afford to fix, real bells. Belltron claims to be the market and technology leader in electronic simulation of church musical instruments. Site in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry [USA]
'Our expertise in the creation of bronze bell and tower clock instruments, bell towers, clock towers, musical sculptures, digital carillon and electronic chime instruments – is recognized as outstanding by any standard.'

Church Specialties: 'The New England Bellmen'. [USA]
Restores primarily Meneely bells. 'The Duffy family of CHURCH SPECIALITIES, INC. believes that church bells and tower bells are an enduring musical voice connecting generations across time. Whether upgrading a bronze bell carillon or restoring a country church bell, Church Specialities has encouraged the use of bells while honoring and preserving their historic character..'

Ellis and Pritchards [UK]
Church bell rope manufacturers.

McShane Bellfoundry. [USA]
Founded in 1856, McSchane Bellfoundry manufactures bronze bells, peals, and chimes along with complete electrification systems for both swinging and stationary bell systems. 'Over 300,000 McShane church bells ring out from the towers of Cathedrals, Churches, Municipal Buildings, Universities and schools everyday, all over the world.'

Royal Eijsbouts. [Netherlands].
'The world's largest bellfoundry and supplier of cast bells, carillons, swinging bells, clocks, and bell- and clock towers.

Taylors Aeyre and Smith, Ltd. [UK]
The company 'continues a line of bellfounding which has been unbroken since the middle of the 14th Century, when Johannes de Stafford was active only 10 miles from the site of the present foundry. Since 1784 the business has been in the hands of the Taylor family.

Schulmerich Bells. [USA]
'Manufacturer of handbells, electronic carillons and a provider of cast bells, towers, tower clocks and cupolas'.

The Sound of Bells. [UK]
A website 'devoted to an investigation into the sound and tuning of church bells.
' You'll find Wanaval, free software you can download. It provides 'new results and insights both into how bells produce the sound they do, and the factors affecting the quality or timbre of a bell sound.' The site is rich in information about bells and their sounds.

Verdin Company. [USA]
'Since 1842, six generations of the Verdin family have been dedicated to creating the finest cast bronze bells, carillons, digital bells, clocks, towers, memorials and monuments that become cherished legacies for years to come.'

Whitechapel Bell Foundry. [UK]
One of Britain's oldest manufacturing company, established during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It has cast many of history's famous bells, including the US Liberty Bell, Big Ben, and the clock bells of St Paul's. And continues to maintain its reputation for outstanding bells.
'For the past two and a half centuries, Whitechapel have been acknowledged leaders in the production of musical handbells. Handbell ringing began in England about three hundred years ago. Even in those days, the best bells were made 'at the sign of the three bells' in Whitechapel. Indeed, it can be said that the whole art of handbell ringing - making molten metal into liquid sound - was built on Whitechapel handbells.' You'll find technical handbooks, repair guides and tuning.

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Church art

The Bible Project
Artist Brian J. Turner Paints the Bible. 'Brian J. Turner has delighted visitors to his gallery in Exeter with critically acclaimed paintings of biblical texts and everyday events. His major Cathedral Tour of Biblical Narrative Paintings, which visited eight cathedrals around the UK, was a huge success. Now, in a remarkable new project, this Devon artist journeys through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, offering to audiences a treasure trove of paintings that challenge and inspire.'

Canadian Virtual Museum
Anno Domini: Images of Jesus through the Centuries.

Display art tile
Commercial tile reflecting Christian religious symbols. (Note: We often hesitate to link commercial sites, but we do so when we think they might be of especial interest to Anglicans--and perhaps hard to find on the web on one's own.)

The Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts
Encouraging the visual arts in the life of the Episcopal Church (USA).

Irina and Sons Icon Gallery
'A family-owned icon gallery, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We specialise in the finest quality hand-painted icons. The artist who writes the greatest part of the icons is the iconographer Ustinian Tilov. Our icons are author's hand-painted replicas respecting the icon-painting tradition, tempera on wood'.

John Walsted Icons
John Walsted, an Episcopal priest living on Staten Island, NY, is known the world over for his fourteenth-century style icons.

