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This page last updated 12 October 2019  

USA: Organizations

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA (ECUSA) is the American branch of the Anglican Communion. Anglicans Online normally refers to it as 'The US Episcopal Church'. In addition to this page, you'll find these areas in our USA section:

Independent Episcopal Organizations

All Sacraments for All People
'desires that every person may find a congregation in the Diocese of Tennessee in which to share in the full sacramental life of the Episcopal Church'.

Altar Guild of the Episcopal Diocese of California

American Anglican Council
'AAC is a network of individuals, parishes, specialized ministries and Episcopal bishops who affirm Biblical authority and Anglican orthodoxy within the Episcopal Church. We are mainstream Anglicans. We are orthodox Episcopalians. We're missionaries called to fulfill the Great Commission, to proclaim Biblical truth and to transform the Episcopal Church from within. We'd love to share our mission and ministry with you.'

Southern Ohio Chapter

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem
'The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is a non-profit, non-political partnership nurturing the Church in the Holy Land ... Our efforts support the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in two major hospitals, several schools, 29 parishes and 35 service organizations in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, an area of 121,000 square miles'.

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund
'created by the Anglican Communion Network in 2004 to be the strong hands of Christ reaching out in true partnership with brothers and sisters in the Global South.' The official Episcopal Church USA relief and development fund is known as Episcopal Relief and Development.

Anglicans for Life
Formerly known as the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life.

Association for Episcopal Deacons
'engaging the diakonia of all believers'.

Associated Parishes
A US-Canadian Anglican organization centred on liturgy and liturgical practice.

The Bible and Common Prayer Book Society
The Society, founded in 1809, makes grants of books at no cost to worshipping communities in need.

Blessed Charles Grafton Institute
'organized in August 2008 with the intention to meet quarterly to both commemorate Blessed Charles Grafton and to study his writings. The Rt Revd Charles Chapman Grafton (1830-1912) was Second Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac. He was an ardent supporter of the Oxford Movement which developed into Anglo-Catholicism in the Episcopal Church. His influences on the Episcopal Church are varied and many.'

The Brotherhood of St Andrew
The Brotherhood of St Andrew is an international ministry of men within the Anglican Communion with corporate offices in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. The Brotherhood was incorporated by an Act of the U.S. Congress signed May 30, 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. That act states that 'the sole object of said corporation shall be the spread of Christ's Kingdom among men'.

Church Periodical Club
'an Episcopal institution whose ministry is to supply books, magazines, tapes, videos and computer programs free to those who cannot otherwise obtain them, and to raise the money to achieve this'. Founded in 1888 by Mary Ann Drake Fargo (of Wells Fargo) and her friends at the Church of the Holy Communion, New York, who sent bundles of books and periodicals westward to missionaries and pioneers via stagecoach.

Colorado Episcopal Foundation
'created in 1983 to provide financial support for the Episcopal Church in Colorado'.

Colorado Haiti Project
'a state-wide non-profit organization founded in 1989 to provide Colorado citizens and youth the opportunity to extend aid to the poorest of the poor in rural Haiti'. 'Our flagship effort is the Episcopal mission of St. Paul's in the village of Petit trou de Nippes, 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince on the southern peninsula of Haiti.'

Episcopal Church Club of Philadelphia
'a social and service organization within the Diocese of Pennsylvania of the Episcopal Church. Membership in the Church Club is open to all lay members who are communicants of the Episcopal Church in this diocese, as well as others who share our interests and goals.' Founded in 1895.

Episcopal Church Women
ECW's 'purpose is to assist the women of the Church in carrying out Christ's work of reconciliation in the world and to take their place as leaders in the life, governance and worship in the Episcopal Church.'

Alabama Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Arkansas
Episcopal Church Women of Central Florida
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Chicago
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Connecticut
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Los Angeles
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of North Carolina
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Tennessee
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Upper South Carolina
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Washington
Episcopal Church Women of West Tennessee
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of Western North Carolina

Province 1 Episcopal Church Women

Episcopal Community Services
Founded in 1870 as the human service arm of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Today ECS 'relies on financial support from individual donors and private foundations to deliver effective in-home and community-based care that significantly impacts the quality of life for vulnerable children and families; frail, homebound elderly; the homeless; communities in transition; people in nursing homes, prisons and hospitals; foster parents and children; and inmates and juvenile offenders'.

Episcopal Foundation of Dallas
The 'mission of the Foundation is to serve as a financial resource for Episcopal parishes, missions, schools and organizations in support of the Christian mission and of the ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas'. 'The Foundation is a separate, independent entity, organized and operating outside of the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, The Episcopal Church and the Diocesan and General Conventions of the Church.'

