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This page last updated 19 May 2014  

IN THIS SECTION WE COLLECT links related to administering churches and some suggestions about helping them grow.

Computer software
Parish growth, Stewardship

Computer Software

ACS Technologies
Software to help churches with direct mailing, accounting, member management, volunteer organization and backing up your data (essential activity overlooked by too many). ACS has been specializing in church software since 1978.

By the Book
'providing feature-rich, church management software to churches large and small since 1991'.

CCIS Church Management Software
'We provide membership, accounting, and payroll services to churches.'

ChurchPro Church Management Software
'All members of the ChurchPro and SchoolPerfect team are former or present church staff members committed to the church. Many have advanced seminary degrees in church administration, Biblical studies, adult education and stewardship development. No other organization can make this claim. We know the church and we want to be helpful to you.'
'Affordable, quality software for churches and nonprofit organizations. Whether you are organizing membership records, processing donor contributions, or looking for a good fund accounting system to help in your church's bookkeeping, "Church Management Tracking System" (CMTSTM for Windows®) can more than meet your needs.

Church directory software. 'Courtyard provides you with a private, interactive directory website where your members can share and update their contact information. It’s the perfect solution for churches, schools, homeschool groups, or any group that wants to help their members connect with one another.'

Keep It Collared
An Excel spreadsheet designed to track clergy time.

Roll Call Church Software
'By the Book has been providing church management software to churches large and small since 1991. Roll Call runs on Mac OSX or Windows.'

Parish growth, Stewardship
'Keeping God's house as your own.'

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (US)
An association of people interested in stewardship in the church. Their purpose is to provide stewardship resources (print, video, electronic and personal consultation services) to each of the 7,500 congregations of the Episcopal Church.

Living Stones Consultancy (UK)
'We aim to help churches to make the most effective use of their resources—buildings, money and people—in worship of God and in service to their local community. Most people think of the Church as a building, but this understanding falls a long way short. The Church is a body, growing out of God's eternal purpose to reconcile humanity to himself.'

Shaping the Parish
'new training program for improving the health of parish churches'.

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