Monastery Greetings
A web site featuring products made exclusively by monasteries, religious communities, and hermitages. Most of these products are art objects of some kind, but the collection includes food, soap, greeting cards, and incense.

Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Corporal Works of Mercy
A searchable database of British wall paintings.

Sister Lucia Wiley, artist
A good overview of this very talented artist, with good biographical information and fast-loading images. If you don't know her work (and we didn't), do have a look. We think you'll be impressed.

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Church Architecture

Ascalon Studios, art and design for worship and public spaces (USA)
Based in Berlin, New Jersey, USA, Ascalon provides art and architectural designs and materials, including stained glass windows, mosaics, sculptures and memorial and donor projects.

Bricks and Brass (UK)
This large UK firm has an excellent section on pointing though they deal primarily with restoration of homes.

Church Architecture Network: resources for architects, pastors & designers (USA)
Here you will find articles, events listings, and examples relating to church architecture and interiors, with an online bookstore and links to many more resources.

The Ecclesiological Society
'The original Cambridge Camden Society was founded in 1839 at Cambridge. In 1845 it moved to London, and changed its name to the Ecclesiological Society. The Society had a major influence on the development of church architecture during the mid-nineteenth century, under the influence of its founders Benjamin Webb, John Mason Neale, and Alexander Beresford-Hope. Its famous journal, The Ecclesiologist, was published between 1841 and 1868, and combined scholarly articles with trenchant criticism'. The site has super links and resources.

Fotofacade (UK)
Information about the Victorian Church Architecture UK pool with a list of architects. A UK architectural blog.

Lambeth Palace Library—Church Plans Online:
'In conjunction with the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Library will digitise all the plans in the archive of the Incorporated Church Building Society.  Some 11,800 plans and drawings will be made freely available over the internet during 2002-3 and onwards'. A FAQ covers general issues and an e-mail list lets interested people receive updates on the status of the project.

Living Stones Consultancy (UK)
'The Living Stones Consultancy is a registered charitable trust working with Christian churches of all denominations to help them make more effective use of all their resources - buildings, money and people - as they worship God and serve their local community.'
(Previously the Church and Community Trust.)

Mortar Matching, Lime Mortars, Colored Mortars (USA)
Extensive discussions and web resources for matching mortars when repointing.

The New Jersey Churchscape (US)
The authoritative source on early churches in New Jersey: This looks like a well-conceived and well-written new site, devoted to ecclesiastical architecture in New Jersey. They note: 'We've created a database and photographic inventory on more than half the 18th & 19th century churches in the state and add to it each month. We welcome and solicit all contributions and suggestions from our visitors'.

Partners for Sacred Places (US)
Founded in 1989, Partners for Sacred Places is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation devoted to the care and use of older and historic religious properties in the United States.

The Pilgrims Association
'A forum for cathedrals and churches, and to help those within them who have responsibility for the care visitors, tourists and pilgrims'.

Preservation Briefs: Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings (USA)
Which mortar to use when repointing historic buildings and more.

Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings (USA)
[PDF download]

Tin Tabernacles
It seems that not all Anglicans have an edifice complex. Check the Photo Gallery.

The Warham Guild
A brief history, with bibliography. Originally published in 1987 by the Anglican Bibliopole.
'The Warham Guild was founded in London November 1912 to augment the studies of the Alcuin Club and the directives of The Parson's Handbook, and to carry out "the making of all the 'Ornaments of the Church and of the Ministers thereof' according to the standard of the Ornaments Rubric, and under fair conditions of labour". It is an indication of the founders' outlook, emphasis, and commitment to the English Use that it was named for the last Archbishop of Canterbury before the break with Rome.'

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and Gravestones

Armento Liturgical Arts (USA)
Buffalo, NY company makes Columbarium providing a wide variety of designs and highly artistic and beautiful faceplates and artistry.

The Association for Gravestone Studies (USA)
'An international organization with an interest in gravemarkers of all periods and styles. Through its publications, conferences, workshops and exhibits, AGS promotes the study of gravestones from historical and artistic perspectives, expands public awareness of the significance of historic grave markers, and encourages individuals and groups to record and preserve gravestones.'