Episcopal Foundation of Northern California
'The Mission of The Episcopal Foundation of Northern California is to educate about, promote, and facilitate long-range stewardship for the benefit of the Episcopal Church in Northern California, its congregations, parishes and ministries.'

Episcopal Healing Ministry
'founded in 1987 to equip and train clergy and laity to incarnate ministries of healing. EHM was known originally as The Episcopal Healing Ministry Foundation. During its history, EHM has held conferences, missions, retreats, seminars, and quiet days in this endeavor. Consultants for parishes and seminaries have been a key component of its formation strategy. In addition, EHM has published and provided a variety of educational resources which are of assistance to anyone seeking to discern and strengthen ministries of healing.'

Episcopal Housing Corporation
'a housing and community development corporation based in Baltimore, Maryland,' EHC was founded in 1995 to work throughout Maryland in low-income housing work.

Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation
An effort of health professionals and lay persons of the church to organize and augment the support of missionaries as they deliver medical and spiritual aid on the field. The missionaries perform three major functions: preaching, teaching, and healing.

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship is an association of people interested in stewardship in the church. Their purpose is to provide stewardship resources (print, video, electronic and personal consultation services) to each of the 7,500 congregations of the Episcopal Church.

Episcopal Preaching Foundation
'founded Dr. A. Gary Shilling, an Episcopal layperson who was inspired to help raise the overall quality of preaching in the Church. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation sponsors several forums for the discussion and practice of preaching: the National Episcopal Preaching Conference; the Preaching Excellence Program, a seminarian conference; and multiple diocesan conferences. In addition, the Foundation seeks and publishes a volume of exceptional sermons each year.'

Episcopal Refugee Network of San Diego
'a non-profit organization that started serving refugees in San Diego County, from many countries of origin, to help families during their years of adjustment to American life'.

Episcopal Service Corps
'made up of programs across the United States that call young adults to touch and improve the lives of others; work for justice; clarify their values and priorities; strengthen their leadership skills; find out how they are being called to transform the world.'

Episcopal Singles
From the Diocese of Dallas comes a website designed for adults who are single.

Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation
Committed to 'God's mission of justice, wholeness, and reconciliation in Jesus Christ.' Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Episcopalians for Traditional Faith
Mill Neck, New York-based organization 'dedicated to the use of the classic 1928 Prayer Book within the Episcopal Church.'

Evelyn Underhill Association
This American non-profit organization 'promotes the study of the works of Evelyn Underhill and supports research and writing about her ideas.' Underhill (1875-1941) was an Anglican pacifist, writer and prolific scholar of Christian mysticism and prayer.

Fellowship of Scientists
The Fellowship of Scientists is a group that shares the desire to explore and strengthen a commitment to a life in science as a form of Christian vocation. It offers a shared form of practice that helps in the process of discovery and commitment. The web site includes their form of practice, constitution, an extensive annotated bibliography, and some of the readings from the handbook.

Five Talents
Five Talents is an Anglican initiative to combat poverty in developing countries using micro-enterprise development.

'an association and dynamic community of Christian educators, formation professionals, and their institutional partners that celebrates and upholds the diverse ministries of Christian formation across the the Episcopal Church'.

Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States
'No matter future twists and turns, a great number of Episcopalians want to hang on to the strong relationship with Canterbury and the strength of that relationship to withstand challenging issues in the course of its rich history, its status as the center of the Anglican Communion, and its power of reconciliation and redemption.' Site includes a ten-minute film about Canterbury.

Friends of St Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children
'a small group of volunteers formed to help the children and staff at St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children [in Port-au-Prince, Haiti] obtain the resources needed to educate and care for the children. The Friends of St. Vincent's is an interfaith outreach ministry of St. James's Episcopal Church in West Hartford, Connecticut.' Founded in 1997.

Friends of the Episcopal Church of Cuba
'a US-based volunteer organization working with Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio to help her and her team realize their transformational vision of creating a church that, united in diversity, celebrates, preaches, teaches, serves and shares the love of God'.

Forward in Faith, North America
Formerly the Episcopal Synod of America; now part of the UK-based group Forward in Faith. It publishes Forward in Christ magazine. It appears to be related to the Anglican Church in North America through a FiFNA-specific Missionary Diocese of All Saints.

The Fund for the Diaconate of the Episcopal Church in the United States
'To be a channel for God's grace in enabling the diaconate to flourish—one deacon, one ministry, one community at a time.'

The Girls Friendly Society
'The Girls Friendly Society is an international, non-profit organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church for girls and young women. It is a parish-based program with membership open to girls from the age of 7-21 of any race, religion, or nationality'. GFS California has its own website; so do the Girls Friendly Society of Pennsylvania and the Girls Friendly Society of Connecticut. The GFS Holiday House in Cape May, New Jersey also has a website.

The Guild of the Living Rosary of Our Lady and St Dominic
'A ministry within the larger Society of Mary, an Anglican devotional society with members throughout the Anglican world'.

The Haiti Project of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee
'an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Church in southern Wisconsin. It is a partnership in mission and community development with the people of St Marc's Episcopal Church, School and Clinic in Jeannette, Haiti and the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee.'

The Imago Dei Society
'For the sake of our lives in Christ and for those who do not yet have a knowledge of God, we seek to be the Body of Christ with authenticity and integrity - all within our present social contexts of Post-Christendom, Postmodernism, and Post-Constantinianism. The way we deal with life, faith, and how it all fits together is how we become and carry the imago Dei (the image of God). We are within and work alongside the Diocese of Long Island, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion.'

'Integrity is a group of gay and lesbian Episcopalians and their friends. We are a family within the church, a place to find close community and support. We offer an opportunity to find growth, education and prayer. We work with each other in service to the church and to the gay/lesbian community. We call the church to greater faithfulness to the Gospel through the full inclusion of lesbians and gay men in the life of the church.'

El Camino Real Chapter
Integrity NYC Metro 'for New York City and northern New Jersey, with growth into Long Island planned'
Palm Beach Chapter
Rochester Chapter

Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion
Describing itself as 'Bold Rescue Action Supporting the Orthodox,' this group 'is a coast-to-coast coalition of Episcopal lay persons faithful to the authority of Scripture enshrined in our Book of Common Prayer.'

The Laymen's Club
Established in 1892 to facilitate lay activities at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City.

Liberian Episcopal Community in the USA
'to strengthen relationships among Liberian Episcopal community in the United States, to serve as support group to one another and our families in pastoral, professional, and vocational matters, to provide pastoral support for lay Liberian Episcopalians and other Liberians as needed, and to offer and extend our assistance to our compatriots in our home diocese of Liberia through our gifts and resources'.

Maryland Episcopal Public Policy Network
'The Dioceses of Easton, Maryland and Washington carry out their advocacy ministry (both state and federal) through the Maryland Interfaith Legislative Committee (MILC), the Maryland Episcopal Public Policy Network, and the Episcopal Church's Office of Government Relations in Washington, D.C.'

Mothers' Union USA
This large Anglican organization for women was founded in England in 1876. It began activities in the United States in 1986, and there are now ten branches there. Its projects include 'scholarships for the youths, marriage celebrations, quiet days, and fund- raisers to assist needy families and work in association with organizations on outreach and enrichment projects'.

National Altar Guild Association

National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities
'an inclusive association that shares and communicates the fruits of the Gospel, realized in community, with the church and the world. Our vision is of a church, all of whose members realize the fruits of the Gospel in community.'

National Episcopal AIDS Coalition
'works collaboratively for effective HIV/AIDS ministry on and by all levels of the Episcopal Church'.

National Episcopal Health Ministries
promotes 'health ministry in Episcopal congregations, assisting them to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness'.

National Episcopal Scouters Association
'The purpose of the Association is to promote Scouting in the Episcopal and Continuing Churches (Anglican) and [to] support those Episcopal and Anglican Scouters and Scouts in [..] their endeavours.'

Order of Naucratius
'The Order of Naucratius is a society within the Episcopal Church. We commit ourselves to three rules of life: Prayer, Conservation, and Charity. We believe that hunting and fishing are sacred activities. We are grateful for God's gifts and we hope to use our skills, and endeavors to help spread God’s Kingdom. Our main activity is to share portions of our harvests with those who are hungry.'

Order of St Luke, San Diego Region
Regional branch of this devotional organization promoting prayer for healing.

The Prayer Book Society of the USA
'The Prayer Book Society exists to maintain the Anglican Tradition of Common Prayer and to promote the use and understanding of the traditional Books of Common Prayer (e.g. USA 1928)'. Publishes Anglican Way magazine.

Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
'chartered by Congress over 100 years ago to promote the causes of religion, education, and charity'. The Foundation is made up of five institutions: the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, commonly referred to as the Washington National Cathedral, the National Cathedral School for Girls, St. Albans School for Boys, Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, and the Cathedral College.

Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church
An independent, nationwide network of Episcopal laity and clergy, dioceses and parishes, schools, agencies, and other institutions—all with a common commitment to address the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs in relation to church ministry. Recovery Ministries' network serves as a voice of conscience to Episcopalians throughout the United States, building awareness of the pastoral and spiritual dimensions of alcohol and drug usage.