The Columbaria Company (UK)
In East Yorkshire. Offer both columbaria and 'a wide range of standard memorials as well as a bespoke design service to meet the individual customer’s needs.' They particularly support 'after cremation memorials' for children.

Eickhof Columbaria, Inc (US)
In Crookston, Minnesota. All manner of photographs of columbaria, with testimonial letters. Many illustrations of installations.

Everest Columbaria (US)
In North Carolina, 'Everest has over 40 years of experience with columbaria. Everest is fully family owned and family managed'.

Gravestone Preservation (US)
'This web site is dedicated to histoic cemeteries and the memorials and historic masonry found in them.
. It is only through the open exchange of ideas that we can further the cause of preserving all of Americas historic graveyards.' The FAQ, Glossary and How-To sections are enough to justify a visit here.

Oregon Historical Cemeteries Association
Interesting and informative site with a good set of links to other sites on old cemeteries and their restorations dos and don'ts.

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Andy Thornton Ltd (West Yorkshire, England)
They are 'an architectural antiques company based in the United Kingdom specializing in the purchase and removal of church interiors throughout Europe, for onward sale to potential clients worldwide.'

Antique Church Furnishings (UK)
An Anglican company in England offering 'original pre-war church fixtures and fittings, from fonts to pulpits'.

Architecture and Furnishings, a dictionary of terms
The Revd Ken Collins' website.

Ascalon Studios, art and design for worship and public spaces (USA)
Based in Berlin, New Jersey, USA, Ascalon provides art and architectural designs and materials, including stained glass windows, mosaics, sculptures and memorial and donor projects.

Avon Silversmith, Ltd (UK)
Based in the UK's 'famous Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham', these silversmiths provide chalices of the highest quality and are happy to ship abroad.

bergrenDesign (USA)
'We specialize in enhancing worship through the thoughtful and creative use of artwork and artistically created altar/sanctuary furnishings.'

Davis d'Ambly (USA)
Based in the USA, he has designed and created altarpieces, woodcarvings, furnishings, vestments and hangings, and tapestries for many well-known Episcopal churches in the States.

Episcopal Church Signs (USA)
This church sign business is based in East Nassau, New York.

Hall Furniture (USA)
Hand-crafted church furniture in Henderson, Texas.

Hayes and Finch (UK)
Since 1882, a manufacturer of church items, including vestments, candles and votive lights, church furniture and furnishings. Based in Liverpool, they ship their goods worldwide.

Heavenly Wood (USA)
'Providing fine hand-crafted wood altars, pulpits, and [kneeling desks] to the Anglican Community.'

James Tolmach (USA)
'I custom build chancel furniture. The styles range from gothic to contemporary, using fine hardwoods, stone and metal.' His site is clean and the samples are well presented.

King Richard's Religious Artifacts (USA)
An Atlanta, Georgia, USA based online store with church furnishings, glass, stained glass windows, and more.

Louise Pezzi, Ecclesiastical Blacksmith, Philadelphia, (USA)

Tortorelli Creations: Church furnishings (USA)
The site says that Jefferson Tortorelli brings a 'breath of fresh air to the old world craft'. A comment on a Ship of Fools thread said 'Take a look around, some go from inspired to inspired by something from Pier1.' [Ed. Ours is not to comment.]

Watts and Company (UK)
The old-line purveyor of ecclesiastical vestments and liturgical appointments.

William J. Ralston Furniture (USA)
Specializes in Gothic furniture with possible use in churches.

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Stained glass
Ascalon Studios, art and design for worship and public spaces (USA)
Based in Berlin, New Jersey, USA, Ascalon provides art and architectural designs and materials, including stained glass windows, mosaics, sculptures and memorial and donor projects.

Desmarais and Robitaille (Canada) 'Professional liturgical design consultation, conception of fine ecclesiastical articles and furniture, design and creation of original stained-glass art for liturgical space and a complete line of vestments, statues, sacred vessels, accessories and religious art'.

Rohlf's Studio
Stained glass studio in Mount Vernon, New York.

Stained Glass Association of America
A good general information site for resources in the States. Includes suppliers and restorers who are members of the association, organised by state.

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