Rivendell Community
'The work of the Rivendell Community is focused on prayer and hospitality: the constant offering of prayer and worship on behalf of the Church and the world, and hospitality both physical and spiritual. Through its life and work, the Community seeks to foster the contemplative dimension of Christian faith—not as self-seeking spirituality but as self-giving availability to the transformative power of the Gospel, and loving obedience to the purposes of God.'

St Agnes House: Lexington, Kentucky
'a non-profit, ecumenical mission established in 1975 through collaboration among the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, the Society of St Margaret and the University of Kentucky. Our mission is to create a healing environment for persons with chronic medical conditions. We provide low-cost housing for patients from rural Kentucky who are receiving therapies for cancer and other chronic medical conditions at Lexington area medical facilities'.

St Leonard's Ministries
'Believing individuals want to lead productive and whole lives, St. Leonard’s Ministries provides a setting in which men and women recently released from prison can achieve such a life.' Affiliated with the Diocese of Chicago.

St Luke's Episcopal Health Charities
'Created in 1997 as a separate component of St Luke's Episcopal Health System (SLEHS), St Luke's Episcopal Health Charities (SLEHC) is a grant-making (non-operating) public charity with 501(c)(3) status. It provides the Houston community and communities within the 57-county Episcopal Diocese of Texas with a much-needed resource: a charity devoted exclusively to assessing and enhancing community health, not just for ill-care, but for lifelong health and well-being. To date, SLEHC has awarded over $57 million to selected, non-profit service programs throughout the Diocese. As a result of its first two years of work, SLEHC received the 1999 National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Foundation Award by the National Society of Fundraising Executives, Greater Houston Chapter.'

St Luke's Episcopal Health System
'The mission of St Luke's Episcopal Health System is to enhance community health by delivering superior value in high-quality, cost-effective acute care. St Luke's pursues this mission by operating on these principles: integrity, valuing people, excellence and goal orientation.' Affiliated with the Diocese of Texas, SLEH operates St Luke's Episcopal Hospital, the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, community medical centres, minor emergency centres and a diagnostic and treatment centre.

St Martin's House
Originally a retreat house, today St Martin's House is a fund that makes monetary grants to parishes and retreat centres of the Episcopal Dioceses of New Jersey and Newark.

A group in Northern South Carolina whose 'initial task it is to network, throughout the diocese [Upper South Carolina], with those who identify with Orthodox Anglicanism.'

Seabury Resources for Aging (formerly Episcopal Senior Ministries)
A non-profit 'corporation whose mission is to serve seniors throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.' Founded in 1924.

The Secker Society
'dedicated to the preservation of the historic standards of the Church of England in North America'.

Society for the Increase of the Ministry
A non-profit scholarship foundation making grants to students attending seminary full-time at one of the eleven accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church. Founded in 1857.

'Sharing of Ministries Abroad'

South Carolina Anglican Communion Network
'laity-led organization of orthodox Anglicans within the Diocese of South Carolina'. Founded in 2003.

Union of Black Episcopalians
The Union of Black Episcopalians encourages the involvement of Black People in the total life of the Church—on every level and in every way—mission, stewardship, evangelism, education, sharing, liberation, empowerment, leadership, governance and politics. To translate these words into action is the Christian commitment of all Episcopalians and at all levels of the Church's mission, Black People must be involved in the decision-making processes of the General Convention, provincial synods, dioceses, districts, deaneries and the Executive Council. The Church is not whole unless all of God's people are an integral part of it.

Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church
Founded in 1989 for the purposes of developing and fostering the office and ministry of the verger in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The verger is a unique lay ministry to which many men and women are serving in a quiet and unrecognized manner. The guild hopes to identify and recognize those persons in the parishes throughout the US Episcopal Church.

Vergers Guild of the Diocese of Dallas
Walter Mace Chapter, Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Texas

Via Media USA
An alliance of associations of laity and clergy, Via Media USA 'is committed to promoting and protecting the faith, unity, and vitality of The Episcopal Church as the American expression of Anglican tradition.' Local affiliates with their own websites include Episcopal Forum of South Carolina and Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh.

Wilmer Hall, Mobile, Alabama
Episcopal children's home serving the needs of young people since 1864. Affiliated with the Diocese of Alabama and the Diocese of Central Gulf Coast.

York Place Episcopal Church Home for Children
York, South Carolina. Established in 1850 in Charleston as an orphanage, the Church Home relocated to York, SC in 1910. Since that time, it has evolved from an orphanage to become one of the first residential treatment facilities in South Carolina. Owned jointly by the Diocese of South Carolina and the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

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